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This isn't "what TV's do you have?" it's simply, what kind of TV (resolution wise) do you play games on? By the way, I'm sorry for just adding in 3D-TV. If you choose that, go ahead and just say if it's 720p or 1080p. I haven't really looked into it, but I'm guessing there really aren't any 720p only 3D televisions? My dad got one a while back and it said it was only 720p, but it runs everything in 1080p or higher. I think that's because of the size though.

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I use a PC monitor, because I had one sitting around and it was cheaper to buy a VGA cable than to buy an HDTV. So far I'm extremely pleased with my monitor, because if I did not have it, I would not be able to have the set-up I currently do in my room. I can put it beside my laptop because the screen size is just about right to sit well with the two beside each other. It's an NEC AccuSync monitor of some nature, and I have no issues with it whatsoever.

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I play my games and watch my movies on a 32 inch Sanyo flat screen lcd hdtv 720p tv.

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On my 42" Panasonic Full HD Tv

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40" Toshiba. Most games don't play at 1080p, so I play at 1080i. I have also played on my 23" LG Computer monitors in the past (I have a matching pair).

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PC monitor for PC games, TV for 360 games. What do I pick?

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19" Sony Bravia. It actually supports 1080p for whatever reason.
But yeah, obviously most of the gaming is done in 720p.

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A super gorgeous 32" 1080p Toshiba LCD.

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32'' 1080p 3D led lcd for ps3 and 360 needs. 42" 1080p plasma for wii.

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42" LG.

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42" 1080i JVC LCD.

Years ago before that, I used to game on a 19" Samsung monitor at 720p.

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I'm still on a standard definition. That will hopefully change when the semester starts and I start my new job as an RA, where my pay quadruples.

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Standard Zenith 27" after my LCD broke, i'm looking into getting a new one after summer

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Samsung 32" 720p that I bought in 2007. Really thinking of upgrading to a 42" LED soon once prices drop a bit.

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A Samsung 32' 1080P TV. My house has a total of 4 Samsung HDTV's that we have bought since late 2008. We love Samsung. Haha.
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Hahah :( my goodness. That fucking sucks. But it's good that you'll be upgrading once again here pretty soon. I'd cry if I was stuck with a TV like that.
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@teh_destroyer said:

I play my games and watch my movies on a 32 inch Sanyo flat screen lcd hdtv 720p tv.

Oh yeah, I have that TV in the closet. I don't like the picture though, and the way I set up my 5.1 surround sound doesn't work well either.
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I have a 32" 720p television for both, but I plan on resolving that issue pretty soon. New rig for gaming + new monitor. TV + modified rig for media in the living room. 
Being an adult with expendable income is fantastic!

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A monitor connected to my PC that displays at 1680x105 natively. When I dust off my consoles I have a 32 or 36 inch TV that goes to 1080i.

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I currently have an old 32" Toshiba 720p TV in my room that I use to watch movies and play games. Works well and if it ever breaks I'll probably just get another 32".

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i have Two 24" 1080p monitors, so i just switch the input to hdmi for console or vga for computer.

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46' Sony Bravia

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an older 720p 40 inch tv, it's nice, a little bit dim but ok.  

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Samsung 56" dlp, and a fairly good pc crt monitor.

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Old ass standard definition t.v.  I'm way behind the times man.  Course, the nice thing about having two fat SD t.v.s is they don't need an entertainment stand, they can sit on top of each other, and I can change how my systems are hooked up to them on the fly, meaning when I have people over, people can play two different systems at the same time, or watch t.v. and play games, or what have you.  I mean, yeah, it's pretty lame, but, I try to look on the bright side of having such shitty t.v.'s.

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@robbob88: LMAO it isn't that bad on 360, PS3 is just impossible to play in Standard-Def
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1080p. I miss my Panasonic Viera.

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Sony 37" BRAVIA 1080p LCD.

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Vizio 24" 1080p

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sony bravia 32" 720p/ 1080i.

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1080i. It's an old TV.

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32 inch 1080p 60Fps Lg tv