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#1 Posted by LittleWask (115 posts) -

Just curious as to how you duders handle your standard equipment loadout every day. For example, my standard loadout:

Back left pocket: Wallet

Back right pocket: Sunglasses in case (swap with regular glasses when outside)

Front left pocket: Cigarettes, lighter

Front right pocket: Phone

Small right front pocket: Car key with novelty turtle keychain

How do you guys roll?

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#2 Posted by sravankb (544 posts) -

Back left pocket: Small comb

Back right pocket: Wallet

Front left pocket: Phone

Front right pocket: Keys

Small right front pocket: If I'm at work, my ID tag, otherwise nothing.

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#3 Posted by notnert427 (2197 posts) -

Back left pocket: Nothing

Back right pocket: Wallet

Front left pocket: Phone

Front right pocket: Keys, sometimes knife (never know when you need to go "uh uh uh uh uh")

Small right front pocket: Useless receipt from questionable fast food establishment.

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#4 Posted by Atlas (2739 posts) -

Back pockets are evil, and almost none of my trousers have them. I don't want to spend all day sitting on my keys.

I have a messenger bag that has most of my stuff in it (wallet, comb, gum, battery pack for phone, spare glasses, notebook, book/Kindle, fidget toys etc.), so the majority of the time the only things in my pockets are my phone and earbuds (left trouser) and my keys (right trouser). I've always got a handkerchief somewhere on my person.

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#5 Posted by fledeye (259 posts) -

As fashion designers don’t think women need pockets, I either have a handbag with everything and the kitchen sink in it. Or my phone in the left side of my bra and my keys in the right side.

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#6 Edited by TravisRex (819 posts) -

Im a mailman, front left pocket - wallet (its bad for your back to sit on a wallet longterm)

Front right pocket - keys to the city :p

left breast pocket - phone, pen

right breast pocket - cigarettes, lighter

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#7 Posted by cikame (2785 posts) -

Left pocket - Tissues and a lip balm.
Right pocket - Tissues (i suffer from hayfever).
A carabiner knife clipped to a belt loop with my work locker and garage key attached.
I carry a WW2 style messenger bag which contains my phone, a large plaster (i used to get bad heel blisters when walking too much in work shoes), my wallet, some mints, my car and house keys and a compact protective case if i need to store anything fragile or damaging to anything else in my bag.

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#8 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

I just kinda sorta put my phone and wallet in whatever side pocket I feel like that day. I like to surprise myself. My keys go in whatever pocket my wallet is in. I think I put something in my back pocket like once and it was a nightmarish 5 minutes.

If I can find an excuse though, I like to roll with a backpack or messenger bag to keep my pockets free. Preferably a backpack though because it's more suitable for running which I do often.

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#9 Posted by Bait003 (54 posts) -

front right pocket: wallet and keys

front left pocket: smokes, lighter and ipod

sometime when i go to work i leave my wallet at home.

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#10 Edited by MiniPato (3013 posts) -

Phone, wallet, leatherman multi-tool that has a knife, screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener etc.

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#11 Posted by Digaumgrunge (89 posts) -

Back right pocket: Wallet.

Front left pocket: Phone.

Left shirt pocket: Cigarettes and Lighter.

Keys and a swiss army knife go clipped to my belt loop.

Hedphones on ears, or hanging around neck.

Sunglasses on my face, or hanging from shirt.

I never use a backpack or bag. Even back in college, I just carried a pocket notebook and a pen.

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#12 Edited by mems1224 (2505 posts) -

Front Left pocket: phone and chapstick

Front Right pocket: wallet and keys

I like to travel light

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#13 Posted by TravisRex (819 posts) -

It makes me happy to see so many smokers so far. Fighting the good fight.

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#14 Posted by BigSpoon (30 posts) -

Right pocket: phone and wallet

Left pocket: Keys

Sunglasses either on my face or in breast pocket

Level 1 backpack with gym clothes

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#15 Posted by OpusOfTheMagnum (647 posts) -

I have a pair of Ridgeline pants from 5.11 that have some of the best pockets I've had the pleasure of using, including twp back pockets that are high and out enough that you don't sit on whatever is in them so I throw my phone and wallet in those. Don't even feel them sitting which is great and there's less digging around for things as the size is perfect. Carry keys with a firestarter rod and bottle opener on a carabiner on a front facingbelt loop after dropping my keys when I thought I was putting them in my pocket getting out of the car and having to break into my damns car, then lighter and airpods in the "knife" pocket on the other side. I usually clip a folding knife on the outside of the other knife pocket, although sometimes I'll carry a fixed blade on my belt. Pack of smokes front left breast pocket, pen and Rite in Rain notepad in right breast pocket. Usually keep a surefire hooked somewhere on my pants depending on how much I expect to need it.

Need to pick out a multitool to replace the one I lost, usually in my front pocket.

Pretty soon I'll be replacing my pistol so I'll be running a Glock 19 IWB on one hip with extra mags on my belt.

I've also developed a habbit of keeping a 5.56 shell after doing several weeks of frequent shooting and finding it hand for adjusting various things across the rifles, etc, so I usually have a piece of brass in one of my front pockets.

