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Mine is X-men:Days of Future Past.

Whats yours?

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Oh man oh man does your thread title + username + post count = spam potential.

In case you're a human, mine is X-men 2. Best action scenes, great character moments. The first is excellent as well. 3 is meh and First Class is 50/50. Haven't seen DOFP

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X2 for sure. Days of Future Past would be my second favorite though.

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I haven't seen Days or The Wolverine yet, so at this point it would be First class.

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Probably 2 > 1 > 3 > Origins > FC

I haven't seen the most recent two.

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Either First Class or The Wolverine.

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@geraltitude: Im not a spammer.What makes you think that i am.

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Oh I was just joking duder, giving you a hard time, but I said why already in my first post.

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X2 and First Class or First Class and X2.

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Days of Future Past actually.

Wasn't a fan of any of the original trilogy, wonderful casting, poor plots and characterizations compared to Marvel's other stuff and the source material. Days of Future Past though was legit good.

Haven't seen First Class though

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If I had to rank them based on enjoyment:

  1. X-2
  2. X-men
  3. First Class
  4. Days of Future Past
  5. X-3

Didn't enjoy Origins at all so it doesn't even rank and I haven't seen The Wolverine yet.

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First Class

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X2 and First Class. The rest all felt underwhelming to me.

My problem is I compare them to the glorious 90's show (which I rewatched a few years ago, so it's not nostalgia talking).

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Man I really loved Days of Future Past but its been a long time since ive seen X1 and X2.

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Days of Future Past followed by First Class. They had a better cast with better chemistry. The two Wolverine movies are waaaay behind those. The original X-Men trilogy is all poop. I don't see where the love for X2 comes from. If anything 3 is better for that "I'm the Juggernaut bitch!" line.

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First Class. The version with the fucking screaming guy and butterfly whore edited out, and replaced with extra fassbender.

EDIT: GOD DAMN that screaming guy is dumb. How the hell does he fly? Its so lame it actually hurts.

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Days of Future Past.

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Of what I've seen:

  • X-2
  • The Wolverine: Extended Cut
  • First Class
  • X-men
  • The Last Stand

Currently waiting patiently for Future Past on blu-ray after hearing all the hype. Also never seen Origins and plan to keep it that way.

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#21 Edited by Corevi (6795 posts) -

@masterrain: Banshee ("The Screaming Guy") was in the comics and is actually kind of an important character, but Angel has always sucked and has done literally nothing but stand around since her introduction over 10 years ago.

On Topic: Gotta go with First Class, most of the supporting actors aren't great but the core duo is amazing. Days of Future Past is a much more consistent movie though. The main problem I had with Days was the core conceit of Shadowcat being able to send people back in time because she can walk through walls... what. X-Men Origins is the worst comic book movie I've ever seen and I've seen a lot.

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I would have to say that it goes:

  • First Class
  • X2
  • X-men

Have yet to see Days of Future Past, but I might have to revise my list when I do so.

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Hmm, can't decide between X-2 or Days of Future Past, but First Class was rather ace too. Guess I'd go for X-2 right now, I re-watched it again recently and it's still fantastic.

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#24 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

xXx is my favourite X-man movie.

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Probably The Wolverine. Days of Future Past was really good but The Wolverine was just bizarre in a very fun way.

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I've seen all but the newest one. And I have not enjoyed any of them

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I'm in the minority in thinking the X-Men series has been mostly average, with First Class being the only great X-Men movie. Days of Future Past had the potential but couldn't match First Class.

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first class, I never enjoyed Singer's films.X-1 and 2 felt like TV production except for Days of Future past which did a better job but any time I thought the film fell apart. First Class felt like a comic book. I feel Hugh Jackman kinda gets something about wolverine right, but he shouldn't be the main focus, again I was surprised with Days of Future Past more then I expected, as a comic book fan it was nice to be surprised.

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#29 Posted by ObsideonDarman (830 posts) -

Probably has to be X2 for me and then Days of Future Past a close second with First Class bringing up the rear. Never really cared for the first X-Men movie and hated The Last Stand.

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#30 Posted by Chocobodude3 (1338 posts) -

Days of Future Past

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X-men:Days of Future Past! The slowmo scene in the kitchen is just amazing! And such a good sound track tune - time in a bottle!

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X-Men 2

Not that the plot is flawless, but the other movies have plotholes big enough a truck could drive through...

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X2, just for the Colossus moment and the Wolverine raging fight scene in the mansion. Haven't seen DOFP as of yet though, so my opinion may change.

The less said about Wolverine: Origins and X3 the better though.

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I haven't really had enough time to process Days of Future Past, but it's either number one or number two along with X-2. After that it's First Class, X-men, The Wolverine, X3, and finally Origins.

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Are we all in agreement that Origins and X-Men 3 were hot garbage?

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First Class for me

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I still don't understand why people hold X2 in such high regards. I can't remember liking much of anything about that movie. For me, First Class is the best, even with that TERRIBLE (and sexist) ending.

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First class is my favorite. It's just well done and well acted for the most part. Very enjoyable.

Days of future past was pretty good, as well as The wolverine.

The first one was alright, the second one was pretty good, but yes, @bartok Origins and X-Men 3 were total and complete garbage.

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First class by far. No offense to Hugh Jackman who is awesome, but the lack of Wolverine in that movie was great.

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First Class.

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Days of Future Past, followed by First Class.