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#52 Posted by zacharykeyser (3 posts) -

I read novels when I am unable to sleep.

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#55 Posted by Moderp (229 posts) -

I like the idea of waking up at midnight and playing games until the sun comes up. I also like the idea of doing this with a group of friends in a multiplayer setting. If I had friends to do this with, we'd play some PUBG, Skate 2(yes I said Skate 2), and maybe some League of Legends or something involving team play/strategy.Lol this makes no sense. What a subjective answer

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#56 Posted by FacelessVixen (2576 posts) -

Shitpost on forums, and buy hundreds of dollars of things online irresponsibly (granted that I'm long overdue for an SSD).

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#57 Posted by g00z3m4n (49 posts) -

crank it

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#58 Edited by DinosaurCanada (938 posts) -

Crank it

I just don't sleep

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#60 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

I guess crank it?
I used to smoke cannabis to help me sleep.

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#64 Posted by geirr (3758 posts) -

Usually the more physical activity I've done during the day the better I sleep at night,
so if I can't sleep I just get naked and chase my tail around the house for a while.

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#65 Posted by Kitamuramiike (6 posts) -

Sleep. Do the impossible. See the invisible. Row row.

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#66 Posted by Moderp (229 posts) -

This just happened to me this today. What I did was watch a whole bunch of extremely lengthy analytical perspectives on games I've loved from my relatively-adolescent stage like DeadRising. Once I had at least 2 hours until I had to go to work, I got my ass up put a podcast on, cleaned my room. Went to a gas station drank a red bull refilled gas idk just random chore bullshit

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#67 Edited by Tesla (2296 posts) -

Planks. Nothing focuses the mind or makes time slow down quite like holding a plank for an extended period. A few rounds of those can be done quickly in just about any room. Once I'm done I feel like I exerted myself physically and slowed down my mind a little bit.

Albums like My Bloody Valentine's Loveless or Beach House 7 are amazing at putting me in a sleepy mood too.

Reading really helps too, as long as it is not a screen. Physical books or those Kindles that aren't backlit do the trick for me. Even if the book is interesting and I'm wide awake, reading in bed will get those eyelids heavy eventually.

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#68 Posted by Max_Cherry (1588 posts) -

I take prescription medication.

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#70 Edited by HansBak (26 posts) -

Listen to some nature sounds audio. Works for me

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#71 Edited by haneybd87 (390 posts) -

I just lay in bed and stress about life.

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#72 Edited by SloppyDetective (1599 posts) -

I've also had success with melatonin, just don't use it too frequently if you do try, otherwise it's affects will be diminished. I don't really have a good routine for when I can't fall asleep. The best remedy seems to be reading for me, but sometimes I will still defiantly just lay in bed thinking about how I need to fall asleep. So I would recommend reading. I use a kindle with the blue light function turned on that way I don't have to worry about having a lamp or ceiling light on.

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#74 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2299 posts) -

So I will suggest this. Probably not the easiest or most entertaining, but start working out. Run a mile every night to physically wear yourself out like you used to when you were a kid.

Right now, especially with adults, they are mentally exhausted, but not physically. If you start balancing that out, it will hopefully work in your favor to make you a little more worn out before bed. A good way to reset your sleep cycle and make it more consistant is to work out when you get home from work, get a sweat going. Clean up, eat a light dinner and then go to bed.

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#75 Posted by cubidog (96 posts) -

I listen to the giantbombcast as I go to bed, so I just continue listening if I can't sleep, which is kinda frequent for me.

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#76 Edited by Alias (47 posts) -

@haneybd87: Yeah that's usually how it goes for me. Life or work.

If I wake up and can't get back to sleep after 5:00 / 5:30am I just get up and start work.

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#77 Edited by WMoyer83 (1026 posts) -

Wal -Som knocks me out. It’s wal marts generic sleep medicine.

