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I'm single this valentines day and last valentines day was the day that my ex and I hooked up (were friends for a while). So I'm sure I'll get a sad text from her.

I think I told my parents I would visit them this Sunday as they just got back from Hawaii.

*edit just looked it up and valentines day is not this Sunday. I'll be working Tuesday.

I remember my last Valentine's day two years ago. It was me and my (sex friend) ex at the time. Recently, my ex tried to ruin the relationship with my current girlfriend. She's a single mom now and she's bitter towards me. Back then I didn't want a serious relationship with her. She was seeing other guys, and I didn't trust her. Then we fell off and she had a kid by some guy that left her afterwards.

Then last month we got back in contact. She got upset that I had a girlfriend now, and was just pissed at me. The last straw was when she started sending messages to my girlfriend on facebook, and after that I just stop talking to her again.

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Probably gonna drink alone in a dark room, probably while rocking on a chair and wishing I was playing persona 5 instead.

@xchairmandrekx Are you Joking or...do you not know? Go sit down and look up the current release date for Persona 5...

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Some nice candles, a hot bath, and a razor blade. So lonely. Fuck VD (Valentine's Day not venereal disease [fuck those as well but that is not what I'm referring to {I feel like I'm digging myself into a hole}]).

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I'm in the middle of a divorce so I'll be going to work and ignore that thing alltogether. But I do really hope you duders that do have a reason to celebrate it get to have a good time!

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Touch my *own* shoulder

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Going bowling can be a hell of a funny Valentine's date, especially if you go big with it. Bring a backpack with a fancy tablecloth and those fake battery-lit candles, then order nachos and serve it to her as though it's a fancy meal. At least it'll be memorable.

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Yup, my plan, like others here was to play some Persona 5....Valentine's Day is ruined!

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Spirit cooking

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@skyrider: @takayamasama: Thanks. We settled on the day after valentines. I'm glad I read this before deciding. Also, we're watching anime as a date so you really don't need valentines for that.

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My significant other and I met in the afternoon and cooked a meal together, including dessert, then watched movies.

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Just be incredibly hungover on the day after my 21st birthday

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Just my usual graphic design work. Maybe I'll play some For Honor when I get back home.

@spaceinsomniac: Reminds me of that one song by Marilyn Manson.

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If you don't have a significant other then Valentine's Day is a day to love yourself! Play some games!

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Just some dinner and I got her some chocolate which she very much enjoys. Something simple, but we enjoy our time together, I like to think.

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Gotta get the apartment all decorated - candles, rose petals, bath bombs from lush, chocolates, roses, etc. Then cook dinner together and......bedroom stuff.

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going to go see John Wick 2, by myself might I add.

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@ezekiel said:
@thatbendorf said:

@ezekiel: Do you know that you can just roll the date forward on your console (assuming that's where you're playing) to the different holidays to unlock that achievement? You could have it unlocked in like 10 minutes!

I know I can do that on my PC, but I haven't actually cared enough to change the date twelve times and go in and out of the game twenty-four times. I would hate doing it on a console, since you can't skip the dev intros.

Okay, I just cheated my way through the achievement. I didn't know all you have to do is walk in and out of the building. My computer started acting weird when I changed the date. My anti-virus expired, my Windows key expired (even though they shouldn't) and I couldn't go to any websites.

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@ezekiel: Dang, I never would have thought it would mess with your Windows key or browser! Now that everything is set back to normal, has your PC returned to normal operation as well?

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@ezekiel: Dang, I never would have thought it would mess with your Windows key or browser! Now that everything is set back to normal, has your PC returned to normal operation as well?

Yeah, looks like it.

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#73 Posted by falserelic (5768 posts) -

I ended up taking her to bowling then out to eat. Afterwards, back to my place, and yeah that's pretty much it. We both got each other gifts...it was fun.

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I bought myself Google Wi-Fi. Insert that sly emoji here, I guess.

EDIT: Is there a bowling memo I missed? Do they tell you about the bowling thing when you start going steady?

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None...Valentine's day here in Brazil is on June 12th (Not that it would make much difference)

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@mlarrabee: ya, it's after they tell you about sharing cute animal videos on facebook with each other non stop.

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I finished DOOM it was badass

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Had an impromptu cafe hangout with my band. Not quite the same as a Valentine's date but nonetheless, it beats sitting home alone.

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My Valentine's Day:

I finally learned how to add custom thumbnails to MP4 and MKV files. So I spent hours making my porn collection more visual. Now I'm doing the same thing to my (mainly self-ripped) movie collection, mostly using theatrical posters and Criterion covers. I'm satisfied with the results.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

I listened to several commentary tracks while I was doing that, with the movies playing in the corner of my screen. In the Realm of the Senses, Five Easy Pieces and Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

And I watched some Batman: The Animated Series. One of the episodes had Poison Ivy with a family. The story was kind of fucked up and tragic. Good stuff.