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I am interested in what everyone's opinion is on importing games from various gaming sources (and possibly Giantbomb lists) to populate your game collection without much effort. If you could keep in automatically in sync (like Giantbomb does) but have more power in sorting, viewing and tagging (game completion status ect).

I have been working on a game site for several months, uses Giantbomb API and many others. Feel free to signup, everything is stable and free to use - I don't have ads either. The only reason this site exists in the first place is so I can use it myself since I disliked the other game collection apps

So again Sign up is free - Put in a fake email address if you want (it doesn't even have to be a valid email address) - The only thing you won't be able to do is recover your account password.

Feel free to comment or suggest improvements if you like - Importing works through the Grey "Import" button (for PSN, XBL and Steam). Thanks.