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So me and my girlfriend are in San Francisco for a week, flying back home to England this coming Sunday.

She is over with work but invited me along too, which means that between the hours of 8am and 4pm, I am completely by myself!

I was in San Francisco a few months ago so have done a bunch of the tourist stuff (most of the obvious tourist stuff anyway).

I'm just after some ideas for things to do in the daytime, and things to see/good places to eat in the evening. Also, if anyone is around during the day, does anyone wanna hang out/wonder round/drink some beer/play some games? She works on 1st Street and I walk her in the mornings and meet her after work, so I tend to stick around that kind of area.

Let me know GB!

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Find the Mission district. Eat Burrito. Be happy. Leave the Mission district.
(I recommend El Farolito)

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@eloising: I'm going to be getting together with some friends on Wednesday after work near Union Square for some drinks if you two are interested in coming along.

If you're looking for more upscale bars, I recommend trying to get into Smuggler's Cove as soon as it opens (5 PM), or make a reservation for Wilson & Wilson Detective Agency and getting one of the $30 flights of cocktails.

Apart from that, if you're interested in seeing some off-the-beaten-path, stuff, I like Land's End, which is a bit of a bus ride out of downtown, but a really nice hike.

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I just went to SF, i suggests stay out of downtown, Tons of people just flooding the streets. Don't make crossing golden gate a thing, it's boring as fuck. Buy some drinks, buy some waffle tacos and head to the beach. Absorb the Vista.

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I went to House of Air while I was there, big bounce house near the bridge. Sausalito, the little village/town/thing across the bridge is also a nice little day trip to take with neat little shops and restaurants and a nice view.

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Touristy shit in SF is fun, and includes:

Haight/Ashbury St.


Fishermans Wharf

Lombard St

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You breathe in the smell of fresh bum piss. It is San Francisco after all. Awesome sea food and the smell of bum piss.

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I was there a few days ago and did a shit load of walking. Walking is a nice way to get a feel for a city, obviously try to avoid any bad areas or walking too late at night as there are so many homeless around. It's a small enough city that you can get around on foot, I was probably doing around 30k steps every day. Walking up and down the pier was cool, I also walked along market street and mission street for a while but it gets kind of run down the further you go inland. I would have liked to have seen Sacramento - you could rent bikes to go across the Golden Gate bridge and spend some time there maybe.

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Thanks man, yeah we would like to come along Wednesday for a few drinks, message some details over and we can meet you wherever?

Other than that, thanks all. So far we've embraced the tramp piss and seen a real life human poo on the street.


, I have walked A LOT. When I was here a few months ago I was staying in a hostel in the Tenderloin and walked back often late in the evening. Fuck doing that again! I also cycled across the Golden Gate and caught a Ferry back from Sausalito, which was nice

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Go to the wharf and say hi to the seals. Experience their odour. Breath it in deep.

Go to the beach and say hi to the gigantic ravens.

Deliver a box of 10,000 crumpets to CBSi office building.

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Avoid the fire I guess.