What's the best way to watch Dragon Ball Super?

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Poll: What's the best way to watch Dragon Ball Super? (179 votes)

Watch Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F' and watch DBS from the start. 11%
Watch Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F' and skip 27 episodes. 16%
Watch Battle of Gods and skip 14 episodes. 2%
Watch Rusurrection 'F' and skip 13 episodes. 0%
Skip the movies and just watch DBS from the start. 17%
I know you're a DBZ fan but trust me, skip DBS and just watch Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F'. 7%
I know you're a DBZ fan but trust me, skip DBS, including Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F'. 3%
I'm curious myself. 44%

Sorry, I thought there was a similar topic but I can't, for the life of me, find it.

I haven't watched DBS yet and I kinda feel like I need to find out for myself if it's good or not. A friend of mine said I should watch it as a DB fan but wouldn't say if it was good.

Do I watch Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F' and then DBS? Watch the movies and skip 27 episodes? There seems to be a ton of ways to go about this.

When I say "best", I mean what would be the most enjoyable way to watch DBS?

If you're confused about the poll and/or the question, basically the first 27 episodes of Dragon Ball Super, to my understanding, retells the 2 movies that came before it.

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Sorry, I thought I was making this in off-topic.

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Personally, you're not missing out on a single thing if you skip it. Take the good memories of what came before and run!

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There's truly nothing worthwhile in the entire series. *Maybe* watch the movies if you feel like you're missing out but you're truly not missing anything.

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I found Super inconsistent as hell, and eventually dropped it in frustration right around the time the final "Tournament of Power" arc started kicking into high gear. There are some really fun character moments (see: "The Baseball Episode," grumpy dad Vegeta, Goku teaming up with Frieza to fight other universes) and I really like Beerus and Whis, but a lot of the actual fights exemplify the worst of what DBZ and shounen battle anime have to offer. A lot of dumb power-level escalation, a general lack of stakes because you know that Goku can never really lose, and just enough padding to make the pacing feel outdated when compared to the modern seasonal take on shounen found in stuff like My Hero Academia.

It's not without value, but I think I might just recommend you watch the two movies and the Universe 6 Tournament arc, then quit while you're ahead and only watch the highlights. Once you get back to Future Trunks showing up, things start getting pretty dumb, pretty quickly.

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Vote is kinda even so far. Just start watching super from the start. I liked Super a lot but I was never expecting it be anything more than it was. A giant filler in between the end of buu saga and start of the world martial arts tournament. The trunks arc I found particularly enjoyable even though the ending was pretty meh.

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@xanadu: Isn't it debatable if Uub is even canon now? How would Goku be fighting evenly with a reincarnated Kid Buu after the ginormous boost Super gives him? Then again, this is Toriyama so it's plausible he forgot Uub even existed.

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100% watch the two movies and skip the first 27 episodes. The DBS version of Battle of Gods and Ressurection F are actually 100% ass. There are differences between the show and the movie but, they aren't worth slogging through the terrible animation and weird pacing. The show really starts picking up when it reaches the newer original stuff, but doesn't get too great until the Future Trunks arc.

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If you are looking for quality animation during those first two arcs, watch the movies first. I started watching super very recently and just started with the show because I forgot the movies were even a thing, and I thought it was generally pretty well done other than the animation probably coming in at a lower-budget look than what you'd find in the movies.

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Watching the movies and moving onto the series is probably the best way to get through it. I honestly don't know how they turned 2 movies into ~26 episodes. Personally, I think you can just skip the entire series altogether. Super does not exactly offer anything you haven't already seen before.

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Jeez, I didn't know people hated Super so much. I haven't seen the full series yet (I'm watching along with the dub) but there's some fun stuff in there, I thought. I also don't watch any anime besides Dragon Ball so maybe it's terrible compared to other stuff. I skipped the movies and just watched the series from the beginning. From what I understand, it's pretty much the same thing so I guess watch the movies if you want to save time but I don't think there's anything wrong with just watching the series as is.

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Super is great. It's more Dragonball!

I'd watch both movies and then start the series again. There's some great animation in the movies and the episodes are different enough and go into detail a little more.

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Don't listen to the haters, super has some good stuff in there that's worth checking out, especially from the Trunks arc forward.

I think watching the movies is a better way since you get almost the same story with better animation and pacing, so don't see how you could go wrong there.

If you're a die hard fan of DB then you can watch the series and the movies together, though that's only if you desperate for more Dragon Ball.

