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Worst: The Host

Best: Gravity

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Well I only watched two movies that were released in 2013, Blue Valentine and Her, and I loved both of them. My backlog of movies is too large and I don't necessarily "keep up" with the current films, I know I'll get around to watching them someday. But of those two I think I enjoyed Her more, but they're both marvelous.

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Best: Her is a masterpiece.

Worst: that White House movie with Jamie Fox in it... Felt appropriate to see it on Independance day

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Best: Her

Worst: Gangster Squad

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Excluding DC Animated direct-to-video stuff that came out last year (Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Superman Unbound, Flashpoint) I only saw three movies last year: Monsters University, Pacific Rim and Gravity.

Out of those three, the best for me was Gravity and the worst was Monsters University, but I still enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters so that's not saying much.

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Best: Jurassic Park 3D because, c'mon, dinosaurs.

Worst: World War Z

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Best: The Wolf of Wall Street - A thrilling 3-hour rollercoaster with so much laughter!

Worst: Inside Lewin Davis - Anxiously got in to watch the latest Coen Brothers piece of work, and it was so boring and pointless. I'm sure their next flick will be great though :)

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Best - Star Trek into Darkness, no doubt.

Worst - A Haunted House.

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Best - Pacific Rim 3D IMAX

Worst - Pacific Rim DVD on a tiny TV

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Best is probably Fast & Furious 6. Worst...unsure. I certainly didn't enjoy Star Trek: Into Darkness, but I don't know if I can truthfully consider that the worst.

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Best: Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END

Worst: Dario Argento's DRACULA 3D

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Best: Twelve Years a Slave

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@xyzygy: Blue Valentine came out in 2010, didn't it?

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Best - For me, Gravity was the best film I watched last year, a thrillingly tense film throughout. Honourable mentions must go to Rush, CaptainPhillips and PacificRim, which is such good, dumb fun.

Worst - Movie 43 was not just the worst film of last year, it might just be the worst film of all time. That it features so many talented people just makes this horrific piece of garbage even worse.

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@shadowconqueror said:

@xyzygy: Blue Valentine came out in 2010, didn't it?

Yeah, I'm guessing he meant Blue Jasmine.

I'd like to give Man Of Steel a shout out for being awwwwwwwful. Star Trek: Into Darkness also bummed me out as a Star Trek fan :(

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Worst film - Man of Steel, I'm a big superman fan but like jesus what a mess. Even if it's an else world it was still unwatchable even those weird terrance mallick wannabe moments, there was a plot point where IHOP was important, and the whole survivalist during 9/11 really had no real point they just were there and that lazy jesus visual, just lazy. Like I don't mind the hyperactive fighting but even then it wasn't as good as a Kung Fu film, they will do silly things and it's a joy to watch. This was so inconsistent, "Your the hero we need." crap.

On a side note, I bet the Zod neck snap was in the JJ Abhram's plot synopsis from 7 years ago. I am positive the whole world dub step drilling thing was in there.

Best - Pacific Rim. It's got a wonderful message about befriending your rivals to punch monsters. And it looked like an 80s and 90s godzilla movie poster, made me happy to see that.

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Best: 12 years as a slave.

Worst: 47 Ronin.

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Best: Either Her or Upstream Colour, both were phenomenal

Worst: I didn't see many movies that jumped out as downright awful, although I saw Rush and didn't quite understand the hype. I mean it was decent, but kind of generic. Also maybe I'm mistaken and there wasn't actually much hype at all, it just seemed like other people enjoyed it a lot more than i did.

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The Best one was Gravity

Worst: World War Z even Brad Pitt didn't help

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Best was Upstream Color by a country mile. Haunting, beautiful and engaging.

Worst was the new Die Hard film by several country miles. Assembled with a stunning lack of care or interest, probably the first film that has ever made me actually properly recoil at its disregard for human life, even in a fictional context.

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Best: Captain Philips

Worst: I don't go to see bad movies...

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Best: New World

Worst: World War Z.

I only saw 3 2013 films though.

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Best: I was gonna say Pacific Rim or 42, but then I remembered that I watch Fast and Furious 6 so that wins.

Worst: Jack the Giant Slayer

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Best would have to be Pacific Rim, The World's End with Fast 6 and Gravity close behind.

Worst...there were a few. World War Z, Now You See Me, A Good Day to Die Hard and The Purge were all terrible.

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Best: Captain Phillips

Worst: Iron Man 3 (one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life as well)

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Top 3 best: The Great Beauty, Her, 12 Years a Slave

Top 3 worst: August: Osage County, Elysium, Lone Survivor

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Best: Furious 6

Worst: Iron Man 3