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I am currently in my second semester of my freshman year. I would have been working on my "junior" year if I had actually finished my AA back in 2005, but I didn't and so had to start essentially from scratch. Anyway, last semester I had to mostly take Gen Ed courses since I got accepted late. Because I was taking those classes, which were super fucking easy, I managed to get a 3.85 GPA last semester. Go me. That is where it starts to get weird for me. Weird in the sense that I am not used to the things that came from my GPA. In January, I received a letter from my college, UNF, informing me that I was on the Dean's List. Ok, cool, that's never happened to me before.

Tonight I received a piece of correspondence from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I'd never heard of them before tonight, but apparently they are a non-profit honors society. I guess that being a member would be a nice thing to have on my resume, and would give me the chance at some scholarships. But here I am hesitating at joining a supposedly elite society. Elite in the sense that a limited number of students are invited to join.

I don't know why I am hesitating.

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To brag first?

Kidding :D Congrats, and do it.

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Yeah, you'll get those deans list and presidents list letters when you get a good gpa. I got an invite from those people but i think there was some crazy fee associated and didnt really care for it being on my resume... Didn't really matter to me.

As far as resumes, just listing your GPA, or "Deans list x#" is good enough. You're not going to want that thing crammed with info.

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Do it. The more things to go on your resume the better.

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What's a Dean's list and why does it sound so oninous?

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Do it, I guess.

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i think what @hurricaneivan29said is on point. it's good to have a good gpa and it's good to be on the dean's list but no one gives a shit about w/e school society you were in in the real world. it's just gonna be another line on your resume.

i got way better grades in college too but than you realize a ton of ppl actually have high gpas so honestly, a good gpa doesn't mean much either. it's really about how it makes you feel and what you did to get good grades. in my case, i dedicated way more time into school work and built consistency and better habits.

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I was a part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars when I was in school. It provided me the opportunity to go to China with the International Scholar Laureate Program, so I would say it was probably worth joining.

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@liquiddragon: yeah, its just easier to put the GPA on your resume, if that's what you're worried about. Also, think about it, the society is just a representation of your high GPA, so you're just being redundant on your resume by listing both. Space on your resume runs out fast. Tell em you did good and move on. Its the experience and accomplishments that you'll want to stand out, not a society that you signed up for.

Your deciding factor should be what you know the society will provide you, i.e. Scholorahips or education opportunities. Also, will these opportunities and benefits cost extra fees and what not? Will they actually benefit you?

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Right now I am leaning towards not joining since I would rather put that money towards the societies I am already a member of: VFW, Marine Corps League, and Disabled American Veterans.

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First of all, congrats man. Making Dean's List is a great honor unto itself (and something you shouldn't hesitate putting on your resume/CV).

I'm a little weary of "pay for the privilege" honor societies. I did pretty well in school, and I received some similar offers. There are many predatory organizations out there looking to make easy money in exchange for a formal document you can point to in a job application. Employers are likely going to be more impressed with your GPA and experience. You should be proud of your accomplishments, but I might do a little research into the organization first. Honors are supposed to be just that: rewards for your hard work and talents. Having to pay for an honor is a little sketchy. It's usually the other way around, and they pay you by way of scholarships.

All that said, do what feels right. I think you already have enough to beef up your future resume just by being on Dean's List.