What is one weird thing you collect that no one else does?

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I collect vintage headphones from the 60s 7os 80s 90s 00s 10s .. and new too

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I collected a full jar of those tear off bits of plastic from Evian bottles at one point but then I threw them away.

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I have all the balls from the ball point pens I've used up over the last ~12 years.

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Playing cards. I have around 250 different decks, and just under a thousand total.

I'm very cool

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@samaroo22: Are you into Cardistry or card tricks?

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For years I collected beermats. I stuck them all up on the wall, it looked pretty cool actually. I had beermats from all over the world.

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And why, what's the point? I have an old 80's, want to give you a present? What country are you?

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Anime on DVD and Blu-ray. Rubber bands, specifically the kind from my local post office. I've been building a fairly large rubber band ball for the past 10 years. It's a bit larger than a baseball at this point.

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Something no one collects? I’m sure I’m not alone here, but my best answer is probably used drumsticks.

I’ve somehow amassed a small army of drumsticks that I’ve caught at concerts.

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My movie ticket stubs. I know others collect this, but it's probably the most unique thing I collect. I have every stub from the past 12 years.

I use the save coffee cans from the vending machine coffee here in Japan, but having moved appartments a few times now bringing empty coffee cans was a bit much.

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I have a weird obsession with pens. Not expensive pens, but like a Pilot Vball or whatever. I have a Darth Maul pen that writes way smoother than it has any right (write) to. My current favorite is a 4 in 1 pen made by a Japanese company called Zebra. I don't really write much so it is an odd habit.

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I collect my own nail trimmings. I assume no one else is collecting my nail trimmings....

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Obviously quite a few people collect music CDs but most everyone around me only buys MP3s nowadays. I'd say I have nearly 1,000 approximately, if not more but I haven't counted in years. I'm going to have to get back to cataloging them soon.

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@slaegar: i could see getting into that. Neat.

Not sure if I’d call it a collection, but I used to buy up used copies of books I liked and kept them around to give to reader friends who hadn’t read the writers. Out of college, that became pretty pointless and a waste of apace, but it was fun.

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@sub_o: Wow, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I'm into cardistry, and I guess you are, too, since I've never heard anyone not into it use that word. I mostly do magic, though (or prestidigitation!) and haven't done any pure flourishing in a while.


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@samaroo22: I just started , trying to learn it. Can’t do a damn thing, except for basic fanning, cuts, and riffle shuffle.

Yeah originally I was trying to learn card magic, but all seems to require some sort of flourish, so I decided to tackle cardistry first. Got my first deck, which is the Memento Mori from Chris Ramsey.

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I have a little collection of business cards

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I collect keys: ornate chest keys, music box keys, replicas of movie keys (Beauty and the Beast, The Secret Garden, Return to Oz), mini keyblades, etc.

I have two binders of completed sets of Pokémon cards. I'm proudest of my Generations + Radiant Collection, all reverse holo foils (less valuable but I prefer the look).

I have about 25 sets of dice -- tonnes from Q Workshop and other stores with lots of D&D stuff. My faves are the Cthulhu and Halloween sets.

I have a similar number of decks of cards, like the Blaine White Lions, Red Keepers, and a bunch of rarer Bicycle sets like the limited Cthulhu and Deco ones I backed on Kickstarter.

My favourite deck is probably this one created by Ondrej Psenicka. They have an ingenious marking system in their design; you have to unlock the codex, so to speak, with the password that comes in the box. It was way cool.

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Another playing card collector here. I do cardistry (poorly) and just started to dabble in card magic. Do you other collects have the same weird fear I do in using decks that you'll wear out your only pack of a specific deck and it's for some reason not available anymore, so you buy far too many packs when you buy new cards? I usually buy 1/2 brick minimum so I have buffer room to mess around without worry of wearing out cards i'll not be able to replace, but then I often end up with just 5 or 6 decks that stay in a neat stack on display and never really touch them except showing them off to people who don't care because i'm still using the same few decks I have been for months. The 2018 Virts I ended up buying a brick and a half, and I still have the only 2017 Virts deck that I opened last year still in near pristine condition.

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It's probably beautiful headphones, or am I wrong?