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#51 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

@crusader8463 said:

Been so long I don't recall. I only go on late showings and on school nights to limit the chance of kids or teens being in the movie as they never shut the fuck up and ruin the movie every time.

Ditto, its been years since i last attended a show.

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#52 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

@pyromagnestir said:

@Video_Game_King said:

@Gamer_152 said:

I haven't seen anything since I watched The Dark Knight Rises for the second time. I don't go to the cinema much.

And now it reflects me.


Have you anything to say about this, ?

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#53 Posted by Liquidus (993 posts) -

The Expendables 2. Thought it was fun and pretty much what I wanted the first one to be but didn't quite get.

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#54 Posted by Brendan (9082 posts) -


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#55 Posted by Keavy_Rain (135 posts) -

Rifftrax's Manos: The Hands of Fate.

Monday night I'll be seeing The Expendables 2 and the film after that is Rifftrax's Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

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#56 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1162 posts) -

The Campaign. One of the funnier movies I've seen lately.

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#57 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises, which I enjoyed.

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#58 Posted by _Soki_ (100 posts) -

The Dark knight Rises about a couple of weeks ago.

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#59 Posted by d_breeze (235 posts) -

@MariachiMacabre said:

ParaNoman. It was absolutely fantastic. I loved it.
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#60 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

The Hangover

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#61 Posted by pantzing_nome (605 posts) -

Dark Night Rises, this was the first movie that I've seen in theaters since last summer.

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#62 Posted by psylah (2298 posts) -

I took my little cousin to see Avatar.

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#63 Posted by JasonR86 (10178 posts) -

Probably the Dark Knight. I haven't been to the theaters in a while.

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#64 Posted by PK_Koopa (593 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises, which was okay, but I enjoyed just chilling out with my friends more than I enjoyed the actual movie.

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#65 Posted by Castiel (3314 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises.

It was surprisingly mediocre.

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#66 Edited by NapTimeSleeper (352 posts) -

The last movie I saw in theaters was The Dark Knight Rises. I thought it was great. Before that it was Avatar. Quite a large a gap of time in between those two.

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#67 Posted by Icemael (6860 posts) -
@Meowshi said:

I don't go out to the movies very often. I need more friends.

Go by yourself. I've been to five movies this year. Only saw one with friends, and in retrospect I kind of wish I had seen that one alone too. I find it's a lot more enjoyable that way since you can immerse yourself more.

Last one I saw was Expendables 2 a couple of days ago. Okay action in the beginning, great final showdown, and everything in between was utterly mediocre but still worth watching because yo hella action stars and references.
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#68 Posted by Little_Socrates (5844 posts) -

Now it's Prometheus, following up The Expendables 2. Prometheus is still fucking great, you guys. With Blade Runner fresh in mind, it's a stunner.

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#69 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2079 posts) -

The Dark Night Rises. Before that, The Amazing Spider-Man. I love my solid superhero flicks!

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#70 Posted by Venatio (4730 posts) -

Saw Total Recall about a week ago when I was on vacation in Istanbul, real cheap ticket, almost empty and great theater and i really enjoyed the movie actually

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#71 Posted by deactivated-58fdbc5a65ba2 (22 posts) -

Bourne Legacy last weekend, would have been a decent action film by any other name. Very tenuous links with the other Bourne films.

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#72 Posted by Aleryn (718 posts) -

The Dark Knight, I think.

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#73 Posted by Bismarck (453 posts) -


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#74 Posted by WarlordPayne (793 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises. It was my first IMAX movie and man, that shit is loud.

The movie itself was okay. Worst of the trilogy in my opinion but no where near the trainwreck that X-Men 3 or Spiderman 3 were.

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#75 Posted by NoCookiesForYou (854 posts) -

Dark Knight Rises. Me and my friends really liked it, didn't beat The Dark Knight but it was a strong finish to a great trilogy.

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#76 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

TDKR. I rarely go see movies in the theaters. In fact, it's usually only for superhero movies.

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#77 Posted by DemiGodRaven (353 posts) -

Iron Man.

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#78 Posted by Galiant (2237 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises. It was the second time I saw it at the movies.

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#79 Posted by TeflonBilly (4742 posts) -

Expendables 2 with a bunch of my buddies. It was everything it needed to be, one-liners and violence galore and so many callbacks and appearances of the action heroes of our youth.

Two of my buddies especially enjoyed it as it was their first time in two months to get outside and just bro out as they both just had babies, so it was the perfect stupid testosterone escape after all the diapers and breastfeeding surrounding them lately.

Having a few beers afterwards and reminiscing about all the call backs was great, like Van Damme doing his classic roundhouse kick and Arnie chomping at his cigar and exchanging catchphrases with Bruce Willis. What a wonderfully stupid movie.

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#80 Posted by Grimace (390 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises: the movie that everyone hates now.

Not me, I enjoyed it.

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#81 Edited by Milkman (18933 posts) -

Cabin in the Woods, I think. It's been awhile.

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#82 Posted by andriv (274 posts) -

Dark Knight Rises

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#83 Posted by Sean2206 (275 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises for the third time around two weeks ago.

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#84 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

Expendables 2. Was okay.

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#85 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6611 posts) -

That new Bourne movie. It was shit.

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#86 Posted by Hector (3547 posts) -

Dark Knight Rises

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#87 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

@Milkman said:

Cabin in the Woods, I think. It's been awhile.


Went with the little brother, it was a fun bit 'O brotherly bonding. I was pretty much the only one in the cinema who was giggling at the intended horror cliches and throwbacks, though. Everyone else was too busy bawling at Marty's (druggie) lines - who does have some funny material, but still... it felt like I went in with the wrong audience.

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#88 Posted by A_Dog (760 posts) -

Man, I think it was Contraband. It was mediocre at best.

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#89 Posted by CaLe (4757 posts) -

Hugo I think.

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#90 Posted by DeF (5376 posts) -

The Cabin in the Woods. (yes, it took 4 agonizing months from it's US debut until it made it to German screens) And it was fantastic. Though since it was a surprise-sneak-preview a big part of the audience expected more standard fare movies to be shown that day, so that was a bummer once they announced the title in the theater. Still, that ultimately doesn't matter when you know Joss Whedon (and Drew Goddard) will pretty much always deliver.

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#91 Posted by weegieanawrench (1965 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises was the last movie I saw. I really enjoyed it, also not as much as The Dark Knight, but it was a fitting end to the series.

I didn't know that Moonrise Kingdom was a Wes Anderson joint, I'm gonna have to see that soon.

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#92 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

Uhh, I can't remember. Probably The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe I'll take the wife out to see ParaNorman though. That movie looked great.

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#93 Posted by RedCricketChase (462 posts) -

Hope Springs, for work.

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#94 Posted by cap123 (2467 posts) -

THE IMPOSTER - Shit was hot.

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#95 Posted by Pezen (2146 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises and The Expendables 2 on the same day.

Pure awesome.

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#96 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

The Simpsons movie lol. I don't really go to the cinema much.

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#97 Posted by FilipHolm (689 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises. I liked it.

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#98 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I think Tron: Legacy, yeah its been a long time

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#99 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3700 posts) -

The Dark Knight Rises.

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#100 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3700 posts) -

@Grimace said:

The Dark Knight Rises: the movie that everyone hates now.

Not me, I enjoyed it.

Everyone hates The Dark Knight Rises? Why?