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Anyone know what the quirky song with high-pitched vocals before recent GBE streams is? It's so stupid and annoying but for some reason I really want to know what it is.

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Thank you,Really enjoy this songs

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Drew is amazing. I miss hearing him on the bombcast.

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Anyone know what the track that sounds like ke$ha that's frequently played before, or during the breaks in, the bombcast, is?

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Random question, do you know which one is the "Big Bo" song? (No real lyrics other than "Bo")

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@bassman2112: You might be talking about the Year of the bow song which is "Pimp My Bass".

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Anyone know what track this is? Upbeat orchestral theme used in many podcast/live show pre-rolls...


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Has anyone ever found out what this song is https://youtu.be/LnH4GeN1obQ?t=14 ?

Is it some old never released Jeff stuff?

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Does anyone know what is the music at the beginning of this clip? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr68MNG5bx4

Unfortunately that is the only sample I could find, and is very short at that. I heard it before a GBE playdate.

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Anybody know what ska track @janman used for the Bombcast yesterday? I was really digging it.

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Anyone knows what the intro and outro to the giant bombcast aftermath is?

EDIT: Found it! It's New Old Skool. PUT IT ON THE LIST!

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what's the song they play on the beastcast during ads that sounds like a cowboy stompin in shit? it has a piano. sounds old west to me. I couldn't find it in this thread but I guess I could have missed it.

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Btw, shouldn't Jan also be added to to this topics title?

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I spent a long time looking for this, so just in case anyone was having trouble: this is the "I'm a dog" song: Hot Dog

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@stuxles: Yep, that was it! Thank you for the link!

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@stuxles Thanks so much, I couldn't get it out of my head either!

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That must have been a fantastic day when looking for music for Year of the Bow you stumble upon a song that repeats "bow" over and over. Can't fathom how long it took to find that.

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This is kind of an aside, but I really wish Jan's name were in the title of this thread.

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Please tell me someone knows how to get more of the intro / outro of All Systems Goku?

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Anyone know what the dance track Abby is raving to at the start of this video is?

Loading Video...


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Midweek Multiplayer Madness 21/03/2018 - EDM in the standby screen at around 28mins. "Giant bomb about to drop" or something like this. Thanks!

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Does anyone know the pop punk song Jan played on the Burnout midweek multiplayer madness stream. I think they said Gesundheit in it?

I also think Jan should be added to the title.