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#101 Posted by buzz_clik (7470 posts) -
@AngelKore said:
" Callan's quite a cool name though, you have to admit. :D "
Actually, as a kid I wasn't that keen on it because it seemed weird to me, even though none of the other kids really gave a shit. These days, though, a lot of people who find out my name's Callan seem to really dig it. So yeah, I actually like having the name now, fer sure.
To save confusion though ("Callum? Calvin?") I usually just tell people my name's Cal. Of course, that'll set some people off and ask what it's short for and I'll go into a whole round of explaining that. I also still have people call me "Cam" or "Carl" when I use the shortened form.
And don't even start me on my surname...
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#102 Posted by Rave (427 posts) -

My name is Adam, my parents picked this because my dad thought "Matthew" was to biblical (haha). My daughter is named Addison which my wife and I thought meant Child of Adam, but turns out it means Son of Adam but we liked the name and kept it anyway.
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#103 Posted by SSValis (1196 posts) -

My father's friend who died in his arms in Vietnam........ jk I have no idea.

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#104 Posted by Video_Tycoon (362 posts) -

I wasn`t named after anyone.  But coincidentally, my middle name is the name of my great grandmother, and my brother`s middle name is the name of my great grandfather! XD

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#105 Posted by the_hiro_abides (1293 posts) -

I'm named after my godfather and my middle name was passed on by my father.

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#106 Posted by RandomHero666 (3184 posts) -

Cáthal, I can only assume I was named that after the old kings of Ireland, and Cathal Brugha, a Revolutionary.

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#107 Posted by PaulRevere (224 posts) -

Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks... kinda fucked up.

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#108 Posted by CharkeeFarlee (943 posts) -

The Bronté sisters. 

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#109 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19836 posts) -

Some athlete. Baseball player, I think.

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#110 Posted by Pickingwings (185 posts) -

Apparently I was named after Kevin Bacon, and too bad it wasn't the bacon part.