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The Matlock Theme is really calming. It also reminds me of my deceased Grandpa because I remember watching it with him.

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Marijua.....wait never mind.

This helps.
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This is pretty calming:


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@Skullo said:
I dare you to close the tab after listening to it at first.
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people saying bro, bro.

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Watching old Masters of the Universe episodes on YouTube. 

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https://files.me.com/dmcbride1/ivu7db.mp3    This is something my former yoga instructor at college made and whenever I remember to listen to it at night, I usually sleep better and can relax a lot easier. He used to play ambient stuff at the end of every session and it became just straight up nap time for like 10 minutes and I always ended up in a way better mood afterward.

@supermike6: Thank you.
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  good music helps me relax
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I closed the tab. Bob Barker fails to hold my attention!

IDK, I guess just browsing the GB forums chills me out... bro.
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This here music.
I hope that link works. Somebody sent me two links telling me to listen to them together. I've loved it ever since.    

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I go on netflix and watch BBC's David Attenborough wildlife specials. And then I sleep.