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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
" Mustard. "
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I came in ready to say mustard, but fuck yeah sauerkraut. And relish can burn in hell. Nasty. 

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Ketchup, but sometimes I just prefer to have the hot dog without condiments.

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Tomato Sauce (Ketchup).

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Mustard for sure

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I can't imagine eating a hot dog without pants....actually nevermind that would be incredible.

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Ketchup is the only one that is fine on its own, the rest are great in combination but I couldn't imagine a hot dog with mustard on its own.

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I'm surprised that there isn't a chili option. Chili cheese dogs are pretty good.

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Chili or hot sauce, but neither of those are options. I'd say chili peppers if that include jalapenos. If it doesn't, I'd choose onions.

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To me red sauce is the thing I want and I have to find a substrate to support it.  Sausage roll, microwave it put it in a sandwich and have red sauce on it.  Pies, turn them over and eat the bottom and meat then put it in a sandwich with red sauce.  Hotdogs are like prefabricated sauce struts, that is good.

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@WickedFather: wut 
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You need to "ketch-up" with current trends. The tomato based viscous liquid is where it at with hip young kids.

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why the hell would you put another condiment other than ketchup...  unless youre from Chicago

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mustard. All else is Ifamia
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I'm not a fan of ketchup. It's so overpowering, its only use is to cover up the taste of something you don't like imo.
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Ketchup, obviously.

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This should have been a mustard vs. ketchup poll.

Mayonnaise on a hotdog - WUT.

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I only ever put one condiment on my hot dogs anyway. 

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Chili and cheese is the only thing I'll put on a hot dog.

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ketchup. it's the only thing that i put on a hotdog usually.

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From the list mustard, but i would definintely say Skyline Chili.


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No hot sauce (tabasco)?

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No chili option?  This poll blows.

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Brown mustard.

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Ketchup is the only correct answer, however i will allow chilli as well.

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Hot Dog relish.

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Does Vaunnies Mustardayonnaise count?

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A second hot dog.

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@ThePhantomnaut said:
" Ketchup. "
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@BeachThunder said:
" A second hot dog. "
Closest thing to that is pants. 
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Ketchup is for 5 year olds. 

Brown mustard all the way. 
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@Kyreo said:
" @TheSeductiveMoose said:
" Mustard. "