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Avatar image for mikpick
#1 Posted by MikPick (361 posts) -

Favorite game, movie perhaps? I chose mine since the Ace Attorney series is one of if not my favorite game series. Phoenix is my favorite character in it, so naturally I had to go with him. Plus the icon looks pretty cool I think. :P

Avatar image for shade
#2 Posted by Shade (121 posts) -

Half Life 2 and its episodes are among my favorite games, and Gordon Freeman is a total badass.

Avatar image for worldsfastestshrimppeeler
#3 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (469 posts) -

It's one of my favorite episodes.

Avatar image for spencer
#4 Posted by Spencer (317 posts) -

I was ready for something different.

Avatar image for darklegend
#5 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

favorite game

Avatar image for epic_pets
#6 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

Because Giant Bomb put this picture for my icon

Avatar image for igpx407
#7 Posted by igpx407 (83 posts) -

Starslip Crisis is my favorite webcomic

Avatar image for vlademir
#8 Posted by Vlademir (1083 posts) -

Favorite TV show. :)

Avatar image for conner
#9 Edited by Conner (94 posts) -

I chose this because I love the new batman movie.

Avatar image for slimdogg
#10 Posted by SlimDogg (147 posts) -

Crysis is a great game. Love how that suit looks.

Avatar image for tlt21
#11 Posted by TLT21 (83 posts) -

i like meatwad and ATHF

Avatar image for ltcoljaxson
#12 Posted by ltcoljaxson (1189 posts) -

Colin Mcrae is awesome... but he's dead.

And I have always had this icon on gamespot, so why not here?

Avatar image for banksrob
#13 Posted by banksrob (1140 posts) -

i made my first icon which was lower quality than the one i have now , then it was optimized by and333, I like my icon the way it shows my username and the GB logo with a cool background and effects, so that's the story of my icon

Avatar image for excuberance
#14 Posted by Excuberance (102 posts) -

I study math and theoretical physics. Wanted to bring that further side of geekyness into my avatar.

Avatar image for paj89
#15 Posted by PAJ89 (111 posts) -

I like Blue Oyster Cult :P

Avatar image for schizoid
#16 Posted by Schizoid (1121 posts) -

It's an album cover, the bands called Camel. No idea why I chose it.

Avatar image for felix
#17 Posted by Felix (168 posts) -

My icon is of me, or at least the character named Felix from Golden Sun. :)

Avatar image for blu_magnet
#18 Posted by blu_magnet (261 posts) -

I think it looks cool, dont you think?

Avatar image for jibaajabba
#19 Posted by JibaaJabba (87 posts) -

I job shadowed Mr.T in high school....... no that's not true
The A Team was on T.V

Avatar image for paperplain
#20 Posted by PaperPlain (253 posts) -

Cuz it is hilarious to anyone who enjoyed Mike Tyson's Punch Out which includes me.

Avatar image for blackwaterco
#21 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1685 posts) -

Mercenaries 2 is going to be the most rad game evar

Avatar image for osmiles
#22 Posted by Osmiles (202 posts) -

I enjoy me some Sam & Max.

Avatar image for green_incarnate
#23 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

My eye. Scary..... no sexay.

Avatar image for tec3297
#24 Posted by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

I really really like Dragon Ball Z.

Avatar image for blackwaterco
#25 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1685 posts) -
Green_Incarnate said:
"My eye. Scary..... no sexay.

It reminds me of Command n Conquer...don't ask
Avatar image for psr388
#26 Posted by psr388 (267 posts) -

lloyd's the man

plus his amused facial expression contrasts with my usually sardonic nature in a comical fashion

hmm, quite

Avatar image for spizzy
#27 Posted by Spizzy (41 posts) -

If I ever found one, I'd hit it

Avatar image for yami4ct
#28 Posted by yami4ct (186 posts) -

I wanted a transformers G1 Picture and prime was already taken. I couldn't find a good megatron so I choose this instead. I always loved Bumblebee.

Avatar image for soulless
#29 Posted by Soulless (148 posts) -

Soul Caliber is the first arcade style fighting game I got good at, and the only one really.
Nightmare is my best character.

Avatar image for skrutop
#30 Edited by skrutop (3812 posts) -

I was looking at http://www.dlcstats.com/, which tracks how well Rock Band's DLC sells; they had a cherry bomb wallpaper that I liked, so I put it as my desktop wallpaper at work (as well as my icon here).

Avatar image for clean
#31 Posted by Clean (2432 posts) -

I thought the pencil drawing of Cloud looked legit and was something different. Plus I love the Final Fantasy series.

Avatar image for thegtavaccine
#32 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

My GS avatar that I made was too small, so I settled for a picture of some zombies. I like zombies, but hate dead rising though, which is ironic.

Avatar image for vyse_legends
#33 Posted by Vyse_Legends (490 posts) -

Because the Dark Magician Girl is awesome.:P

Avatar image for sentry
#34 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

Because it has stuck with me for almost two years now. :D

Avatar image for willy105
#35 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -

I always use Diddy Kong, because the first game that got me into gaming was Diddy Kong Racing.

The Giantbomb logo next to Diddy means this is my Giantbomb icon.

Avatar image for jordan23
#37 Posted by Jordan23 (1097 posts) -

I'm a fan of Little Big Planet, so why not include the little guy avatar.

Avatar image for guild_master
#38 Posted by Guild_Master (265 posts) -

Travis Touchdown, do I need to say more

Avatar image for vibratingdonkey
#39 Posted by VibratingDonkey (1048 posts) -

I love donkey
donkey dont lie
I love donkey
almost much as pie!

Avatar image for javafiend
#40 Posted by JavaFiend (17 posts) -

I drew it for a project that didn't pan out, and I wanted to use it somewhere.

Avatar image for treyofthedead
#41 Posted by TreyoftheDead (58 posts) -

It's a long and embarrassing story that kind of stuck, haha. ;D

Avatar image for shadowvirus
#42 Posted by ShadowVirus (849 posts) -

I couldn't think of what to use as my icon so I just got a picture from Shaman King, my favourite manga.

Avatar image for lies
#43 Posted by Lies (3985 posts) -

 My avatar is just awesome.

Avatar image for whisperkill
#44 Posted by Whisperkill (3045 posts) -

because L is awesome?

Avatar image for matthias
#45 Posted by Matthias (42 posts) -

Iceman reflects my personality :P

Plus I like blue^^

Avatar image for heretrix
#46 Posted by heretrix (85 posts) -

Because Nico B. is a badass and realistic Nico is even more badass and I liked the pic.

Avatar image for thedrifter
#47 Posted by TheDrifter (279 posts) -

Cause I like Ghost Rider.

Avatar image for exom7
#48 Posted by ExoM7 (184 posts) -

It's my default avatar everywhere.

Avatar image for met2609
#49 Posted by Met2609 (635 posts) -

I like the movie Anchorman.

Avatar image for mardarkin
#50 Posted by Mardarkin (89 posts) -

I spunked mine up in Photoshop to celebrate joining this community.  Y'like?