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Mainstream anime was a staple of my childhood so the ones that immediately came to my mind are pretty unoriginal.

Of course, you have Dragon Ball Z's "Chara Hetchara", an absolute classic. Evangelion's opening "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" also doesn't need an introduction. Other equally good ones imo are Yu Yu Hakusho's "Smile Bomb" and Rurouni Kenshin's "Sobakasu." I thought Sobakasu was so good I even got into the band that sung it, Judy and Mary. As a total Pokemon kid, the original Japanese opening theme "Mezase Pokemon Masuta" remains dear to me. Last but not least, Two Mix's Gundam Wing themes "Just Communication" and "Rhythm Emotion." are also top notch.

Speaking of Two Mix, my all top favorite show for theme songs and one of my favorite anime in general is Detective Conan. Two Mix had a fantastic track called "Truth - A Great Detective of Love" as the show's 5th opening theme. A fun fact is the singer of Two Mix, Minami Takayama does the voice of the titular character as well as many other super famous anime characters.

Anyway, Detective Conan's had some of my favorite opening themes including what I'll say for now as my all time favorite. It's call "Mysterious Eyes" by Garnet Crow and it was the show's 7th theme song.

Below, I've put up many of the opening songs I mentioned in this post including my favorite at the very top.

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Ai Wo Torimodose AKA You wa Shock!!!

Opening 1 of Fist of the North Star.

All of Kill la Kill's openings and endings as well, now that I think about it.

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Not exactly my all time favorite but it's a really fun intro that lets you know what you are getting into.

The one intro that stuck with me though is from the anime "Please Save My Earth"

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Terrible adaptation from the manga but the theme to the Junji Ito Collection is pretty bitching.

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Haven't actually watched any of this, but the power of the intro makes me want to....... for about 8 or more years now.

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My jam...OP to A Certain Scientific Railgun

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all the opening and closing themes are bangers, but I'd pick this one as my favorite

severely underrated anime too

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Most of the OPs and EDs for Gintama are pretty rippin', my favorites specifically paired with the video are probably OPs 5 and 10. As a fan of the One Piece anime the only openings I think I truly like are 1 and 13, the first ending song is probably the best one. I also love both opening and ending for Berserk(the original one) and Saint Seiya.

One of the hypest OPs is undoubtedly the one for Shin Mazinger Z. Can't forget about the intro to Akagi and that one for the original Hunter X Hunter. EDs are weird because I often associate them with stopping my playback and/or skipping to the next episode. I'll say I loved the most recent ED for Haikyuu! but that might be colored by my love of the show itself. Though I don't particularly like the show in retrospect, the credits song for Fushigi Yuugi is so damn catchy and foooonky that I can't not mention it.

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OP: Fushigi Yuugi

Part of this is pure nostalgia, sure, but goddamn if the beginning of this isn't the best kind of eerie and mysterious.

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ED: Trigun

Song's got a real great "fuck it" vibe that always made me feel very relaxed and chill.

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Others That Weren't Mentioned:

Sailor Moon OP

Cowboy Bebop ED

The Woman Called Fujiko Mine OP (probably nsfw, so search for this at your own discretion; it's fuckin great though (partial to the English dub version))

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Death Note

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Oooh man, you stroke a chord with me here. I'm not considering myself any kind of anime specialist but I do love them from time to time. And they have been an important part of my childhood, all right.

So: openings first. A part of me wants to go with the classics: Trigun, Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, DBZ. The biggest impact on my life had listening to the Cowboy Bebop's intro though. It literally introduced me to jazz. And jazz is more than 50% of the music I listen to these days. So yeah, that was huge. And will forever remain so, I suppose.

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But let's not dwell on the past for too long. If we're considering newer titles then I'm deeply in love with the sheer power (and absurdity) of the intro to Food Wars. Like, for real. It's something else, guys.

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I wish I had more time now so I would also remember some cool endings I've liked throughout the years but I have to scatter now so maybe later. Great thread tho!

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Lots of great ones mentioned here! Shin Mazinger Z is really good, but the original Great Mazinger edges it out for me.

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A more recent favorite of mine is the first opening for Cardcaptor Sakura:

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Last, but not least, the under-appreciated Tokyo Tribe 2 opening:

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The Monogatari series has some pretty jammin' anime intros in general, but I think the best one is still this delightful piece of meme bait

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Also a pretty big fan of the first Nichijou opening, which I feel like nails the show's eccentric tone perfectly.

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EDIT: It doesn't fit the tone of the show AT ALL, especially as it gets further along. I really like this jaunty opening from FMA 2003.

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obviously biased but here you go:

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The first thing that comes to mind is the opening to Escaflowne which was one of the earliest anime I ever saw and the first series I ever watched with subtitles.

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And a fairly recent favorite in terms of closing animations is the amazing credits to Blood Blockade Battlefront:

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Edit: Also how could I have forgotten the opening to Star Blazers. Never finished the whole series but that English opening is a real earworm.

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Edit again: Crap, now I'm just remembering a bunch of cool openings so I'll just dump them here:

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Okay, I have to stop...

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Well, thanks for the relatively long loading times and the great wall of videos where I can't tell who is posting what when scrolling.

Anyway. The OP and ED to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya come to mind as quint essential anime-ass-opening-and-ending-songs, "Don't Say Lazy" from K-ON!, and "Endless Soul" from Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor.

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An easy favorite that I haven't seen in the thread yet is the opening to "Your Lie in April". Adore this song.

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Second song I'm posting is a show I'm largely indifferent about, but the opening is just faaaaantastic: "Fafner in the Azure"

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And honestly, for best of all time. It is very, very hard to beat the EVA opening. But it's already been posted. That song is just perfect.

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