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After much delay, I finally finished watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones. After the absolutely kickass Battle of Blackwater episode, I realized that there's probably tons of properties that are begging for an adaptation. Game of Thrones proves that you can have smart, well-acted fantasy or science fiction properties on television and do fantastic in the ratings. I've got some suggestions for some IP that might thrive with right script and budget. I'm also counting comic book properties on this list, so bear with me. Add your own suggestions because it's certain that I'm missing tons of material.

1: Hellblazer

There's been tons of brilliant, dark and downright weird shit coming out of the United Kingdom recently (Black Mirror, Utopia, Torchwood.....kind of) and to not capitalize on Vertigo comics longest running antihero would be a loss. The Dangerous Habits and Fear Machine arcs could literally fill two seasons of material well on their own. With the right actor playing the role of John Constantine and a network not afraid to shy away from grizzly subject matter, this could end up a cult hit easily.

2: Dune

I know. I know. It's been tried. Give it to a competent screenwriter and actually budget the necessary money to make the special effects not look like crap and you've got a winner.

3: Snow Crash

Cyperpunk's never had a proper television adaptation (ok....maybe Max Headroom). This would help change that.

4: Alien Nation: This is more of a reboot. Blame the Bombcast for giving me the idea. I'm certain that the Fox Network still has the rights and the themes of immigration, racism and terrorism in a post-911 world would make a re-imagining relevant and downright cool. District 9 became a surprise critical and commercial smash hit with similar material. A TV:MA rating and a timeslot after Sons of Anarchy or The Americans would suit this show perfectly fine.

5: Mass Effect: Stop laughing and hear me out for a minute. Wouldn't a show based around the actions of C-Sec and set on the Citadel be really, really cool? Shows like Babylon 5 and Star Trek: DS9 are now considered classics among many science fiction diehards. Taking that well established setting and formula into a beloved and established science fiction universe just might actually work.

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Isaac Asimov's short stories would be great for a TV series... or the novels about bailey and olivaw.

(I try to ignore Will Smith's I, Robot movie)

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I think you've got something with the Hellblazer suggestion. For me, I'd like to see a different Vertigo comic adapted for series TV, Sandman Mystery Theatre. For those who don't know or recall, it was a film-noir like comic book back in the 90's starring the original Sandman character (pre-Dream). The series often involved the seediest and grisliest crimes. The book was not grotesque or exploitative though. Like the best film-noir, it's often what you don't see that is the most disturbing. I think this, and Hellblazer could make the transition to TV quite easily because they don't need flashy special effects all the time, there are no men-in-tights and the shows can run with self contained stories in each episode while revealing a larger overall season-length story arc. Of course, for perfection there might be a cameo or two of Dream and Death during the course of the series.

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Kingkiller Chronicles.

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Joe Abercrombie's FIRST LAW trilogy. It's gritty fantasy reminiscent of A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE but with a lot more humour and less pedo shit.

Great stuff.

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Read the Pendragon books when I was in middle school through high school. Thought it was a waaaaaay better story than Harry Potter. Multiple worlds, time traveling, alternate universes.....it'd make a rather awesome TV show if done right!