Which Anime From Last Year (2018) Do You Recommend the Most?

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Hey y'all, I'm not really up on my anime these days but I do get the itch here and there. What was your AOTY last year? I'm pretty much up to check out anything so don't worry about my taste. Just wondering what you thought really stood out. It could be a TV show or a movie, either is cool. Even better, give me one of each. Thanks in advance.

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#2 Posted by AlKusanagi (1653 posts) -

A Place Further than the Universe was not only my favorite anime of last year, but probably of the last decade.

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Seconding A Place Further Than the Universe as the overall highlight. Narrowing it down to genre, I'd say Bloom Into You was the best romance, and Hinamatsuri was the best comedy, and I'd probably nominate Planet With for best action.

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Violet Evergarden. People said it was emotionally exploitative but I don't care, shows have made me teary eyed before but nothing has made me genuinely cry like it did. As @milijango said Hinamatsuri was a really enjoyable comedy and was my second favourite. For some reason A Place Further than the Universe did absolutely nothing for me, it was fine but I felt like nothing happened.

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I also have to go with A Place Further Than the Universe.

If you want warm comfiness, Laid-Back Camp is a pure joy to watch and Violet Evergarden is the most emotional I ever got for a tv anime.

Also, Zombieland Saga. I never would've thought this type of show was for me, but it's both hilarious and heart-warming.

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I went and did a top 10 this year. My personal favorite of the year was Planet With.

Hi Score Girl, Zombie Land Saga, Aggretsuko, Hinamatsuri, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind and Lupin III Part 5 were also all shows I really liked, that changed places often when I made my list. Ninja Batman was also a good time as a Gurren Lagann But Batman kinda thing, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory is well worth it if you're invested in that plot, and Megalo Box is like a really competent mainstream anime done well.

There was a decent amount of stuff I thought was cool in 2018.

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The one anime that I'd recommend but haven't seen above is SSSS.Gridman, which is an homage of tokusatsu shows (think Ultraman, or anything involving dudes in rubber suits fighting each other) with a significant amount of weird-ass meta stuff underlying the whole thing. Even as someone with no real background on that kind of stuff, the level of detail they go into re-creating the style of those shows is amazing.

Otherwise, I'll echo Violet Evergarden, Planet With, Hinamatsuri, and Zombie Land Saga as good picks for 2018.

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Steins Gate 0 is pretty good if you've seen the first series / played the VN i guess.

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Thanks for reminding me to finish writing a post tallying the results of the community poll.

My personal favorite from last year was Devilman: crybaby, but I'd also recommend Megalo Box (classic boxing story with a sci-fi twist and great soundtrack), Hinamatsuri (comedy with Yakuza and time-traveling psychic girls), Kokkoku (a weird sci-fi show involving an alternate "stasis" dimension and the best OP of all) and Asobi Asobase (goldmine of reaction faces and some comedy).

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Was Devilman Crybaby 2018? I've been recommending that to anyone with even a remote interest in anime.

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#11 Posted by JoeDangerous (607 posts) -
  • Laid-Back Camp if you want a genuinely relaxing, warm anime that makes any hot drink appealing almost immediately. It's about a camping club.
  • Hinamatsuri if you enjoy supernatural comedies. It stars a gentle-ish Yakuza with an affinity to urns who finds a girl with psychic powers just appearing in his living room one day. Has a surprising amount of time dedicated to those less fortunate that live on the streets.
  • Megalo Box if you want a futuristic boxing show pitting one man against a slew of competitors that use mechanical enhancements on their back to box. Stylish and action-e.
  • My Hero Academia continues going strong. When people say it's anime X-men they're basically right. Even the main character doesn't always find himself winning in the typical shounen style and has to learn to adapt or break himself.
  • Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku was surprisingly enjoyable. It's really rare we get RomComs set after high school, where this is set in the office life between two couples that find themselves balancing work with their respective nerdy hobbies. Has a decent pace without making you sigh its existence out of your queue.
  • Aggretsuko if you have Netflix and want to watch a Hello Kitty red panda sing death metal to stave off the crap she intakes from her office job. Absurdly clean and enjoyable art that makes it easy to watch.
  • Cells at Work if you wanted an Osmosis Jones anime. It usually highlights the job of different cells per episode while also giving them some action flair in battles (David productions produced this if you're a fan of their work with JoJo).
  • Asobi Asobase if you, and stay with me here, like peculiar faces. It's another "girls killing time in a club about killing time" shows but the voice acting is funky in a unique, thrilling way and you can tell the animators had a blast finding new ways to draw the faces for each girl as their expressions contort constantly.
  • Rascal Doesn't Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai if you were jonesing for another Haruhi-esque show. The gimmick of the show really just lasts the first episode and you're left with a wry-dialogue filled protagonist that has to continuously encounter time altering shenanigans and personality swaps in his troubled high school life.
  • JoJo season 5 is really fun but I shouldn't have to detail this series. Honestly if you want a place to jump in start with season 3 since that one first uses stands (I started with season 1 recently it was worth the hype).
  • Skull Face Bookseller Honda-san if you've ever worked in a book store or, heck, retail. Deals with workers portrayed as different monsters that have to juggle a constant struggle between customer needs and their own sanity.

If I had to pick any three from the list above I'd go with Laid-Back Camp, Hinamatsuri, and Cells at Work. Honestly I left out a ton of shows that kinda fell off for me, so you can see that 2018 had a girthy year for great shows.