What Marvel Comics Should I Read?

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I got a month free of Marvel's digital comic library (I think it came with Spiderman) and I'm looking for suggestions. I've been reading comics for a few years now thanks to a friend, but not consistently or following any current series.

Some comics I've enjoyed: Matt Fraction's Hawkeye (this is probably my favorite series I've read), like the first 4 vol. of Scott Snyder's Batman, some of Superior Foes of Spiderman, some of Preacher, the beginning of the most recent Darth Vader and Star Wars comics, and all three vol. of The Witcher. Oh and Tom King's Vision was fantastic.

As far as stuff I didn't enjoy much: I've never been able to get into Spiderman. My friend had me read the Craven the Hunter story that everyone loves and I thought it was corny. I also read a bit of the Spiderman from the early 2000's and wasn't a fan of the art style and Chip Zdarsky's Spiderman was started but never finished. I read the first vol. Fraction's Thor and wasn't into it (his Iron Fist run was ok). Read the first couple books of Saga and didn't think much of it and Ex Machina fell flat.

So any suggestions on what I should read during this free marvel month? I would prefer stories that are completed so I can have closure. Wolverine has always been a favorite since childhood, so anything of his that is good would be welcome. I'm not against Spiderman, and Iron Man kind of interests me. I'm really open to anything, so if that Moon Knight guy is cool let me know. Thanks everyone.

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You've mentioned a bunch of non-Marvel books in there so are you just looking for Marvel books or any comic books? Can you only access the Marvel books free now?

If you want just Marvel then I can't suggest much as they're not my favourite books but check out

  • Venom - Rick Remender
  • Uncanny X-Force - Rick Remender
  • Civil War and the various series around it - Mark Millar and various others.
  • Iron Man - Matt Fraction

All of those books are pretty open and closed by the time the series ends, with the exception of Civil War I guess since the events of it continue on past it, but you can still read it as a stand alone piece and enjoy it.

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#3 Posted by Anonymous_Jesse (290 posts) -

All of them

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The Warren Ellis run on Moon Knight - fantastic

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@bmccann42: I'd second that. Never cared for MK before, but that was a great series.

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Do you mind reading oldies? The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past are both classic X-Men arcs that feature a good amount of Wolverine.

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#7 Posted by OneLoneClone (151 posts) -

Darth Vader
Hawkeye - Mark Waid run

upvote for the Moon Knight suggestion

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I hate advocating Bendis, but I remember really enjoying his Daredevil run and Brubaker and Waid's runs following it.

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#9 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

The punisher MAX collection from garth ennis.

Trust me. Best marvel thing you'll ever read

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The best Spiderman I ever read was Ultimate Spiderman. It's over 150 issues, but it has the same writer the whole time and is fairly self-contained.

I really fell off comics 10 years ago, but there was one fantastic run I've read during that time: Hickman's Avengers. This has the reading order and links to it on Marvel Unlimited: https://www.comicbookherald.com/the-complete-marvel-reading-order-guide/secret-wars-reading-order/#secretwars6

You can avoid reading a lot of the random side stuff. If you read just Avengers and New Avengers you'll get most of the story.

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I mean you should probably finish Superior Foes of Spider-Man, you know if you like laughing. No joke the best comic ever written.....about Boomerang. I'm a fan of Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers run though I don't know that I ever saw how it wrapped. Also really liked Matt Fraction's FF. For some reason I never like keeping up with X-men volumes concurrently in recent years, but I love some of the big events that have happened like House of M, Second Coming, and Battle for the Atom. Not sure how far back the Marvel digital archives go but Steve Englehart's run of Silver Surfer is one of my all-time favorites, might be the only truly great volumes that character has had in decades.

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I'm going to suggest you look at some old stuff. I really like Steve Ditko's Spider-Man run and Kirby's Fantastic Four has some incredible artwork.

Some other not so old random things come to mind: Frank Millar's Daredevil and Star Wars: Darth Vader.

Also The Superior Foes of Spider-man is excellent.

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Thought of a few others (I'm a big Warren Ellis fan, so be forewarned):

Planetary - the entire run is outstanding;

Injection - amazing still ongoing series

Ultimate Spider-Man

The Realm - great new series where a fantasy world invades our world, but 10 plus years later

Casanova - super weird series, multiple dimensions, spies, robots, just a super enjoyable mess

Edit - totally forgot this was a Marvel comics specific request, my Marvel intake is very low these days, have switched over to Image mostly for their Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Horror books.

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I love Runaways but just the original Brain K Vaughn run and the current Rainbow Rowell run, everything else is meh to bad.

Johnathan Hickman's Fantastic Four and his Avengers/New Avengers/Infinity/Secret Wars epic are awesome if your a fan of of very long form and complicated plotlines that pay off amazingly.

Grant Morrison's New X-Men is one of my all time favorites from the company.

Al Ewing is my favorite up and comer from them, I've really liked pretty much everything he's done. Some of my favorites are his New Avengers/U.S.Avengers, Ultimates/Ultimates², Contest of Champions, the current Immortal Hulk, and the Rocket Raccoon mini he did.

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#15 Posted by AlKusanagi (1653 posts) -

Do you like fun? Because the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is one of the most joyful and educational things ever.

Plus another vote for Moon Knight. All New Wolverine (the one where X-23 takes up the mantle) is also quite good, but sometimes gets caught up in crossover shenanigans.

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@alias: Having just read the first ten issues of Fanastic Four, I can confirm that they are a great ride. I second the Spider-Man recommendations as well. In terms of more modern titles, I think Ms. Marvel has had a good run. She embodies a lot of what I like about Spider-Man from the Ditko and Romita eras.
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Add yet another vote for Warren Ellis's short Moon Knight run.

