Who would you pick to be Batman?

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It's supposedly between the guy from Twilight and the guy who plays Beast. Those both sound bad to me. The Twilight guy ALWAYS looks like he needs to take a shower even when he's in a $5,000 suit. The guy who plays Beast seems too soft. Who would you pick?

Here are my picks regardless of age: Richard Madden (Robb Stark), Matt Bomer, Eric Bana, Jon Hamm, Josh Brolin, or Dan Stevens. It depends on the story, time frame, and tone.

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Jon Hamm was my go to for years, but I think Pattinson'll be fine.

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I'd love for them to go in a really different direction by casting someone like Lewis Tan and getting creative with the fight choreography.

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Robert Pattinson is a good actor who’s been in some great movies so I’m totally cool with him getting the part. I also like the pick cuz it makes ppl who just associates him with Twilight really mad.

At this point, I don’t really care that much about who plays Batman. Give everyone a chance. Christian Bale is my Batman but I don’t mind seeing different interpretations.

If I had the choice...idk...the person who might be able to top Bale is Joaquin Phoenix. Then I liked to see Joaquin play both Batman and Joker...

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Latest word is the news we got the other day that Hoult is still in the running is supposedly false and the screen tests were held weeks ago, Pattinson got the role and is currently negotiating a three picture deal. I'm not crazy about either to be honest. All of my picks are too old for the story they're telling this time around, but Armie Hammer, Wyatt Russell, and Dan Stevens seem like they'd be the best of the bunch of the under 40 crowd.

Edit: Casting Batman is easy, picking the next Wolverine though...good luck, Marvel. Especially considering their best choice is already in the MCU as the Punisher.

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Cast Michael Keaton and make an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.

Or just cast that Pattinson guy. He seems fine.

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How long ago was the last Twilight movie? 7 years ago? Are people still judging Robert Pattinson based on those movies? You look up his career since the Twilight movies and he has made a bunch of smaller budget movies and in virtually every case, his acting has gotten a positive response.

Let the guy screw it up first before deciding he can’t do the job. This reminds me of years ago when people got upset that Tom Cruise was going to be Lestat in Interview with a Vampire.

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Pattinson should do fine, the film around him is probably more important right now for Warner/DC - long gestating films can be troublesome at the best of times. I don't know who'd be a great Batman though - I enjoyed Keaton and Bale, both of whom looked like odd picks before the films came out. So maybe the role needs a slightly outfield/oddball choice to really pay off? Pre-John Wick I had like to have seen a Keanu Batman, now I'd probably just say pick someone I don't know from one of the mega-budget TV super shows with good growl and cowl skills.

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No-one. No more Batman films for a decade.

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If you want Batman to fuck some dudes up, Joe Taslim.

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Remember when they cast Chris Pratt as Starlord? The Actor while important, also needs script, directions, and a million other things. With the right team, I could be an amazing Batman.

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@htr10: I don't care that he was in Twilight, he just doesn't look like Bruce Wayne at all. His face looks more like the actor who plays Flash. Matt Bomer looks the most like Wayne. Someone being from a girly movie franchise doesn't matter. He probably took the project to get famous/paid, what unknown wouldn't? Speaking of girly movies, the main guy from 50 Shades would be way better than him.

Also, why pick someone who most fans don't want? It sometimes works out, it often time doesn't. In BVS they just should've done the obvious thing and cast someone like Bryan Cranston as Lex, but instead they tried too hard to be different and got Eisenberg who almost ruined the movie.

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The Pattinson whining will always just bring to mind the uproar over Ledger as the Joker and it's not worth listening to anyone, turns out. Wait and see.

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Robert Pattinson is fine for the role. To be honest, I think the studios wants someone young so if they do well with the next movie he can play the role as long as Downy played Ironman or Chris Evans played Capt America.

I think when you look at the Batmen they have had; Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck, they all brought something different. Michael Keaton was the shortest & least muscular and Affleck was the tallest by 4" and the buffest. I think there are many choices for someone to play Batman, and i think you cna make any of them work.

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If I had my choice I might go with an expansion of the possibilities with Oscar Isaac. Or, If he were 10 year younger, I would want Benicio Del Toro. Imagine his character in Sicario - see where I'm going? Del Toro as Batman would be truly mesmerizing...he would make any actor playing Joker or Bane shit their pants. I don't like Batman going dark; but if they want to go dark - Del Toro is a deep nightmare well.

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@deathstriker: They might've got Cranston (despite his admission they never offered him the role) but he was wanting to play Mr.Sinister around that time...who Fox teased throughout several films before the Disney buyout happened. I wonder if X-force was finally going to use the character...

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Pattinson seems fine, anyone that has any issues with him hasn't paid attention to the movies he's been making other than Twilight. Jon Hamm would be good, but I can understand that he might be just a little too old depending on how they want to take the character, he would work in a Batman mentoring Robin type character, but not a Batman year 1 kind of story. Jon Hamm a decade ago would have been an all around perfect batman, though.

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@efesell: I'm amazed that people still get mad about casting choices in 2019. Not speaking of this thread but like, I've seen Batman fans that are friends of mine freaking out over this on the internet, and as you said, it just reminds me of when they freaked out over "pretty boy" Ledger being cast as the Joker....a performance that they now revere.

I think Pattinson will be great if the movie is great.

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Hervé Villechaize

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...I have some bad news...that I meant to tell you 25 years ago

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Raul Julia or Martin Short, one of those two.

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@htr10 said:


...I have some bad news...that I meant to tell you 25 years ago

I see where you are going, and you're right...he was a nightmare to work with on set.

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I would love to see Nic Cage as the joker

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Micheal Keaton as Bruce Wayne

Finn Cole as Terry McGinnis

Guy Pearce as Derek Powers/Blight

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As far as I am aware, the only real requirement for being Batman is being a man and having a chin, so Pattinson qualifies...

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A good casting choice for Batman very heavily depends on the interpretation of Batman. He's been a lot of things over the years.

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I was going to say Joe Manganiello, but after Googling him I see he's already been cast as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke.

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Robert Pattinson is a legit great actor and I'm all for it. The last Twilight movie was in 2012 and spoilers Robert hates them just as the nerds signing those pointless petitions.

Looks wise he kinda looks like Terry McGinnis instead of Bruce Wayne but Michael Keaton was a controversial choice and I think it worked out okay. Actually that would be cool having Keaton playing old Bruce Wayne and Pattinson as Terry McGinnis. Man how sweet would a Batman Beyond movie be?

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Pattinson is gonna be great. I'm convinced of it.

Then again I totally loved having Affleck.

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Idris Elba

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Morgan Freeman.

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@schizogony: He can't be, he's already "Black Superman!"

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@shindig said:

Morgan Freeman.

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Keanu Reeves