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Hey there guys. I'm currently doing a podcast for shiggles with some mates of mine, but recently I've been going down the insane rabbit hole of looking at renting out a commercial space from which to make more content. I've already bought a mixer, I have a powerful personal computer, and I have methods to bring in game capture if it's on console. I don't think really anything is off limits in terms of what I'm capable of producing.

Now obviously, the sane thing to do would be to not rent out a space for the sole purpose of my hobby; But providing I can't stop myself I wanted to ask. What sort of content do you feel is sorely missing from the internet in terms of gaming? I figured I'd come here and get your guys opinion since I love giant bomb, therefore it would stand to reason that a lot of people here share my tastes and loves.

please do not ask for a link to the podcast being as it is against the giant bomb ToS

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I'm not sure on what type of content is missing on the internet as I don't watch a lot of gaming stuff outside of Giantbomb. However I can speak to the way stuff is presented. The reason I like GB is due to how it is presented as opposed to what is being presented. The staff aren't trying to be edge lords, they aren't trying to appeal to children and they generally (there have been some exceptions) don't try and sell some sort of geek lifestyle package.

The giantbomb cast are professional entertainers who have a genuine love of their work and good chemistry. They couple that with an insiders knowledge of how the business works and often demonstrate plenty of integrity. I might not always agree with them but I know they believe in what they are saying.

That's what brings me to giantbomb when it comes to watching content on games. Other outlets feel too produced and manufactured. This seems more genuine.

I have no idea if any of that is helpful :)

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It absolutely is helpful. I know that's why I love the GB crew as well.

As I push this hobby of mine forward I hope to be able to do things like tour studios and get some information about the industry but from where I'll be standing for at least a few years is an outsider looking in. I very much understand the desire to give the people something that's raw. Mostly untouched by the hands of a marketing team or strict editor. (The only ads on the bomb and beast casts are non-gaming related.)

As Jeff has said about pixels on retro machines in the past. "Give it to me raw."

Though your post didn't really give me any new ideas it helps me reaffirm that while it'll be tough to do, I believe it will be very much worth doing and a lot of fun to figure out along the way.

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Honestly, for me, I just like good personalities. That is why I am drawn to Giant Bomb. I find listening to them to be entertaining. I could watch them do almost anything (well actually not true since they have had produced plenty of content that I do not enjoy). I would maybe suggest making content that you think you will be appealing and hoping that you find an audience. Also, no matter how big you may become, please, for the love of god, never do a call in show!

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@n00bs7ay3r: Out of curiosity, why never do a call in show?

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@shyblade: End of the month. Last two end of the month UPF's were call in shows. There's always Jeff's Tumblr if you want to reach him jeff.zone

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@mtfikhan: Got ya.

Haha, I'll keep it in mind but I think I'm a little small fry for him to reply. But maybe I'll do that.

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I'd like to see forum threads not closed for dumb reasons, especially in the off-topic section. :|

Other than that I'd like to see Demo Derby be a bit more frequent. Hopefully GBW can get a cool person in the spot so video content ramps up from that side as right now it feels like GBE is the main locale and GBW is the offshoot startup.

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@sammo21: Is that a dig at the site? GB's surprisingly lenient on not locking Off-Topic threads that get a bit too heated. I still can't believe the user base got away with as much as it did seven years ago. If not, my bad.

I can't really give too many suggestions for good content. So long as it's well-produced and strikes the right balance between laidback and "professional," you'll probably be good. Don't go full Stormfront in front of fans, maybe? That should be a given, but in light of recent events I'm not so sure.