Your Favorite (and Actually Decent) Fast food Fish Sandwiches

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Yeah. I know from reading the title most of you are thinking "Eh, a thread about fast food fish sandwiches? Why?" Well since this is a unique time of the year where fish sandwiches tend to be pretty popular at fast food chains, I'd thought of asking you all what is your favorite FF Fish Sammies, if there are any. McDonald's Filet-O-Fish was invented as a sandwich for Catholics to eat during the season of Lent, and other chains followed suite.

I'll list what I think are the two kings that stomp all over the competition, both of which hail from Culver's (Wisconsin based chain that has expanded as far as Florida and Arizona, nowhere in the Pacific or New England) The Fish sandwich they have year round is their North Atlantic Cod Filet Sandwich, which is a hand battered filet of cod that comes with tartar sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce and is in between a buttered hoagie bun. I had this one time and I was surprised with how fresh the fish was and how crispy the fried breading was on this. Its actually a pretty tasty fish fry sandwich on its own, but its not quiet as good as another fish sandwich Culver's sells, but only in the season of Lent. That's the Northwoods Walleye Sandwich, which has similar ingredients to the Cod variant minus the cheese. That said, the Walleye sandwich is literally the best FF fish sammy out there. The Walleye is so fresh and mild and it blends so well with the breading and the hoagie roll. Its probably not as good as eating Walleye from a Minnesota-based restaurant, but its dang good at Culver's. Here's some pics:

Cod Sandwich, the 2nd best FF Fish sandwich
Cod Sandwich, the 2nd best FF Fish sandwich
Walleye Sandwich, the one true king. But I'll hear other arguments.
Walleye Sandwich, the one true king. But I'll hear other arguments.

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A Culvers just recently opened within fifteen minutes of my house. It's already taken probably 15 years off the end of my life. Everything you said is spot-on.

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That looks incredible.

I live in New England, so some decent fried fish isn't ever too far away but i have yet to find a highlight.

I am partial to the from scratch version, its a decent amount of work, and makes your whole home smell, but the results.. unbelieveable.

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And I liked the burger with grilled herring. I ate it in Finland. I think, such know how to cook only there.

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I will admit, with only a little shame, that I kinda think the Fillet o Fish is alright.

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I have never and probably will never order a fish sandwich. I just prefer beef/chicken every time. But holy moly do those pictures you posted look good.

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@efesell: It has a nice crispy exterior, velvety flaky interior and the sauce is just right. It's not going to win a Michelin award or even compete with the sandwiches above but sometimes a so-so fish sandwich will fit the bill.

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I must be lame because I totally like a Filet-O-Fish.

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I’ve never considered getting fish from a fast food chain, but I live in New England, where we have more good fish options than we know what to do with.

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I never buy fish from fast food places, too risky. That Culvers sandwich looks pretty good though, it's a shame there aren't any by me.

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I too enjoy a filet o fish. It might be my favorite McDonalds item...

That Culver's sandwich looks great. I've always wanted to try one, but never pulled the trigger. I may have to next time.

This is my shame moment, but I once made a wager with my girlfriend and if she lost, she had to eat what I thought was going to be a really disgusting combination...

There was a Long John Silver's next to a White Castle, so she had to eat a LJS fish filet sandwiched inside a white castle. She was revolted by it.

I decided to try it. Maybe it was the White Castle Crystals, or the meat slurry, but it was pretty good...

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I love the filet o fish. no shame. 'course i never had any other sandwiches/burgers from mcdonalds, but whatever, filet o fish is dope.

those look great as well, especially the top one.

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@nutter said:

I’ve never considered getting fish from a fast food chain, but I live in New England, where we have more good fish options than we know what to do with.

That is what I was going to say. You can drive onto Cape Cod and every clam-shack will sell you a fish sandwich that is their "Fish & Chips" plate on a bun...and it will be FANTASTIC. A little salt & malt vinegar on top- [kisses fingers]