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I bought a 360 controller about a week ago to play some PC games with it. I never touched a controller since the PS1 days, so it felt very foreign to me. I also seem to like inverted for some reason.

So I set it up and tried to play games. I noticed an issue with some of the games. And that is that I cant seem to move the camera straight horizontally from left to right (or right to left) in some games. Some will work ok like Crysis 1 and 3 and Valve games (Skyrim too). But in others like Crysis 2, Just cause 2, Far cry 3 I am not able to just look left and right. It seems that the stick is too sensitive and I and up looking either left down or left up.

And I need to fight to keep the camera from going the wrong way. Are some games just more sensitive and I am not used to it, or is this an issue?

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There are sensitivity settings for controllers in most games?

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@49th: sensitivity doesnt help. It makes the camera move slower of faster but the weird stabilizing issues is still there

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@ioan-alexandru: Windows has some tools that can show you graphically what it's reading off of your controller - they should show if it's jacked or not I reckon. Plug it in and then go to Start -> Devices and Printers. There you should see the controller either listed as 360 pad or just as "Controller." Right click it and choose "Game Controller Settings." From there, hit properties and you should get some bars and a display that will show where it thinks all the sticks and buttons and axis are.

Hope that helps!

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@bollard: is there something similar for mice too? I have this weird feeling lately that my Logitech mouse is ludicrously sensitive on the LMB and I'm double clicking where I really shouldn't.

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@dudeglove: Not that I'm aware of I'm afraid. You might be able to download something though?