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Watch the movies and skip the first 27 episodes. The series is OK, though the Trunks arc was definitely hitting the highs you want from Dragon Ball (and the lows that you don't).

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Battle of the Gods is good and quite a bit better then the Super version. Resurrection F isn't so hot and the Super retelling is quite a bit better, so yeah skip those first 13.

Despite all the hand wringing Super is pretty entertaining even if it has dull stretches, those first 13 episodes are just kind of a bad version of the movie, which is unfortunate.

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Be 10 years old and watch the first run off DBZ english dub good times ! Even as a kid i thought that frietza saga was a bit to long but i gives it more Oempf at the ending !

Oh whoops this is a super thread, kinda fell off super so i can't help you there.

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Yeah... I would strongly suggest watching the movies and skipping the arc chapters. They have a lot better animation and pacing.

Just be aware that the movie and the chapter arcs are not the first 27 episodes. Chapter 1-2 and 15-18 are mostly fillers and sidestories (think like the time Piccolo and Goku learned how to drive). That means you can watch them if you like, and they won't be covered by the movies... DBS "proper" do starts at episode 28, though.

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@nicksmi56: Uub is still canonical. As absurd as the power level stuff has gotten, Uub is still referenced as being alive and growing in power during Super. An important thing to remember is, "Power levels are bullshit."

As for Super, it's kinda dumb fun. There are zero stakes to literally anything though because they've gone on record stating that Super takes place between the death of Buu and the World Martial Arts Tournament, keeping the very last scene in Z as canon. With that public statement all stakes and tension went out the window. That doesn't mean it's not fun though.

The biggest flaw for me in Super is the inconsistent writing. While Toriyama is still in charge of Dragon Ball, he's not as hands on on every single episode. This is most infuriating if you like Vegeta. He'll seem like he's making real personal growth one second, and then completely relapse the next. He's not the only one to suffer that problem either.

As for what to watch, I said all of it. The movies do get retold in the show, but the animation is significantly worse. But Toriyama also changes things from the movies to the show, so if you're way into the lore, it's important to see both.

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Having watched the movies and the beginning of Super, I'd suggest just skipping the movies. They're cool but not that cool.

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Anyone saying watch super from the start is CRAZY.

Really I only felt the goku black arc was great.

Watch the two movies and then start from the first tournament arc. You will burn out if not

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Having watched the movies and all of Super, here's my two suggestions:

If you casually like Dragon Ball and you're curious to know what's next but don't really want to bother that much unless it's good, then just watch the movies and leave it like that. Now that Super is over and I can look back to it, it's not that good. The animation and artstyle are stiff and uncreative and even though there are really good ideas for the arcs with some nice concepts and plot points, the story itself is bland and the endings of each arc are anti-climatic, with very convenient and unnatural ass-pulls. The best of Super are the "slice of life" episodes, the comedy, and the references to original Dragon Ball.

If you really want to watch Super, then watch watch episodes 1,2,3 and 4. Watch the Battle Of Gods movie. Watch episode 15, 16, 17 and 18. Watch the Resurrection F movie. Continue watching from episode 28. I say this because the story and animation on the movies are better than their versions of the show but I also included those episodes because they have funny stuff about the characters' lives that aren't part of the movies and most of that extra stuff is nice, like Vegeta going on a family trip, Goku going to the market and encountering Mr. Satan, Goku and Vegeta's new training, etc. Also, I'm not sure, but I think that some details of these episodes might be referenced later on the show.

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This kinda bums me out.

@fateofnever said:

...they've gone on record stating that Super takes place between the death of Buu and the World Martial Arts Tournament...

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Watch the movies then just watch a bunch of super clips that have a lot of views then watch last two episodes.

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At first I was going to say watch the movies and skip those episodes, but then I remembered some of the fun stuff in the early episodes you'll miss out on if you do that (Vegeta taking Trunks out for a day like he promised him in the Buu saga, Goku and Vegeta training to use God ki, etc.) they fill in a few blanks from the movies and it's interesting to see the changes they made from the movies to the episodes. Some changes are good and some aren't.

The notoriously bad animation from some of the early episodes isn't as bad so long as you're not watching the original Japanese broadcast versions. They cleaned lots of that up for the DVD/Blu-ray releases and they of course used that footage for the dub versions too.


