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Recently used in GBW pre-stream on UPF and others.



Win Big:


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@mjbrune said:
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Video is above. None of those sadly were the track used for ben's giant bomb infinite TV bumper. Sorry it's not from the start. Wanted to grab the full thing for like giant bomb unarchived but was too slow on the full screen and etc.

Just for anyone still wanting to look this is still an unknown song that haunts me every time it pops up on GBi....

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Such an interesting thread ;)

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I've been trying to find the song from the end of the Tony Hawk Ride Quick Look, but I can't track it down for the life of me. Can anyone help me out?

Also, while searching, I found the All Systems Goku theme: "Ninja Style".

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Jan's been playing this during several pre-shows. It's right up there with Synthetic Life for me.

Strangers in the Night

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@hkr: Just came here to post the same thing, after hearing it before UPF

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Hey folks! Just updated the list with all findings here in the thread and all songs from JAN'S JAMS that weren't listed yet.

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Does anyone know which song this is?

I know others may have hurt you baby but that's not how I treat a girl of mine cuz I'm not that kind of guy

It was on the bombcast breaks a few times today. Google was no help.

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Feels like we need a Jan's Jams Vol. 2

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yo what was the latest altered beast pre-show jam

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What's the name of the "hahahahaha hee hee hee" song?

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Is there a link for Give Me The Money?

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Some e3 songs






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So Far From Home is the breakout track of E3 2019.

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@imhungry: Yup. Loving foot to the floor as well though.

Looking for leads on a few ones, specifically the... okay I can't really identify even what genre it is because i'm dumb but the one that sounds like it should be in a club in Beyond Good and Evil on the Day One stream at 05:28:30 or so - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/437793917?t=05h28m49s

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