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What are your favorite words (curse word and non-curse word)? 
Mine are "lackadaisical" and "shit". 

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Ampersand and MotherFucker

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good ol  

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@Skullomania: ampersand.  good word.
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Jank = Junk + Wank?

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Fuck, shit, and bitch.
The trifecta of curse words.

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@ESREVER: douchiepoo.  i like that one.  it reminded me to give the word "fucktard" an honorable mention.
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Fuck. Shit. Asshole. Bitchface.

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Mother trucker

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...and fuck.

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@JonathanMoore said:
" Jank. "
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  • Fuck 
  • Lamentation 
  • Whimsical  
  • Cunt 
  • Double-Park 
i hate the word Stool, and Period.
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Like most people my favorite is the elagent word 'FUCK'.

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Rat Bastard or AssClown. well I guess those are a combination of words.

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because no one knows what it means.
When you look it up, you'll be all wait, what?
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Bastard, dag, and resistentialism.
 @AlwaysBeClothing: I legitimately lol'd at that one.
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I forgot about "teledildonics". 
Great word.

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fuck, tits, cunt, bitch, twat

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Tent, Fedora and Shitily

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Ever since discovering Hipster Hitler, it's been "Deutschbag". But thanks to @AlwaysBeClothing callipygian might be a close second.

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Does 'huh' count? 
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Mean (used to mean cool or awesome) and Barstool (cause when you go to say it people think you're about to say something else, give it a try!)

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Avarice or atavistic, dunno why really.

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Spectacles...and Motherfucker
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Fuck and Scrotum. Scrotum Fuck

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Platitude and Probert

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@JonathanMoore said:
" Jank. "
@JJWeatherman said:
" juxtaposition  "
also, unwieldy. 
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More words coming soon

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Fuck shit ass cunt

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Eloquent and Whilst.

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Auspicious and Queue. Hence why I choose them as my username. Fact.

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  • Batman
  • Batman
  • Batman
That is all.
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Cunt and of course GAYMER LO0L0LKL0L0L0L1Q!!!12

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"Mhm." Especially in Geralt's voice.
Also, you can't really go wrong with "Damn".

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