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How about George Mcfly singing "Clowny Clown Clown."


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The Most Unwanted Song, which is essentially a mishmash of what people tend to find annoying in music. Ironically, it is 100 times better than its counterpart, "The Most Wanted Song".

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Have we had any Public Service Broadcasting yet?

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Check out Amon Tobin: ISAM and Flying Lotus: You're Dead!

Not the weirdest stuff out there, but certainly needs a couple of listens to really appreciate. I have been a long time fan of both and was lucky enough to witness FlyLo live. Still waiting on chance to see Tobin though.

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The past hundred and twenty years have been full of conceptual music that redefine what we think of as music. John Cage is probably the most well-known autre composer. He wrote 4'33" - which is 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence and probably the most famous piece of conceptual music - and ASLSP - As Slow As Possible - a piece with the tempo ambiguously labeled "as slow as possible" meaning performances can go any length of time. There's currently a performance going on in Germany that started in 2001 and is intended to go another 623 years!

Some other composers I recommend:

  • Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Philip Glass - Minimalist composers who use repetitive rhythms, slow changes over time and phasing to make interesting music.
  • Harry Partch - Made his own musical instruments and scales (50-something notes in an octave as opposed to the traditional 12) microtonal.
  • Pierre Schaefer, Iannis Xenakis. Karlheinz Stockhausen - electro-acoustic/musique-concrete composers who composed pieces for shit like jet engines and earthquakes as well as traditional instruments.
  • Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, Alban Berg - The great-grandads of atonality and what would become experimental 20th century music.

One of my favorite pieces of 20th century music:

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@katygaga said:

@ignatz27: Robert Ashley is amazing. I forget what peice it is but he recorded a woman going explaining a sexual assault that happened to her and the way its recorded and scored is fucking terrifying

I agree, I only started listening to him about a year and a half ago but the scope and ambition of his work just blows me away. There isn't really a term for what he was doing in pieces like "Perfect Lives," and I think that lack of vocabulary made it harder for critics to recognize his achievement.

The piece you mention is "Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon," and it is really disturbing. It's interesting that in the first line, which I and most people seem to initially hear as "I remember -- he tried to put his gun in my mouth," "gun" is actually "gum." He assembled that text from interviews with several of his female friends.

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If you're interested in that generation of American composers (my fav), Alvin Lucier's book "Music 109" is a cool guide.

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listen to buckethead

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I dunno. Weird is in the eye of the beholder, innit? I think K-Pop & those Japanese idol groups are weird as hell, but will quite happily sit and listen to William Basinski's Disintegration Loops, which was a project where he tried to recover old recordings from magnetic tapes to digital, but the tapes were so old & knackered that going over the tape head caused them to...well, disintegrate. So you get lots of interesting noises and crackling on it, in a cool ambienty droney kind of thing. And I like a bit of drone, ambient, noise, that sorta thing.

I guess Melt Banana are weird. Although weirder still is probably the friend I have who thinks Cell Scape is one of the great pop albums of this century. It's a great album, sure, but I think calling it pop is a bit...open minded.

Also weird to an "outsider", the whole DSBM scene. Black metal combined with emo and probably lashings of mental illness most of the time. There's something about the vocalist on this song, you have to wait about 1 minute 45 for him to come in but it's certainly a thing.

Other examples? Nurse With Wound's entire discography is uneasy listening. Venetian Snares' glitchy breakcore is a lot of fun. But as I say, narrowing down what's weird is hard. I can guess what other people might think is weird, but shit like SunnO))) is pretty normal to me at this point. The Fall are probably quite weird except that most people who follow indie music are presumably at least aware of them and what they are trying to do. But hearing Mark E. Smith & friends for the first time is an experience.

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@forkboy: Basinski is magical. I remember listening to the Disintegration Loops a few years ago and just taking in the overwhelming amount of sadness in it. Its an amazing experience.

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Wow! So I was going to put something down like The Mars Volta but clearly I don't know weird. @jec03 .... who the heck is Skinny Puppy and what in the world did I just watch!

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Telex. On an eight track.

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I had a weird childhood.

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@katygaga: Probably not that weird compared to what others might listen to but the weirdest music I listen to frequently is probably Grimes.

