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(Click to reveal spoilers if that is your decision)

It's monday morning. You're about to head out the door. When you open the door there are 4 men right in front of your doorstep. Two of them are wearing protective gear and look intimidatingly large and tough. The more scary thing, however, is the two other men; wearing a lab coat. One of them approaches you and says the scariest thing he could: 'Good morning. Time to start the experiment. Please get in the van'. The white van has an insignia on it that you can't quite make out and under it is written: 'Freesearch Corp'.

What do you do?

1. Ask them what is going on and you have no idea what they are talking about.

The man in the lab coat who approached you explains: 'We're here to take you to the testing site. You signed the agreement, remember? I watched you sign it myself two days ago. You are still interested, are you not?

1.1 Ask them what the agreement was.

Have you really forgotten? The agreement was that you are to be taken to Freesearch owned Tasdorola Island immediately. Upon arrival, you will have to 'survive' on the Island. Which sounds a lot more dangerous than it actually is. There are no predators on the island and no other hazards that can harm you, except for prolonged sun exposure. However, there is a hut set up to protect from the sun and there are several clothing items present like hats, that do the same. You are alone on this island, yet you are not. Every 5 days a helicopter will air drop supplies such as food ashore. There is food on the island, including coconuts, banana's, different types of nuts and seeds and whatnot. You're free to scavenge for them if you wish, but the food drops should provide enough food to survive more than adequately. There is a refrigerator and freezer in the hut that you can use and you can use the Freesearch installed communicator to select what food you'd like to be air dropped. You can also select a predefined number of other items including soaps and detergent. You will be given the items needed to survive, but you must survive on your own. That is with the exception of the 2-weeker of course. Which I guess I should explain again... the 2-weeker is any person you select that is allowed to visit you on the island for a total of 2 weeks. Divided however you want. Whether that be 2 weeks in a row, one day every week for 14 weeks, or any other selection of days. Of course, lastly, you will be staying for a year; 365 days. Remember?

1.2 Tell them they are crazy. You don't remember any of this.

Really? Although I find that hard to believe, it is a possibility that you forgot I suppose. Nevertheless, whether or not you claim to remember is irrelevant. You have agreed, and you will come with us.

2. Tell them you're not going with them and they should leave immediately.

You are. Maybe you have guessed by the armed escorts that my associate and I brought with us, but you are most definitely coming with us, whether you changed your mind or not. If you want to try your luck with Hugo and Boris, be my guest. But having seen them in action, I'd advise against it. Best you cooperate as you said you would and just get in the van.

3. Attack them.

*As you try to attack, the two armored men quickly restrain you. One of them wraps his arm around your neck and squeezes tight. You're starting to feel dizzy and woozy. Couple seconds later, you lose consciousness. When you wake up, you're inside the van. [Go to 4].*

4. *Get in the van*

The van drives you off to the nearest airport. Once there, you are escorted to a private jet that almost immediately takes off as soon as you enter it.

You're greeted by a woman who you notice isn't wearing any shoes or socks. She says: 'Ah, you're applicant #21. You certainly have a very distinct taste. You'll be taken to Yaegh Islands. Tasdorola in your case to be specific. As you no doubt know, you'll be there for a full year and have to survive on your own with our help. Do you have any last questions?

4.1 I don't remember agreeing to this. When did it happen? How?

Oh that's right, Theo told me you claimed to not remember anything. Two days ago. How? How anything is signed, really. We had our research suggestion interwoven with several programs like iTunes, Steam, Skype... the only one who wasn't prepared to collaborate was Electornic Arts with their Origin program. They said something about not wanting to win another Worst Company award. I'm not sure which one you signed, maybe all of them. But you definitely marked the 'I have read and agreed' box on at least one of them. You've been randomly selected to partake in this research now that you approved on doing, if you were selected. Which, you obviously were.

4.2 Where are these islands? I've never heard of them.

I'm not at liberty to disclose that information. But worry not, they are very relaxing environments. There are not dangerous places, the way we've set them up. It is sunny throughout the entire day on most days. The exception are evenings. It mostly rains in the evening, though some evenings it doesn't. About 2 days in the week it rains continuously even during daytime. Also, it gets very cold in the night, to the point of freezing. However, there are several blankets available that keep you sufficiently warm through the night. The hut we've build is also very, very strong. It's technically not a hut as it's build from more than just natural components. It's 100% waterproof. It would even withstand a flood, though fortunately, it will never be tested if it can.

4.3 Distinct taste? What are you talking about?

You taste in videogames of course.

