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#1 Posted by andythemeZ (402 posts) -

Can - Pepsi

Glass Bottle - Coke

Plastic Bottle (like 20oz) - Pepsi

2 Liter - Coke

Souvenir/Paper Cup/Mug Fountain (like at theme park) - Pepsi

Plastic/Foam Cup/Self Serve Fountain (fast food) - Coke

Restaurant’s Glass - Coke (close call tiebreaker)

Coke seems best to me when the drink isn’t the meal, when you just need a non alcoholic non milk or whatever liquid.

When craving hydration say walking uphill a mile from the back to front exit of the Washington DC Zoo, a picturesque sweaty crispy iced like magazine advertisement Pepsi is a sugary godsend.

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#2 Posted by soulcake (2706 posts) -

Pretty solid list! I think i prefer can of coke instead of can of pepsi.

Pepsi for pizza

Pepsi for tv game.

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#3 Posted by Wemibelle (2630 posts) -

I personally would say Pepsi for anything if given the choice, but I also really don't mind Coke if that's the only option.

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#4 Posted by imhungry (1111 posts) -

Pepsi and Coke are both trash don't @ me.

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#5 Posted by The_Greg (535 posts) -

I try not to drink either because diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.. If I'm at a restaurant, a glass of lime and soda water (no ice) is perfect.

They're pretty much on par in every way though. I just can't stand any of the diet versions. Diet coke tastes like dusty ass.

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#6 Posted by Nev (776 posts) -

I regularly drink Coke, and have never liked Pepsi. I drink my coke in the smaller plastic bottles, and find the can versions disgusting.

I'd just replace Pepsi with Dr. Pepper.

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#7 Posted by devise22 (721 posts) -

Yeah, I'm not much of a Coke drinker. I'll drink it if they have that instead of Pepsi, I'm not a monster. But if given the choice? Always Pepsi over Coke. Coke leaves this grainy aftertaste on my teeth and feels regardless of if I drink it cold or not like it's less fresh. Even a just opened can of coke feels more flat than Pepsi. Pepsi simply goes down easier for me and doesn't leave any aftertaste.

Also echoing the sentiments in here, Dr. Pepper is stellar as well.

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#8 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

I think they are both interchangeable.

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#9 Posted by nutter (1971 posts) -

All Coke products beat equivalent Pepsi products.

Coke Zero is king. Vanilla Coke Zero is a great standalone drink.

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#10 Edited by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

I don't drink soda much, water rules. Don't agree with the list. if I have a choice, Pepsi it is, all the way. Diet/zero/max whatever Pepsi vs. equivalent Coke isn't that different to me in taste so I'd get either, regular Pepsi vs regular Coke is hugely different and Pepsi is just superior in taste and feel, so If I can have a Pepsi, I always go with a Pepsi. They both taste good but Pepsi tastes better.

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#11 Posted by mems1224 (2501 posts) -

Pepsi should never be an option. Its the absolute worst kind of coke.

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#12 Edited by soulcake (2706 posts) -

Pepsi max > Coke Zero

Pepsiman > The Coke Christmas truck

Also don't people just buy Pepsi cause it's cheaper then Coca Cola ?

Although for some weird reason i have being to countries where Pepsi is more expensive then coke, real weirdstuff.

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#13 Posted by Thursday1977 (120 posts) -

It depends upon which country you are in, and if you're drinking one made with real sugar. Real sugar Pepsi and Coke are great, but that tends to be more of an American thing thanks to God awful high fructose corn syrup. Boylan and Jones colas trump both Coke and Pepsi handily... but I suppose that is another subject.

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#14 Posted by TehBuLL (819 posts) -

Not bad! I'd change the can but othwise this looks like some solid research.

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#15 Posted by haneybd87 (388 posts) -

What difference does the container you’re drinking from matter? It’s still the same drink. That being said the correct answer is always Pepsi, or even better, Coke Zero.

