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A glitch which is still active as I type this (though less useful cause almost everything sold out) revolving around text message spam codes accidentally repeating and stacking, put upwards of 75% off nearly anything on Target.com from Xbox One X to Switch to Octopath to Elite controllers to OLED TVs to Dyson vacuums.

West coasters could do store pickup ASAP before closing. East coasters are waiting till he morning to see if they cancel orders or not.

Xbox X plus Pub G $200

Switch $100

LG B7 65 inch OLED $975

Joy Con sets $23

I’m broke as is so all I got was a 3DS.

I think the PSVR bundles with Doom and Skyrim are still available for around $105.

Fingers crossed.

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Last I checked East Coasters were getting cancellation emails, and some are reporting the codes are no longer stacking.

After Toys R Us charged people the difference on glitched orders multiple times a year or two back, I've been hesitant of ever getting in on these dea...er...scams.

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They are for sure going to either retroactively cancel or adjust charges. The SNES Classic debacle should be example enough. I would like a cheap Switch as much as the next bloke, but this is a pretty scummy way to try and do that. Some poor IT pleb probably got fired tonight.

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Personally this doesn't seem particularly honest. If you didn't know it was a glitch then sure, but you do know that. So anyway my answer is no, and I also explicitly think less of those who see shit like this and think "time to get mine".

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@quantris: very noble of you to stick up for a gigantic retail chain. I think they'll be okay.

I got in while there were only a couple codes, nabbed Tropical Freeze and Octopath Traveler for 30 each

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I don't think I'd jump a chance like this, in fear of getting charged for it afterwards, especially when it's very obviously a glitch and you get something expensive for dirt cheap, but whatever.

But I would slap those idiots across the face, who will yell at the store when their orders get cancelled. The fact that they still give you coupons to "make up" for the cancellation is already more than enough, so fuck off.

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@quantris: very noble of you to stick up for a gigantic retail chain. I think they'll be okay.

I got in while there were only a couple codes, nabbed Tropical Freeze and Octopath Traveler for 30 each

Let's be clear, I'm not "sticking up" for the retailer. It's scummy no matter who you're ripping off.

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I'm going to take a wild guess and say this won't get honored.

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@glots: I'm with you, fuck anyone that is a jerk to any customer service, no matter what the context is. I'm fully expecting my order to get cancelled, but if not cool.

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@inevpatoria: My half off Dyson air purifier begs to differ.

My wife picked it up this morning and said it was a pleasant experience, the manager made a handle on the box for her out of tape, in and out.

Following a thread currently and seeing a shocking amount of success stories. This is similar to when nearly everything on Walmart was 80% off but Walmart was so much more aggressive in trying to shut it down.

Pretty happy, will see about my second order on some headphones... fully expect it to be cancelled since it won't make it to the store until Wednesday, but ah well, probably for the best. Good luck to everyone with orders :D

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Even if this wasn't sketchy as fuck, I don't need more excuses to buy things out of boredom.

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got my 3DS XL no problems

Probably helps if you only bought one, fully in stock, not too discounted over it’s true worth, not too hot ticket item. Since that DS wasn’t more than $50 or $60 less than a typical Black Friday price it didn’t raise flags.

People trying to walk away with $125 IPads or whatever surely did

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I put in an order after learning about this when if first started popping up on Twitter around midnight or so while I was at work. I fully expected it to get cancelled like when something similar happened to Toys R Us last year so I just put in an order for Mario Tennis Aces and left it until this morning. Anyway, I dropped in to my local Target earlier and walked out with the copy I ordered for $20 like any other transaction. Kinda surprised honestly.

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I'm no expert on US law, but if this happened in my country the shop doesn't have to go through with these orders.

It's pretty clear that this is a a mistake on their part and these prices are not intended to drop so low. If you get to the store, they probably would let it go to a certain extent on smaller products and you might get a coupon out of this perhaps. It's their fault after all. I don't think filling your online cart with expensive shit is something that you can expect to be delivered for this price. Now if this deal mentioned that certain items were 75% off, you might have a leg to stand on when you find a product that is indeed 75% off.

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@onemanarmyy: I love a good sale, but I don’t bite on dumpster fires like that one Walmart implosion.

If the prices are too good to be true and it’s clearly a sea of errors, I just let them go. I can afford retail stuff that I want.

Taking advantage of this stuff is super arbitrary, so I’m not about to pass judgement either.

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I think it's fine for people to try getting stuff for cheap. i just don't think it will work out unless you keep it relatively modest.

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I'm better than everyone else, and I'm going to post here to chastise people taking advantage of the situation, but only because they wouldn't know I was better than them unless I point it out. You're doing it wrong.

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I'm in Canada. I miss Target aka Quiet Wal Mart.

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@kraznor said:

I'm in Canada. I miss Target aka Quiet Wal Mart.

It was called expensive wal mart where I was

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I mean personally I'm not above even looting a major retail store if I knew I could get away with it, so this is all pretty cool imo.

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Having worked for this shit company for 8 years, I'm all for seeing them get ripped off as much as possible. My only regret is that I was a little late to this news to take advantage of it myself.

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@kraznor: We called it American Zellers because it mostly moved into the vacant Zellers mall locations here, and then had similar going out of business sales soon after.

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I just picked up my second Switch along with Octopath and the Crash collection for under $150.