For Iron Man I would suggest...

Vol 4. #1-6 - Extremis, which is also a Warren Ellis story

Vol 3. #1-25 - The Busiek/Chen run, art is a fairly 90s-ish and it doesn't have a big definitive moment or anything, but a really solid run

Vol 1. #280-291 - Story arc where Rhodey becomes War Machine

Vol 1. #225-232 - Armor Wars story, though be warned it can be pretty exhausting if you try and read it in one go

Vol 1. #120-129 - Demon in a Bottle story

If your looking for more modern stuff, i've heard good things about Fraction's run but haven't read it myself yet, Gillen's isn't great, Taylor's Superior Iron Man is surprisingly pretty good, Bendis's run is one of my least favorite runs ever, and the first arc of Slott's current run has been decent.

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#18 Posted by SloppyDetective (1618 posts) -

Ok it sound like I need to read Warren Ellis' Moon Knight. I'll also check out all the Fraction stuff recommended as I obviously have a huge affection for his Hawkeye and am still chasing that first high he gave me.

I really appreciate all the recommendations and will be doing some research on them while watching all the new GB content that just dropped.

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#19 Posted by SloppyDetective (1618 posts) -

@frostyryan: I heard he's a cool dude. I've also heard the Punisher Warzone film is a good shoot em up. So I should probably buy that on 4k (cuz it's on 4k for some reason) and get super into Punisher.

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#20 Posted by SloppyDetective (1618 posts) -

@alkusanagi: I've heard that. I'll add it to the short list of things I'll check out during the free trial. Thanks!

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@sethmode: What did Bendis do to make you hate recommending him? Pretty sure he wrote that early 2000's Spiderman I didn't like

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@nicksmi56: So far I haven't enjoyed any older comics my friend has suggested but I'm open to them. I actually bought Days of Future Past on kindle a while back but haven't read it.

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#23 Posted by SethMode (2052 posts) -

@sloppydetective: I find most of his stuff to be WAY too dialogue heavy and often focused around some kind of twist that I often found uninteresting. His sense of humor as well I think ages worse and worse by the year...I'm sure that he still has his fans, but it is interesting to think about how popular he was when, IMO, he's hard to recommend now for how wordy and kind of meandering most of his books were. ALIAS in particular is a book that I remember enjoying back in the day but upon trying it more recently, is just littered with tiny panels, thousands of word bubbles, and insufferable quippiness.

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#24 Posted by j_unit2008 (309 posts) -

I’m in a similar position to you so I’ve been trying a bunch of series.

I think my favorite so far has been Ms. Marvel (2014).

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#25 Posted by pnd (14 posts) -

Punisher Max by Ennis & Aaron is a very good read.

Secret Warriors, Fantastic Four/FF , Avengers/New Avengers, and Secret Wars by Hickman are all very much worth reading

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#26 Posted by sleepydino (3 posts) -

Highly recommend the cosmic run by Abnett & Lanning! The Hickman run (especially Fantastic Four/FF and Avengers) is really great and if you’re looking for a full story that run is awesome. Also for X-Men, New X-Men by Morrison and Astonishing X-Men by Whedon go hand in hand

Echoing what others have said, I recently started Ultimate Spider-Man and am really enjoying it

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#27 Posted by ht101 (2131 posts) -
  • Planet Hulk and World War Hulk are good if you're looking for pulpy goofiness
  • Rick Remender anything since he's just so good. If you want just one then his Uncanny X-Force run is terrific.
  • JMS's run on Thor is terrific.
  • The Infinity storyline by Hickman is terrific
  • Secret Wars by Hickman as well
  • A lot of the Secrets Wars supplementary series were great. My favorites are MODOK, Thors and Old Man Logan.
  • The cosmic run by Abnett and Lanning which begins with Annihilation and goes through The Thanos Imperative.
  • Ed Brubaker's Captain America run is one of my favorite character runs of all time.
  • Jason Aaron's runs on Wolverine, Thor and Ghost Rider are all really good.
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#28 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1405 posts) -

Lots of great suggestions from people with more comics knowledge than me here. Let me recommend going back and looking at some of the original Avengers comics. Even if you don't read all of them, I looked at some of the originals when I got Marvel Unlimited, just to see where it all began. It's really cool to be able to look at how it all started.

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#29 Posted by blackichigo (436 posts) -

I only ever read Ultimate Spider-Man but I remember loving the hell out of it.

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#30 Posted by Otacon (2337 posts) -

If you are a Star Wars fan at all the 2017-present Darth Vader is just brilliant.

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#31 Posted by Barf_Surprise (109 posts) -

I will agree with frostyryan....Dang Good Series...The Punisher stuff from the last few years is great too.

And then Daredevil that started in Early 2000's with Kevin Smith and then led into Ed Bubaker ...series is ABSOLUTELY Fantastic.

I also really Like the Marvel Ultimate Stuff..alternative universe with new background stories for alot of the marvel universe..just rad original stories

The punisher MAX collection from garth ennis.

Trust me. Best marvel thing you'll ever read

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#32 Posted by bmccann42 (434 posts) -

The recent run of Mighty Thor with female Thor has been amazing - the most fun take on Thor in a long time, while the Unworthy Thor has also been pretty cool.

The God-Butcher run of Thor is also really strong - I never thought I would be excited about Thor comics!

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#33 Posted by The_Grindilow (531 posts) -

As others have said, some of the old Punisher stuff is brilliant. Welcome Back Frank in particular. If you're looking for something a bit different, the 1998 run of Inhumans was also pretty cool. Also Captain America : Winter Solider - it's epic.