What is making you really happy in your life right now?

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#51 Posted by chipultra (18 posts) -

Just got out of five year relationship. It is not something I’d say I’m happy about in fact I’m having a really hard time dealing with it. With that said I have gotten help with my anxiety issues and still working out how to deal with anxiety. Believe it or not when it comes to games, I’m playing Dark Souls remastered. I’ve never played it before and it’s really teaching patience which in turn has helped with my anxiety. I’m not much of a forum person or outgoing on the internet but this hit me hard. Thanks for posting this thread. I’m glad everyone has something to be happy or are at least trying to get there. You all are great people keep it up!

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#52 Posted by MrCup (16 posts) -

Winter. Love it.

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As I desperately distract myself from the news my ex has started a new relationship:

At work, teaching still feels very rewarding.

Will be visiting friends in Canada this holiday season.

Also, cat and otter gifs.

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I still have not learned to stop my depression. The only normal way is to play the game. The RUST game helps me.

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Even after tuition, I still have thousands of dollars to play with while continuing to pursue my BFA in painting. Granted that I'm not going to be an idiot and blow it all on stuff that I don't need like a new computer (as much as I'd like to upgrade from an i5 4690K and a STRIX 1060), but I am looking forward to expanding my artistry to music by buying an Ibanez GRX20 and a Fender Champion amp early next year. My love for metal has been very strong for the past 12 almost 13 years, technical death metal for the past 9, and I've always been a rocker since my kid years in the 90's, so buying an electric guitar has been on my mind for a very long time.

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It’s all about perspective. Look for the good and work towards it. I’m feeling pretty good about future months at the moment...

1) My wife and I are getting the kids a puppy for Christmas. I’m NOT looking forward to hiding him all Christmas Eve OR staying up with him all night to make it a Christmas morning gift, but hey, them’s the breaks.

2) I’m also wrapping-up a five year volunteering commitment with the BSA, as my boy is aging out along with the 11 others I’ve guided through the program. I don’t regret volunteering, but MAN, getting between five and twenty-five hours a week back will be AMAZING!

3) Work took a brief nosedive but is looking up. Angling for a promotion, but even if that doesn’t happen, we’re well-positioned to do some cool stuff.

4) I’ve been insanely busy (working 6am - 1am one night, out at various volunteer roles, kids activities, and shopping for stuff until 11:00pm most other nights), but that’s STARTING to get easier. I still have at least 1-2 commitments a day, but I squeezed in a solid run and leg day. I had to skip the one NFL game I could have watched, but better that than continue to watch muscle melt and fat take its place.

5) Got some concert tickets for my favorite live band. The kids want to go and there happens to be another all ages gig at a nearby club that’s had some pretty weak crowds in my experience. Perfect for their first club show. So, I’m going out-of-state to the great, lively, leave-coated-in-sweat-blood-and-booze show, while I’ll surprise them with the child friendly club (which will still be a revelation to a couple of children).

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I've been losing a lot of weight lately. I've just gradually put on weight since I moved out on my own, and when I finally had a doctor take some tests she told me to seek specialist help immediately or I'd be in danger of various diseases, especially considering my family history. So now I've been seeing a nutritionist, lost something like 15 kilos/33 pounds over the course of a couple months and feel better than I have in years. It's been great.

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Congrats! Glad your doing well!

I'm happy for everything in my life right now since i discovered the secret to happiness is gratitude. Just a year ago i was probably at one of my lowest points. Also, cutting caffeine has eliminated my anxiety pretty much

Since i have gotten serious about my business i haven't had time to play any games anymore or consume any game related content, probably won't be premium much longer :-(. But it's a small price to pay for progress, and i feel better than ever honestly. I did put a few matches of destiny 2 in when they gave it away for free and that was pretty fun, but i ended up falling off it when things got busy again. Games just take too much time for me, like 8 hours for a SHORT game lol. I can watch maybe 2 episodes of a tv show a week and only spend 2 hours or so but a game just takes too much time and mental power.

Anyway, babble done. Glad your doing well my friend and i wish you and everyone on the site the best!

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I’m really struggling at the minute. I pretty much constantly have a pit in my stomach due to all of this Brexit nonsense. It’s getting harder and harder to focus on other things. I have been playing Pokemon let’s go, which has been a good distraction.

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While currently, it would be true for this entire year. Met my current girlfriend at the start (day before new years last year in fact) of thia year. A Tinder match and a lucky coincidence of me being in her town over new years by myself (last year was a ’me time’ year after my divorce). We hit it off almost immediately and spent more or less every weekend together. Moved in together in May and it has been a constant source of joy ever since. I don’t recall being this happy with someone before, and it’s not just honeymoon-period either. I truly feel like I have never experienced love like this before. Which incidentally is probably why I have very few games actually beaten this year. But yeah, she truly makes my every day better.

Also; Christmas season foods, drinks and candy. And it’s snow out.

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It's almost December 21st, which means soon days will slowly get longer again. Having it be dark until 9AM and then getting dark again by 5PM really does suck. That combined with the sun being at a low enough angle that it feels like the whole day is the evening makes it feel like it's never actually daytime. It kicks the seasonal affective disorder into overdrive.

Late December also means there's only about 3 months until it starts to get nice out again. Fall/Winter is half over. Only a few months until I can start cycling outside again without freezing.

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I've struggled with depression for my entire adult life, and it has lead to some significant weight gain. It usually gets particularly acute in the winter. (Last winter alone I gained 20 lbs).

A few months ago, I decided to make some wholesale changes to my lifestyle. I've been eating almost exclusively paleo and running 30+ miles a week. I've lost 48 lbs. I feel phenomenal, and for the first time in years, I'm not depressed as fuck this time of year. Everyone is different, but getting all that processed food out of my life and exercising regularly has done wonders for my mental health.

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#63 Posted by Big_Denim (841 posts) -

Just found out my wife and I are having a baby girl and couldn't be more excited! 😊

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It's a really unhealthy thing to say, but my girlfriend is the only good thing in my life right now.


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I recently started building Gunpla and its been nice and relaxing doing something new and learning techniques.

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Recently been getting back into playing music again after taking a few years off. My girlfriend of 6 years passed away in 2015 in an accident and it was really hard to focus on anything for a while...

Anyways things are better now and finally decided to return to playing music and its been helping me tremendously with my depression.

Here's somethin you duders might enjoy

Drum cover of Signs of Love from Persona 4: https://youtu.be/RoKLDJKgYhY

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My husband makes me incredibly happy, and I love winter more than any other season by far, so I have that going for me, but at the same time I have to admit I've felt a bit depressed lately. A lot of the places and people I used to follow online for the last few years have waned in ambition or just split up, a lot of podcasts I've listened to have changed dramatically or discontinued, a lot of people transition to streaming which I find so much less interesting than standalone videos, etc. I've never been a TV/Movies person, and I'm a home-body for the most part. It's left me with quite an entertainment hole in my life lately, and more and more over Christmas break I've felt the emptiness of that creep up.

When I find myself with not much to do, I realize how little I have left to fill the time with, and it makes me really quite sad.

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@marokai: I get that. This is sort of also why I'm no longer GB premium, while I do still really enjoy the podcasts. What helped me with the emptiness was taking walks. I could agonize to find something novel to watch online, but I could also be active for an hour. Outside is just weirder.

And more to the thread, the walking lead to me finally taking control of my weight, especially since it occurred so late in the year. Fuck your summer body, time to get that winter bod y'all.

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Now it is a sport!