Usually wearing a baseball cap these days as well.

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#16 Posted by steveurkel (1486 posts) -

I have a sword and shield when I need to tank and a 2handed sword when I want to dps.

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#17 Posted by clagnaught (2115 posts) -

Left pocket: Car keys, cellphone

Right pocket: Wallet, earbuds

Left wrist: Exercise / step tracker watchey thing

Face: Glasses

That is all.

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#18 Posted by ShaggE (9260 posts) -

Back pockets: Nothing, I'm not an animal

Left front pocket: Wallet, keys

Right front pocket: Lighter, cigarettes, my pocketin' hand for looking casual while smoking and leaning against a brick wall, doling out sage advice to passers-by, etc.

Corner pocket: Eight ball, because I be sinkin' 'em down at the pool hall like twenty-four sevs.

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#19 Posted by nophilip (684 posts) -

Standard wallet/keys/phone for my pockets, but if we're counting my work backpack (which is with me most of the time) then it's a whole host of IT equipment. Laptop, various chargers, ethernet cables, screwdriver kit, cable tester, safety glasses, etc. Think there's a hard drive dock in there right now?

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#20 Posted by 49th (3895 posts) -

Left pocket: Travel card, wallet, keys

Right pocket: Phone

Back left pocket: Earbuds

Back right pocket: Tissue?

Putting valuables in the back is a great way to get robbed in a city. If it's cold I wear a jacket so then I'll transfer everything except my phone and travel card to the inside pocket.

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#21 Edited by devilzrule27 (1289 posts) -

I carry around a mens coach bag so most of my stuff keys, work phone, work badge, personal phone, ipad, power cables, portable hard drive and other various things in there. Occasionally my phone ends up in my pocket instead.

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#22 Posted by Casepb (669 posts) -

Left pocket: Wallet and Keys.

Right pocket: Phone.

I like to keep it simple.

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#23 Posted by Cagliostro88 (1238 posts) -

Back right pocket: wallet

Back left pocket: tissues

Front right pocket: phone, lighter, cigarettes

Front left pocket: keys, breath mints, anything extra

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#24 Posted by yourbrain (35 posts) -

Front right pocket, keys. Front left, cards/cash (rarely on the cash). Ipod in hand.

If I'm headed to work/job a backpack with various spare cords/cables/tools/notebook/writing utensils/book/iPod/gum/compass(habit, not for actual use)/specific whatevers.

Dog treats in front left and bags in front right when walking the doges. :]

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#25 Posted by Toxin066 (3539 posts) -

Nice try, CIA.

But for real.

Wallet front left. keys front left.

Phone front right. EDC knife front right.

handkerchief back left.

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#26 Posted by thatbendorf (102 posts) -
Loading Video...

Now this kid knows how to carry!

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#27 Edited by SMTDante89 (2936 posts) -

Left: Wallet, Phone, chap stick, occasional pen, a shopping list when needed and receipts after shopping.

Right: Keys, box cutter hooked onto right pocket while at work

Nothing in back pockets, ever.

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#28 Posted by Justin258 (15641 posts) -

I put nothing in my back pocket. I got used to not sitting on my wallet and now I can't get used to the wallet in my back pocket anymore. A pen goes in the pocket with my wallet.

Cellphone goes in my other pocket. Keys get clipped to my belt.

I don't carry anything else with me.

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#29 Posted by LittleWask (115 posts) -

Surprised at the amount of tissues I'm seeing here. Y'all are well prepared!

And to clarify my first post; pockets are emptied for any extended sitting period. Sunglasses are always removed for any sitting period.

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#30 Posted by TobbRobb (6582 posts) -

I hate carrying things unless I have to, so I wear jackets with many pockets and tend to eat out at restaurants for lunch (I know it's not economical, food is mostly healthy though). If I for some reason bring lunch it's usually in a small bag and I'll bring my tablet too in those cases. But yeah, the jacket is stuffed with the essentials like wallet, keys, phone, tissues and reflexive stuff so I don't get run over in the dark. Then I still have plenty of room to get whatever else I want in there like my Vita/3DS, small tools etc. Two of the pockets are big enough to fit a small book in!

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#31 Posted by Shindig (4909 posts) -

Front left: keys. Front right: wallet. Left: Glasses. Right: iPod. Inside left: phones. Trouser left: Inhaler. Work ID around the neck or in trouser right.

I carry way too much stuff to not travel with a jacket.

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#32 Posted by dudeglove (13734 posts) -

Small right front pocket: Car key with novelty turtle keychain

I wish to see this novelty turtle keychain. I don't have anything really special (aside from having to carry passport at all times because Russia) except after years of wearing out pockets with my keys, I keep my keys in a little cloth holder thing I got in Shanghai years ago. One of those lucky cat things. I'll try to find a picture.

If I'm wearing a jacket, phone and passport on one inside pocket, wallet in the other, keys/workpass/whatever are somewhere in the front. Please don't mug me.

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#33 Posted by diz (1394 posts) -

Left hand - can of Tenants Super, or 3L Bottle of cider (depending on availability).

