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My ladyfriend and I usually wind up getting kind of boring stuff for each other at Christmas (my favorite recent gift was a 1TB SSD) and since we have family in town (which is expensive) we are looking at getting each other some smaller items instead of going big. Other than a fantastic Giant Bomb New Era hoodie, what have you all been thinking about along these lines? Josh Sawyer linked this nerdy woodworking shop on Etsy yesterday and I'm thinking about maybe getting something from this person.

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Pokémon Let's Go Eevee. The only thing I could get a Pokémon mega fan right now ^_^

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Nothing. We get the things we want for ourselves and we share a bank account. We’ll gift each other things from time to time, but Christmas is about the kids.

I also managed to put a stop to adult extended-family gift giving, which has been amazing. People just get together to eat, drink, and talk rather than fret about a gift requirement or exchanging gift cards.

That said, celebrate as you like and enjoy it!

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My girlfriends birthday is five days before Xmas, so

I’m trying to get some stuff for both since people usually bundle her birthday and Christmas together due to their proximity. For her birthday she’ll be getting the Bobs Burgers cook book and probably some comfy socks or something. Then for Xmas she’ll be getting the 10th Annoversary Edition of Name of the Wind and a ring based off of Denna’s ring from the book. And maybe some more comfy socks, because she loves the fuck out of socks for some reason.

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I’m making my hubby a new set of arrows. He’s had the current set since we got married (they were my wedding present to him), and he’s lost one, broken a couple and they just really need replacing.

We tend to only get each other really cheap things or make things for each other and spend the Christmas money on the kids, but being a fletcher is part of my job.

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A sturdy handshake and an approving nod laden with emotion.

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@doctortran: These are excellent gifts, both the book/ring combo and the socks. She is wise beyond her years if she loves socks, because it's true that as you get older the things you appreciate msot about socks are (1) having them and (2) not having to buy them.

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My girlfriend got a couple different tour posters from her favorite band this year, and I'm having those framed really nicely. One got a little creased during the show so I'm hoping framing it can help hide the creases. Also, I've already gotten her five different NBA/basketball related t-shirts, and one 'Scrantonicity' shirt.

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I'm an alone person, so.... Hm. I'll just buy myself some nonsense, probably :)

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My usual thing is to keep my ears open during the year for when my girl mentions something I can use as a callback present.

She mentioned having lost her copy of Grimms' Fairy Tales when she moved house years ago, and the book really meant a lot to her and she's still bummed about it. I found a really nice faux-leather bound copy (she's an animal rights activist, so leather was out) with gilded edges and write a nice note in the front of the book. It didn't end up costing much, but I know she'll appreciate it.

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My partner bought their first vehicle this year (a truck) so I'm buying them a tool box for the back of the truck. Nothing exciting or gaming related but it'll make them happy. It feels kinda lame compared to the fact that I they're apparently hand making my present but I lack any talent in that department.

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@rorie: For me, a gift is not important at all. For me, the best thing is to spend time in good company and how to have fun.

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I've arranged to have a university professor sign her favourite book, but I can't figure out US postage to get it from California to the UK. So it'll definitely be late but hopefully I'll figure it out.

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Her gift is pokemon let's go and half the psvr. I like buying her things, she -hates- trying to find something for me. I'm pretty spartan besides things I need now, or electronics/games of which I buy on my own. VR sounded cool, she loved watching abby in vr here, so we got it together.

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I got my SO a gravity blanket. She's been asking for one and Facebook's targeted ads really got me on Black Friday.

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On the outside they're Converse(Chucks) but on the inside they're wooly and fluffy, she casually pointed them out 6 months ago. For those saying you share a bank account, we do too, its always been about getting something that the other person wouldn't have budgeted for, but would have liked to have. Currently cursing the day i said id build these 2 bikes for the boys though fuck this is hard

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This year the wife and I picked out our own gifts, which is something we typically never do. For anniversaries we always take in a show and go out to a nice meal instead of exchanging gifts. For Xmas she wanted Botox. I don't think she needs it, but it makes her feel good and that's what matters. I asked for a 2070 for my gift so yay.

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Got my SO a Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and tomorrow I will pick them up Smash as well. After years of schooling and being flat broke during the holidays for the both of us. It is pretty nice to give them something big than a small gift like I have been doing for the past four years.

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My SO loves kitchen gadgets so I got her a Ninja Foodi. It's both an Instant Pot and and an Air Fryer in one which are both things she has been strongly hinting at that she wants.

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I think you are on teh right track with small handmade items. As Will Smith (the other Will Smith) points out in Six Degrees of Separation, "When [...]people do something nice for you, you give 'em a pot of jam."

I find local honey, a pot of jam, or fancy roasted coffee [for people who like coffee Mathew!] can be a great gift. I'm sure SF has a few independent bookstores with odd handmade items in it or custoristy shops.