Ha! Of course Grimes is the first reply. I came in here to say Grimes as well but after hearing OPs John Wiese, I realized he was talking about a whole 'nother league of "weird."

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You you said you wanted weirdest, so you're getting Whitehouse:


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Oh shit, I've never seen that performance before. Classic Puppy.

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Check Out Ween's first couple albums. Get back to me on that.

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I've listened to Merzbow a few times as a joke. If you aren't sure what that is and want to look that up, make sure your volume is real low.

The only Merzbow album I found worth listening to is "Offering". It's pretty harsh, but also has structure and some welcome drama.

There's a lot of purely experimental music that would fit the "weird" descriptor perfectly, but is not really worth it, like some single sinewaves for 30 minutes or a guy reading consecutive numbers from the paintings he'd been creating for the last 40 years. I won't recommend that.

Recently I've been going through music I discovered years ago and found that a lot of what struck me as a perfect blend of experimentation and emotion in music then still sounds incredibly fresh now

For example:

The first LP by Księżyc

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or, aA collaboration between Ivan Pavlov and Cosey Fanni Tutti, in which Ivan manipulates voice recordings sent to him by Cosey into fully fledged sexy ambient/minimal-techno almost-songs. The songs from this album uploaded to youtube sound to me kind of flat and muddy compared to my FLACs ripped from the CD (yep, still buying those sometimes), so I would seek it out on spotify or something similar if you happen to like it.

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Technical Death Metal is pretty weird.

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Music that is complicated for the sake of it, rather than because it sounds good. And if you want to see what it looks like played:

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@qrdl: thanks for the suggestions. this thread is a god send for me. I really like electronics used in the way your suggestions used them.

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Oh you mean "What is your weirdest music?" as in...almost all the music I listen too such as..... P- Model in the early days of PC's made this.

2D or not 2D

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A more recent show of theirs involved..... angle grinders for instruments....which actualy was realy good.

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Or Polysics who are inspired by P-Model and Devo.

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Or even Devo, Booji Boys funeral is amazing and also u got me bugged.

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Or my fellow Scotsman Momus...who is the cousin to Justin Currie of Del Amitri and also his bandmates Andy played accordion in the band and was my Radio lecturer in college.

As he sings about everything in a weird ways. Such as Pygmalism which gave direct influence on the Batman villain Professor Pyg.

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The female band OOIOO with I'm a Song.

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The Police with Synchoricity 1 and 2! Like the latter better than the former.

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Ihsahn, the frontman from the now defunct black metal band Emperor, writes some pretty creative music for all his solo stuff. He has a song on his album "After" called "A Grave Inversed" that is basically a black metal song featuring saxophone solos and saxophone in the main riffs. It works so much better than you would ever expect.

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Steve Reich's "Different Trains" is one of the most emotionally affecting pieces of music i've ever heard. He combines an original string quartet score with snippets of interviews conducted with people who survived the holocaust and others who lived in America during WW2. The voices are used to melodic effect and its really powerful!

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these are pretty cool

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If you've never heard this, you're not even alive.

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@katygaga: A day late but if you're bored once then its bound to happen again sooner or later!

Kaoru Abe - Winter 1972 Desperate abrasive Alto-sax free jazz by a drug addled Japanese man who lived in a boat.

Prurient - Frozen Niagara Falls Industrial Electronica with a strong dose of Black Metal influence on the vocals.

cLOUDDEAD - cLOUDDEAD Ambient Hip Hop with surreal lyricism and polymorphic rapping, Doseone appeared on Giant Bomb and got the sites name horribly wrong even!

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica Delta Blues, 60's Art Rock, and Free Jazz swirled together with a wonderful sense of humor sprinkled in.

MIdori - Ezo Shika Dance!! Jazz Punk combined with J-Pop dashed with Noise to add a healthy aberrant mix, very aggressive and very engaging.

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Very happy to hear that. If you like those, you should definitely plow through Coil's discography. And sprinkle that with Nurse With Wound (more sedate, creepy albums like "Man With the Woman Face"), Murcof & Philippe Petit - "First Chapter" and Roly Porter - "Aftertime". All these tickle a similar area in my brain as my first suggestions.

BTW, I also found a lot of interesting stuff in this thread, thank you.

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If you want some good weird music. black metal post rock shoe gaze is a nice combination bands = Deafheaven, Oathbringer