4.4 Why are you barefeet?

I am an exhibitionist and have a foot fetish. What? Don't act like you're not into some weird stuff.

'Oh, we're here', says the lady. The plane lands. You're being escorted onto a helicopter now. The armored men accompany you. After being silent for the past 2 hours, trying to take all of it in, you decide to talk.

5. Try talking to the armored men.

They keep their eyes forward and say nothing.

6. Try talking to the pilot.

The pilot turns around and says: 'Hey! What's going on'? To your surprise you recognize his face. It is Vinny Caravella. The only thing that comes up in your mind to say is: 'Vinny?! What are you doing here'? He responds: 'What do you mean? Freesearch Corp is one of my companies. All under the banner of Vinco. I have to say though, ever since I signed up for that triangle space or whatnot, my small business has been doing very well'. Before you can ask another question, the armored men shout:

'We've arrived. #21, proceed'. They push you out of the helicopter. Hovering 2 meters above the ocean you land in the water. Shore is only 20 meters away and you swim towards it. As you come ashore, a sign reads 'Tasdorola'. It is marked on the ground, probably to make sense from above. You see the hut that was spoken of. It's relatively spacious and indeed has all the gear that was mentioned. The island seems relatively small, though large enough to lose someone for half an hour. You enter the hut and take a look around. You see a device labelled: 'communicator' and examine it. It holds information about how to order food and items for the upcoming days, under a 'Survival' tab. There is an insane selection of food to choose from. Pretty much anything you knew existed is in there, along with some things you're never heard of before. There seems to be a limit on how much you can order for any given air drop, but you quickly calculate that it would be more than enough food for 3 people to survive. The only other tab is labelled 'Entertainment'. You open it and see a 'instruction' section and read the following explanation:

You are able to select one videogame every 3 months at your choosing, or choose a Package. After 3 months you get to choose another game, or another Package. You original selection will stay in your possession for the duration of your stay. Thus, after 9 months you will have 4 videogames to play or 4 Packages or any combination between these. Every 4 months you will be able to select a piece of DLC that you will be able to download. Similar rules apply. You are unable to make any purchases yourself. You are limited to these provided methods. Should it be discovered you did not adhere to the rules, your access to all entertainment will be revoked for the remainder of your stay. You will, however, be able to play online. But be wary that the evening and night storms often interfere with online capabilities, when you make your choices. There are no headsets available and you will not be able to acquire one. Communication is strictly limited to written messages if applicable. Any console you decide to pick a game for will be provided to you, including a controller, but browsers and other 'non-suited' applications are removed or otherwise blocked from use. This includes PC's, should you pick a game for one.

Packages are packs of 2 games each. But they are randomly chosen games that you only find out what they are after you committed to them. Be wary of selecting Packages as they may increase the amount of games you have to play, but may both disappoint compared to a personal selected title. You must choose all entertainment in advance.

As you exit the screen you read 'Choose your selection' and are prompted to make decisions. What are your picks? Remember that picks are final and you will only see what games you received in a Package after you already committed.

Pick #1 - Immediate access

Choose your game or Package

Pick #2 - Access after approximately 90 days

Choose your game or Package

Pick #3 Access after approximately 180 days

Choose your game or Package

Pick #4 Access after approximately 270 days

Choose your game or Package

DLC #1

Choose DLC

DLC #2

Choose DLC

DLC #3

Choose DLC

Packages (if you click to reveal the contents, you've chosen it as a pick):

Action Package #1

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Prototype 2

Action Package #2

Batman Arkham Origins

Shooter Package #1

FarCry 3

Shooter Package #2

BioShock Infinite
TeamFortress 2

RPG Package #1

Borderlands 2
Bravely Default

RPG Package #2

Dark Souls II
Final Fantasy X HD

MMO Package #1

The Secret World
Guild Wars 2

MMO Package #2

Final Fantasy XIV
Star Wars The Old Republic

Indie Package (contains 4 games instead of 2)

Hotline Miami
One Finger Death Punch
FTL: Faster Than Light

(Disclaimer: I needed to do some work I didn't feel like doing so I did this different take on the 'Island' scenario instead).

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This should be Premium Content.

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Pretty cool but I have ended up with probably the worst package ( Action Pack 1)

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i'll just skip ahead to the good ending.

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RPG Package 2. Not bad.

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Wow, this has to be the best "desert island" post I've ever read.

I picked the rpg and mmo packages...I think I'll be ok for a year.

The "2 week" thing is most interesting. I think I would spread it out in 2 or 3 day chunks.