Right Hand - unlit discarded dog-end, or badly rolled stogie, made from discarded dog-ends (depending on availability).

Round Neck - Cardboard sign, incomprehensible.

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#34 Posted by frymillstrum (1324 posts) -

I nearly always have a backpack that I put my wallet and keys into if I don't intend on using them anytime soon.

If not I will always have a jacket and ALWAYS go:

Left jacket pocket: Pre-rolled cigarettes (rollies) and lighter

Right jacket pocket: Phone with earbuds attached

Inside jacket pocket: I couple of tissues in case I need to sneeze or get my hands dirty. During winter I usually have hand sanitiser because of all the germs from sick people, especially on public transport.

Left pocket: Keys with bottle opener and small flick knife because I've been mugged once and attempted to be mugged twice in the past 5 years. Like someone else said you never know when you might need to go uh uh uh uh uh.

Right trouser pocket: Wallet

Usually carry a water bottle in my hand or backpack. Sometimes that will be vodka and 7up ;)

Always have a pen in my backpack but never a notebook...?

Don't put shit in your back pockets, that is the fucking worst.

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#35 Edited by LittleWask (115 posts) -

I wish to see this novelty turtle keychain.

I like turtles. I'd like to see your key holster!

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#36 Edited by Pezen (2374 posts) -

Are you making us reveal what pockets to pick to get the most value? For shame. Either way, here's my setup:

Front left pocket: Phone

Front right pocket: keys, wallet (slim card case type) and snus.

Both back pockets are empty. Well, when I don't put receipts in there for safe keeping until I do laundry.

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#38 Posted by Anthenagin (10 posts) -

As someone who takes public transit I carry a backpack with the following:



-Audio Technica M50x

-Small misc items; charging cable, mints, keys, etc


In my pants:


-Front pocket wallet

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#39 Posted by dudeglove (13734 posts) -

@littlewask: Here ya go. Apologies for how filthy it is, but I did buy it 9 years ago. It used to have a bell and one of the hands sewn to its chest (?) and a little loop thing inside so the keys could pop out and be pulled back in. Now it's more like a pocket.

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#40 Posted by MeierTheRed (5913 posts) -

Left pocket, Keys car/house

Right pocket, phone

Thats it.

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#41 Posted by Y2Ken (2941 posts) -

Left pocket: phone

Right pocket: handkerchief

If I'm going out of the house then add wallet to right pocket, and keys to back-right.

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#42 Posted by HatKing (7450 posts) -

Back left pocket: wallet
Back right pocket: empty
Front left pocket: phone, I operate my phone with my left hand
Front right pocket: keys, the car ignition is on the right side of the steering wheel, door knobs/locks are on the right side of doors

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#43 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1635 posts) -

I equip myself depending on the encounter.

What I mean by that is sometimes I carry tissues with me when allergy season is abound. The one consistent thing I tend to have with me is my music machine, which comes in the form of a mobile phone. Right front pocket. The slightly less consistent thing are my house keys. I'm a terrible, terrible tenant. Usually stashed in my wallet, which either goes in my back right pocket, or preferably in a jacket pocket close to the heart.

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#45 Posted by someoneproud (560 posts) -

Back pockets: Receipts / Temporary rubbish

Front Left: House Key

Front Right: Cash

Little Pocket: Small "general purpose" baggies

Jacket Left: Lighter(s)

Jacket Right: Cigarettes

Jacket Inside: Tobacco / Papers / Filters / Bank Card / Larger "general purpose" baggies

I'm a creature of habit and I always use this arrangement.

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#46 Edited by jeffrud (717 posts) -

Front left: phone

Front right: Keys, wallet, tiny multitool

Back left: Wrappers, receipts

Back right: Here be dragons

Suit breast pockets: Something to write on, something to write with

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#47 Posted by Sweep (10595 posts) -

I hate carrying a bag unless I really have to, so I pocket everything. Fortunately I don't need a lot of shit for my daily routine.

Front left is phone, front right is keys and access cards

Back right is wallet, back left is open for business.

If I have a coat (rare these days, on account of the average daily temperature here being 30 degrees) then the inside breast pocket is my kindle. It used to be cigarettes but Kindles are healthier, apparently.

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#48 Posted by pontoon_yacht (137 posts) -

Front left: Cell phone and comb.

Front right: Keys, small cheap pocket knife, perpetually tangled earbuds

Back left: Wallet

Back right: Nothing

Shirt: Black pen, red pen, highlighter, and dry erase marker.

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#49 Posted by alexl86 (868 posts) -

I’m afraid I don’t carry more than my phone in my front right pocket, with a wallet case, and a key chain in my left front pocket. Actually, I also have a set of earbuds in the front pocket of my hoodie/shirt/sweater, when not in use.

I have a tendency of putting various paper documents and receipts in my jacket pocket and they usually stay there until the jacket is cleaned.

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#50 Posted by marc (860 posts) -

Front right: Keys and wallet

Front left: Cell phone

My ass pockets stay empty with the exception of receipts or what not I have to keep while out on the go