I skimmed through the thread and didn't see it mentioned but I'd also highly recommend reading the manga version. The anime is written by writers at Toei Animation and the Manga is written by Toyotaro (Toriyama's understudy? Apprentice? Right hand man? I dunno) but both are based on the story outline provided by Toriyama so both versions are technically canon, yet different. Toyotaro does really awesome stuff in some chapters and then not so great stuff in other chapters just like the anime has great episodes and rough ones, but generally speaking the powerscaling, Goku's character, and the artwork is all more consistent than the anime. Some chapters unfortunately suffer from bad pacing though as he only puts out one chapter a month and can't keep up with the anime (he skipped the Resurrection F arc completely) but regardless, it's cool to see a different take on the story.

Anyway, chapters going back to March last year are available for free on the VIZ website. Aside from chapter one, you'll have to buy the prior chapters in volumes 1-3 off Amazon or wherever. They aren't expensive. Or you could find the chapters online through less legitimate means.

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Firstly I would say, as I did in the guide I put up awhile ago, the Dragonball Super Manga is better than the TV Series with that said.

If you asked me to watch it, I would say watch the episodes from the start leading into the Battle of Gods arc then Watch the film and resume super building to Resurrection F then watch that film and resume super after that watching it to the end.

Basically this is the best way to do it :

Watch Dragonball Super episodes 1 and 2

Then Watch Dragonball Z Battle of Gods

Then Resume Dragonball Super watching Episodes 15,16,17 & 18

Then watch Dragonball Z Resurrection F

Then Resume Dragonball Super at Episode 28 and watch it to the end from there!

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I started watching Dragon Ball Super when it began on Toonami and honestly... a lot of it feels like it was written by a fan of the Z. Its fine for what it is, but I started to see the same issues I had with DBZ at the end of the Cell Saga, nothing matters because even if they win there will always be a stronger villain that creates a need for them to get stronger.

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#28 Posted by csl316 (15009 posts) -

Is Dragon Ball Super good? Or were people just irrationally excited about a new DB series?

Now that it's finished, in hindsight I've seen some mixed opinions. Better than GT but nowhere near the DB and DBZ is what I gathered? I haven't seen a single episode yet so these are all curious questions.

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@csl316: I thought ppl were going to be way down on it but judging by the poll, most ppl seem to think it's worth watching at least some of it.

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I like the Super series just fine. The filler/slice of life parts are better than those found in Z. Watching the Pilaf crew and the families of Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta are entertaining. Btw Piccolo, not Goku, is Pan's real grandfather.

It's big, dumb fun that clicks with me like Marvel movies do with others or Nic Cage movies do with Dan.

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@csl316: Super isn't as good as the best of Z, but it's better than the worst of Z (which is honestly not that bad). There was never a moment in Super where I felt the story was dragging on, like in the Namek part of Z, or where the filler was hard to sit through, like the Black Water Mist arc. It's also almost a celebration of why fans love the Dragon Ball series, from the old reoccurring characters (minus Launch) to gags in the fandom (the Yamcha hole).

The biggest reason I love Super is the love it gives to Vegeta. It actually works to put Vegeta on an even plane with Goku and maybe elevates him in some aspects. He's learned to swallow his Saiyan pride in some areas, debasing himself to save his new home and family and receive better training. He follows up on his Buu saga arc of finally realizing that his family means something to him, and even though he's still standoffish and prideful he manages to come across as a better father and husband than Goku.

Throughout Z, Vegeta was seen as a second-tier character that was bodied at every turn by the new big bad, succumbing to his Saiyan pride whenever he felt like he had the upper hand (Jeff Gerstmann Vegeta Voice: "Oh I'm the real deal now, you're the trash man this time. Oh shit, you broke my arm, ah fuck"). There was never a moment in Z where I thought Vegeta was equal to Goku except for when he went Majin and he still didn't win or accomplish anything. There are several moments in Super where I can easily point out the difference between Vegeta and Goku are microscopic or because of chance.

Just typing all this out almost makes me want to rename Dragon Ball Super into Dragon Ball V.

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I watched Super up until Frietza was resurrected and rolled my eyes so hard that I'm blind now and can't watch anything at all ever again. DBS made me blind or maybe it made me see the world for what it truly is... DBS is bad.

Okay, it isn't that bad and up until that it was fine but as far as hamfisted fan service goes super has a lot of it and that moment was the straw for me. Not a fan.

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Have you watched the original Dragonball?

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I have no idea what those other things are but I just started watching Super from the beginning. I'm at like Episode 42 now and it's great so far