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I think I did alright

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Why is this happening?

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Woot indies

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I'd take FF X-2 HD over FF X, it's more fun for multiple playthroughs, then again Dark Souls 2 might be enough on it's own in that regard.

For the 2 week person thing, I'd spread it over 6 hours a couple of times a month, a bit more for the last month.

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Is this e sports?

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this was very cool.

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RPG Pack 2

Shooter Pack 1

Shooter Pack 2

Indie Pack

Pretty bummed about the RPG Pack, but the others are fine. Probably shoulda picked an MMO pack. In that scenario, with the whole island all to myself. I'd probably spend a lot of time taking in the scenery, writing, making stuff, etc.

Also, goddamn you for ropadopin me into this fanfic/island question.

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  • Final Fantasy X HD
  • Mass Effect 3
    DLC: Leviathan
    DLC: Extended Cut
  • Pokémon Soul Silver
  • Dark Souls
    DLC: Artorias of the Abyss

Now if I had to pick the packages I would have said:

  • RPG Package 1
  • RPG Package 2
  • Action Package 1
  • Action Package 2

Now I'm going to look at what's in all the packages:

Well shit, that RPG Package 2 - nice! I would also have liked to have Shooter Package 1. If I had known before hand I would have picked:

  • RPG Package 2
  • Shooter Package 1
  • Mass Effect 3
    DLC: Extended Cut
    DLC: Leviathan
  • Pokémon Soul Silver
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Why was there no option to eat breakfast and pretend I wasn't home? That's what I do whenever there's somebody at my door... I mean, even if it's in the middle of the day or night even, it's what I do: I eat breakfast and pretend I'm not home.

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Why was there no option to eat breakfast and pretend I wasn't home? That's what I do whenever there's somebody at my door... I mean, even if it's in the middle of the day or night even, it's what I do: I eat breakfast and pretend I'm not home.

They didn't actually knock or ring the bell. You went outside on your own and they were there.


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If that happened to me, I'd shut the door in their face and call the cops

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I took the honorable way out - Seppuku

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No idea

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Fun read. I was pretty happy with my selection of games.

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RPG Pack 1
MMO Pack 1
RPG Pack 2
MMO Pack 2

With MMO Pack 1, I kind of would have been bummed about. But I guess it shows me what I'd really want to play if I had all the time in the world to play. I do kind of tend to play action games just because I want to say I beat a game in ~10 hours vs ~40 with a RPG.

Nice post duder.

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RPG Package 1 & Indies Package. Feel pretty set, considering how Bastion is one of my favorite games of all time, FTL has near-limitless replayability, and I actually really like Borderlands 2.

Looking at the other packages after the fact, the two I picked are 100% the ones I would have wanted.

Though there are no packages for games along the lines of Ghost Trick or Ace Attorney. I guess they're not very replayable, though.

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RPG packs and MMO packs. Mostly solid. I guess I just have to somehow make Bravely Default and Borderlands last 90 days for me, then I'm set for life.

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I'm not sure what I just read, but I once had a sleep paralysis episode where I dreamt I was being abducted by what first seemed like aliens but then turned out to be an organization I had agreed to be a experiment subject for when I was unemployed.

Either way:

Unreal Tournament '99

MMO Package 2

Indie Package

RPG Package 2

Also, I'm happy with the lack of headset, because fuck non-typing based communication.

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I was dead when they dropped me in the water as I can't swim. :(

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1- RPG pack 2
2- MMO Pack 1
3-Action Pack 2
4-Indie Pack

Haha, I'd be pretty happy initially with Dark Souls, and then after I beat it after 2 weeks, I would hate life. Fortunately, Final Fantasy 10 could keep me occupied for a bit longer, but still, I'd have at least a month and a half where I'd be bored outta my mind.

Guild Wars 2 would definitely keep me sane for the next three months. I've been playing it since near release, and there's a lot I could do to keep myself at least mildly entertained in that game.

Action Pack 2 is the only one that's meh. I could beat those games in like two weeks, if even that.

The Indie pack is a great one though, FTL alone would keep my occupied for a while.

interesting post. I liked it.

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I pick the MMO and RPG packages for the longevity and connectivity. It's a neat bonus that one of the games comes pre-equipped with a required web browser!

Edit: forgot to mention that the DLC choices would simply be all the big DLC for RPG #1, I guess. Unless I can order the most expensive coin packages from any of the MMO's to acquire all the hats.

Also, it's neat that I actually just woke up to this thread, haha.