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#16 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2024 posts) -

Ive never been able to taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

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#17 Posted by haneybd87 (388 posts) -
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#18 Posted by geirr (3751 posts) -

I used to be a Coke dog but just about when I forced myself to get used to
non-inverted controls in games I found that Pepsi Max is by far the best cola.
I'm sure the situations aren't related.

What difference does the container you’re drinking from matter? It’s still the same drink. That being said the correct answer is always Pepsi, or even better, Coke Zero.

I find that Coke Zero retains more of its original flavor in paper cups than Pepsi Max does and in those rare situations I do prefer Coke Zero.

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#19 Edited by John1912 (2504 posts) -

Naw....Coke is better than Pepsi in every situation.

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#20 Posted by devilzrule27 (1289 posts) -

Coke is never good except from McDonalds cause that shit tastes weird and I like it.

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#21 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2024 posts) -
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#22 Posted by haneybd87 (388 posts) -

@frodobaggins: That’s really bizarre that you can’t taste the difference.

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#23 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

Cola's are garbage. Put a gun to my head and I would pick RC.

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#24 Posted by 49th (3892 posts) -

Solid list but I can see one glaring mistake. Self-serve fountain Coke is clearly superior to mug fountain Pepsi. I’m pretty sure something about the way it gets dispenced makes it taste slightly different.

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#25 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2024 posts) -

@haneybd87: huh. Would you be able to tell if there was two un labled glasses?

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#26 Posted by haneybd87 (388 posts) -
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#27 Posted by clagnaught (2113 posts) -

I never really drank Pepsi, so the taste kinda feels off to me. It's not bad or anything. I can mentally line up and group Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pibb, various Root Beers. If I were to put Pepsi on there, it would feel the biggest outlier.

Besides that, my appreciation for just Coke has increased over the years, so I would probably lean towards Coke in any variety (as long as it isn't too warm) even when talking about situational stuff like this.

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#28 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2024 posts) -
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#29 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7512 posts) -

Full Sugar Coke every time except...

We have ferryboat to the mainland, which only all Pepsis products, so I get a Pepsi on those trips. However because they serve mixed drinks out of one of those "eight button" taps, my Pepsi always tastes like 98% Pepsi and 2% Bloody Mary mix. I have acquired a taste for Pepsi with a 'hint' of peppery-tomato.

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#30 Edited by Zeik (5186 posts) -

I can't really stand any form of Pepsi anymore. It used to be my go to soda as a kid, but one day I switched over to Coke and could never go back. Anyone who says they can't tell the difference is insane to me.

If it's the choice between Pepsi and dying of a dehydration I may have to carefully consider my decision.

Also, Orange Coke from those fancy fountain dispensers is the best Coke.

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#31 Edited by Efesell (4442 posts) -

@frodobaggins: Have you actually ever done a back to back comparison? Because while they are clearly very different tastes I would also generally think of them as being very interchangeable. So I can see that part..

The only time a question of which one would matter to me is with real sugar variants because I cannot stand them.

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#32 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2024 posts) -

@efesell: absolutely not. I don't drink very much Pepsi or coke honestly but every time I do it just tastes like the same kind of drink - cola. Does that make sense?

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#33 Posted by haneybd87 (388 posts) -

@frodobaggins: But they’re so different. It’s like saying Mountain Dew and Mello Yello taste the same because they’re the same type of drink, but there’s still a big difference.

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#34 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1368 posts) -

Coke all the way. Pepsi can go suck an egg. Not really, just wanted to use that saying for once.
Coke on glass bottle is the absolute best as well, though a dispenser Coke at fast food joints are actually pretty good. And yes, I can taste the difference. Can drink Pepsi in a pinch, as long as it is normal Pepsi. Something about the artificial sweeteners they use just don't work for me. Most of them has a really bad aftertaste. Goes for any kind of soda. The only one I can actually stomach is the Coke Zero Lemon that showed up here last year. It's actually pretty good.
And for the record, I live in Norway, so we have that proper sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. I hear that is a big difference.

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#35 Posted by uhtaree (945 posts) -

I think Ben nailed my feelings on this on some piece of content (I forget what it was) when he said coke is better when a compliment to a meal but pepsi is a better "snack." Recently I passed on some coke at the store for RC because it has these throwback looking cans that I couldn't resist and I'm not hating it.

