What to get a 12 year old who wants to be a Doctor?

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#51 Posted by pyromagnestir (4505 posts) -

A cadaver.

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#52 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

a reality check

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A ticket to the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. If he can look at the crazy shit in that horrible* place without freaking out, he may just be doctor material.

* = I know the museum is a historically and scientifically important resource, but I wouldn't last 5 minutes in that house of nightmares.

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I'm two years away from being a doctor but:

A miniature prop/resplica of the human skeleton. Very cool & a valuable learning tool.
A real stethoscope. They're in the expensive $70-$100 range but I think I would be a cool gift. He could learn to listen to lungs & heart at a very young age.
Posters of the human body are always cool.
A copy of Osmosis Jones. Pretty accurate in a cartoony way and good movie.

A plastic 1:1 model of the human torso with detachable organs. I think these are very expensive but your parents or others could chip in.
A small surgical toolkit with scalpel, scissors, clamps etc. (surgical blades not included) He could use these on the next roadkill he encounters.
A course/training in first aid, along with a medical toolbag (bandages, mouth mask etc.)

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Or just scream at him "DON'T DO IT!!!!!!" A lot of my colleagues would consider that the greatest gift you could give an aspiring physician. I realize that makes this post a total downer, but reality bites.

Your (close) colleagues are also surgeons right? But what do you actually regret? The pay, the working hours, the stress, maybe fatigue in your limbs? Not to go off on a tangent but I do surgery (circumcisions) and I kinda like it. What kind of surgeries do you perform?

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#57 Posted by laserguy (550 posts) -

mypetzombies.com sells life size zombies. Buy one with a gurney. his choice of profession will change overnight.

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Brown skin, a receding hairline with creepy moustache, elton john glasses, a hatred for women, a beige German two wheel drive SUV with cupholders designed by a guy from Milan with a ponytail and international sex tourism rap sheet, and a legal name change to "Nadir-moodch Al Amenenenadanon".

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a reality check

The reality that doctors will always be needed, that M.D. is a good pay and the ability to work anywhere in any country? I'm not sure your snark is needed.

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Anatomy Coloring Book!

I loved this series as a young nerd child.

I would get him something "fun" like a game or candy too if it were my little brother.

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@trafalgarlaw: I don't regret my career choice (I love to operate), but a lot of people do. It's very complicated and there are a lot of factors that contribute to burnout so I won't go into it here (see my previous response in this thread for a short explanation). I am a general surgeon so I focus on the abdomen, but I do almost anything with the exception of orthopedics, spine/brain, and most facial stuff. Saturday I took out someone's colon and today I took out a gallbladder, to provide a couple examples

@dannyhibiki: That's a great idea. A really good textbook for learning anatomy.

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