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I never had a console this generation, instead I kept updating my PC and gamed on it. The only "console" I bought was a 3DS and I havent touched it since March last year when RE Revelations came out (the reason I bought it in the first place).

So I am wondering if it's worth buying a PS3. I don't have a problem with 30 fps and now that I saw that PS4 conference actually got me pumped for playing the PS3 exclusives I missed. Do you think it will go down in price after the PS4 comes out? I could buy it now since it's pretty cheap, but I can wait if they will drop the price.

Also, if you have some recomandations for games would be cool.

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You got your playstations mixed up in the title.

Yeah sure why not? It'll go down in price eventually and who knows how long support will last when PS4 is out, but if there is a sizable number of games that interest you go for it.

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They will likely announce a price cut at E3. It's due to have one and a new console is more reasons for them to do so. Wait until E3, those exclusives aren't going anywhere.

For games, the Uncharted and Infamous games are musts. If you like shooters than Killzone 2/3 and Resistance 3 are good. The God of War saga is a pretty great deal, all 5 games for 40$. Heavy Rain is interesting.

After that there's a bunch of worthwhile HD collections.

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You should, there is so much great exclusives you missed out on

  • Killzone Series
  • Uncharted Series
  • Infamous Series
  • LittleBigPlanet Series
  • Journey

And many others

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Backward compatibility will not be a feature of PS4, so getting a PS3 after the potential E3 pricecut can be a nice deal. There are enough really good exclusives to sweeten the deal.

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I'm doing the same thing. Even with a price slash, the PS3 is still too expensive for me, even if there's really only a few games I want to get for it.

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Oh yeah, Journey! I could i forget that one.

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Certainly! If I were you, I'd look around on Ebay for an older 60gb backwards compatible model. Having a system that can play PS3, PS2, AND PS1 games natively is baller as fuck! Plus they aren't really that expensive, usually ranging in between $200 - $300.

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There's a few stand out games but nothing I can say I really would have missed if I didn't have a PS3. Sure it was great having access to the Yakuza games, Journey, Catherine (imported it early) and some others but I'm not sure if I'd buy a console for those alone. If you can snag a deal I say go for it, otherwise I guess I don't see too big a reason. Uncharted is a series that is kind of mediocre, 2 was the high point and was indeed great, 1 hasn't aged well and 3 was a bit weak. Killzone 2 and 3 are pretty unique shooters compared to most (the cover system is quite cool) and Infamous games are pretty damn good. You didn't miss anything regarding Resistance, I really enjoyed Heavy Rain until they totally pull a sucker punch with a change of direction in the story, that was so badly executed.

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Since there seems to be no immediate backwards compatibility on the PS4 for PS3 games, I say go for it. You should research what franchises you want to play beforehand though.

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Absolutely! I got myself one of the new Slim's a couple of months ago, and it's fantastic. I love the inFamous'es, Critter Crunch, Journey, and there are a bunch more games out there I plan on getting like MGS4.

Also, get PS+, it's worth it for me. I just got inFamous 2 for free, and having played through it I would have happily paid full price for the thing, that game is great. Instead, I essentially got it for free. And I also have Vanquish set up for next month, as well as whatever follows that.

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There are some good exclusive games, but I don't really think that the PS3 is worth it for those alone.

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There is tons of great stuff on PS3. If you can get one cheap pick one up. If you wait any longer and your anything like me your eyes wont be able to accept PS3 graphics once the Next gen is out...

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Absolutely. Besides the obvious like Uncharted or MGS4 or Infamous or whatever else there are some real gems hidden in there too. I stand by the fact that Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best games this generation that nobody played. If you can somehow get a copy of it you should.

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maybe. there are some cool exclusives and the japanese end of the industry was better represented on the ps3.

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Since you didn't have a console this gen, absolutely.

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You'll need to play PS3 games someway.

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I think so! I just ordered a PS3 today to play a bunch of games that I've missed. Besides, who wants to miss out on The Last of Us anyway?

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Definitely. It will see a price drop for both games and console. Also initially none of the games from PSN and PS3 will be playable for PS4 and there will still be a few good exclusive games (Last of Us, ni no Kuni) to play. It's also a good media center for Netflix and Bluray if you don't have a HTPC.