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#78 Edited by Rich666 (426 posts) -

Ima Army vet and a chef so i am used to sleep deprevation. But that feeling of not being able to sleep sucks shit. I recommend some trees, GBI, and if that doesn't work hard booze. Dont live like i do is the key lesson. I tried melotonin and i had way worse nightmares than usual so i stopped. And ambien and all that synthetic garbage makes me feel super spacey. Anyway good luck with the insomnia.

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#79 Posted by The_Greg (537 posts) -

This works for me.

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#81 Edited by slo234 (6 posts) -

When I can not fall asleep more than one hour I just go and play some MMORPG like EVE Online or just read a book. It is worth because in this game value is worth much money. People are making estimations https://mmogo24.blogspot.com/2018/09/eve-isk-per-hour-estimates.html so you can plan how to make the second salary but of course, it is not easy. :D

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#82 Posted by Captain_Insano (3495 posts) -

I can't answer this without incriminating myself....

I'm usually pretty tired now - I only have issues with sleeping if I'm watching something on a screen. Reading usually gets me to nod off.

If it's really impossible to fall asleep, I just get up now rather than laying there for hours trying to force sleep.

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#85 Posted by Arcsurvivor (13 posts) -

Drink some water and go to the toilet,. If I am not tired, do some light stretches or walk around.

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#86 Posted by Rahf (493 posts) -

Pre-bed routine to clear the mind and let any accumulated fatigue settle is golden for me. Brushing teeth, some light stretching, reading short stories or a novel, and avoiding any digital stuff.

Anyone else have that sensation of 'coming down' about 30 minutes after shutting the TV or computer off?

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#87 Posted by mattchops (335 posts) -

CBD or a small amount of THC can help

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#88 Posted by soulcake (2746 posts) -

All these "Crank it" comments.

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#89 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2544 posts) -

Put on a podcast. Ill inevitably drop off about 15 to 20mins in

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#90 Posted by Silly_String (3 posts) -

I play Battlefield 2142.

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#91 Posted by PatODay (395 posts) -

I always fall asleep listening to a podcast, anything to drown out the thoughts of negativity and failure my brain constantly throws at me.

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#92 Posted by BryanClifford (4 posts) -

I have never had problems with this, but my best friend cannot sleep if her husband is not at home and I don’t know how to help her. She tried all possible ways and so nothing helps...And I'm very worried that it is bad for her nerves.

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#93 Posted by blackadder88 (119 posts) -

Is a good thing called Giant Bomb Infinity I use it playing in the background while I'm trying to sleep or and old speed run stream

.. and sometimes Play pubg mobile before bed.

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#94 Posted by Undeadpool (6967 posts) -

Depending on where you live in America (or Canada) there's a little shop that can get you some VERY effective, non-habit forming, no-hangover causing, can't OD-on, cheapest-drug-there-is that I've found is the most helpful thing in the world to treat.

That and putting on Thrilling Adventure Hour to give my stupid brain something to focus on so that it doesn't run around in circles.

That said: exercise throughout the day. I try to do ~7500 steps (big city, no car) per day, but even a quick 15 minute dumbbell/light yoga session before bed can work WONDERS.

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#95 Posted by Deo_Brando (54 posts) -

It helps me to read something or listen to audiobooks

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#96 Posted by Damenco (63 posts) -

@xanadu: Listen, try to drink a Cup of warm squeezed lemon before going to bed. This will help Wake up

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#97 Posted by Sessh (3392 posts) -

I actually just watch some old GB video for a few minutes and things tend to work out fine. Sometimes I go for a very quick run, which also helps a lot.

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#98 Posted by Deo_Brando (54 posts) -

If i can`t to sleep, then I'm not trying to force myself to do it. I'm starting to do something else. For example,to read a book. And after a while I start to want to sleep and I fall asleep.

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#99 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

Read a book. When I can't sleep, that knocks me right out.

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#100 Posted by OneLoneClone (151 posts) -

I lie in bed and try to remember the plot details of some show like Game of Thrones or Lost......zzzz