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A couple more that haven't been mentioned:

Chance (Hulu) - With Hugh Laurie in the lead as a neuropsychiatrist, I was afraid this was going to be a "House" clone, but it turned into a pretty good psychological thriller with some noir elements.

Crashing (HBO)- an aspiring stand up comedian from a sheltered background tries to make it in the NYC comedy scene

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Sorry to bump an old thread but recently went through Mindhunter and man, that's a great show. I only wish I checked it out sooner.

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Preacher - I was real worried about this not getting another season just because of how weird it is, but apparently season three starts later this month, so great!

American Gods - Worried about this one for another reason altogether. I really, really, really hope this show's whole vibe and quality doesn't take too big a hit from dropping the showrunners. Looks like there wasn't just tension between them and producers about budget, but also clashes with Neil Gaiman himself about the direction of season two. Gaiman is apparently getting more involved with season two, alongside the new showrunner who worked on Hannibal as well. Fingers crossed!

Sorry to bump an old thread but recently went through Mindhunter and man, that's a great show. I only wish I checked it out sooner.

Hell yeah it is!

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I'm going to take advantage of this thread bump to tell everyone to go watch Atlanta right now, it's probably the best show on tv, and it finished it's second season not long ago. I'm amazed no one has mentioned it yet.

Bryan Tyree Henry deserves some awards for what he's doing.

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@brackstone: Season two was incredible. Glover and Co. absolutely nailed 90's middle school life with that FUBU episode. So many great moments this year, and it was nice how they spread the love to each of the four characters, in a way a few installments had the feel of a contemporary Seinfeld with some of the situations they'd land themselves in. Really great stuff.

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@conmulligan: I love this show! I look forward to the new season!

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Loving the Orville and season 2 is coming out December.

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This thread coming back brings up a few thoughts:

1) Taboo is still great and that second season needs to get here

2) Ash vs. Evil Dead being cancelled is a crime

3) Westworld took a sharp left into a pile of shit between seasons 1 and 2

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Both Legion and Atlanta on FX are incredible. Legion is easily the best non-animated superhero show and on par with Logan as best X-Men related live action anything. Basically the show is a mindfuck of a bad trip as the guise of a show following the adventures of the world's most powerful psychic and bastard son of Charles Xavier, David Haller AKA Legion. The show features two of my favorite actors in Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza.

Atlanta is one of the funniest and weirdest comedies I've seen in a long time. Last season featured one of the most genuinely disturbing and scary episodes of a show I've seen from any show in an episode entitled Teddy Perkins.