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#36 Posted by xanadu (2034 posts) -

Heres my opinion on brown soda: If youre not using it to mask the taste of liquor, why are you even drinking soda?

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#37 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2024 posts) -

@haneybd87: im sorry. Ive just never once realised as im drinking them that one tastes different from the other.

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#38 Edited by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

I generally prefer Pepsi over Coke, but I won't raise a stink if Coke is the only option. If I'm at, say, a 711 and there's options I'd take a chocolate milk, iced tea or Jones/Stewarts/Boylan soda over the boring big names you can get anywhere else. That is, unless I'm there for a Slurpee fix.

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#39 Posted by fledeye (256 posts) -

They both taste exactly the same so I’ve never understood the rivalry. Is it just a “what you grew up with” thing? I couldn’t care less as long as it’s diet.

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#40 Posted by TobbRobb (6576 posts) -

If drunk on it's own, I think Pepsi is better in all forms. If drinking with food then Coke is better. I also prefer Coke on a hot day.

That covers it I think.

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#41 Edited by haneybd87 (388 posts) -

@fledeye: They don’t taste the same at all though. The reason I don’t like Coke is it seems to have an extra sourness or something to it, hard to describe, and it leaves a dry feeling in my mouth afterwards. There’s an even bigger difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi.

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#42 Edited by Notkcots (113 posts) -

Ranking of diet colas:

Canned Diet GT cola (the Aldi house brand)>>>>>Canned Diet Pepsi>>Canned Coke Zero>>Bottled Diet Pepsi>>Canned Diet Coke>>Bottled Diet Coke>>>>>>>>>all non-Aspartame diet colas

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#43 Posted by Wikitoups (1440 posts) -

Give me a soda drink and I will drink it: Coke, Pepsi, RC Cola, Faygo, Store Brand.

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#44 Posted by fledeye (256 posts) -


I can’t tell the difference, to me they are identical, and they have identical ingredients so I’m not sure how you’re tasting a difference, but if you say you can, I’ll believe you.

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#45 Posted by haneybd87 (388 posts) -

@fledeye: They don’t have identical ingredients.

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#46 Posted by fledeye (256 posts) -
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#47 Edited by haneybd87 (388 posts) -

@fledeye: Except they don’t, the ratio of those ingredients aren’t going to be exactly the same and the main difference you’re overlooking is “flavorings”.

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#48 Posted by Efesell (4442 posts) -

I can get behind the idea of Cola being similar enough to blend together in mind but they are absolutely not identical.

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#49 Edited by haneybd87 (388 posts) -

@fledeye: I’m looking at ingredients on the US website for Pepsi and the ingredients aren’t the same as in your link. The main difference is that it has citric acid: http://www.pepsicobeveragefacts.com/Home/product?formula=35005*26*01-01&form=RTD&size=12

Coke however does not have citric acid: https://www.coca-colaproductfacts.com/en/products/coca-cola/original/12-oz/

I don’t know if this is a difference in labeling laws, or if for some reason they can’t add citric acid in the UK.

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#50 Edited by Nodima (2591 posts) -

I have to admit, I often feel a small tinge of shame whenever I happen to find myself in a fast food place, order whatever the meal deal is, and then fill my cup with water. Mostly because I was charged for that cup to contain soda, but I'm too good for the soda so I just pay for the privilege of the water in the cup.

My rule with soda used to be "only when hungover or at a movie," but now that every movie theater will sell you a beer I just get the beer instead of the soda. And when I'm hungover, if they don't have a form of Root Beer, I'll usually just opt for the sparkling water option at worst, but only if they have a lemon-lime flavor. Otherwise, back to the good ol' H2O.

To be somewhat respectful to your question, I am aware of many Coke products I technically enjoy but avoid out of snobbery. I can't think of any soda-related items Pepsi produces that I'm a fan of. Pepsi is the king of gonna-kill-ya potato chips, though.