Your package shipping horror stories?

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#1 Posted by Cyrisaurus (465 posts) -

I'm convinced that Fed Ex and UPS are horribly evil, corrupt companies that take your package hostage unless you pay them outrageous prices to get your package on time.

Friday, I snagged the $180 Vita bundle on Amazon. I live in north eastern Ky. The package was sent from a warehouse close to Nashville TN.

Saturday it gets sent from TN, all the way to a place called Hebron, Ky. I looked it up, and that is literally the most northern point on KY's map. They missed my house by a longshot.

Sunday, they decide to send it IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. My package is now in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In two days, my package is now the same distance away from me as when it began it's trip, just in the opposite direction. Why? Because I went with the standard shipping, so fuck me, right?

Am I alone here or is this how most packages you guys buy get treated?

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#2 Posted by ShockD (2487 posts) -

Amazon were once sending me a package a whole month, then the package was lost. They said they're going to send a new one, then they couldn't reach my address or wtf and gave back my money. And I was living in a sea town back then. Fuckin wasted my time with them. Never repeated.

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#3 Posted by ShaggE (9283 posts) -

I once ordered a package, and a skeleton popped out.

I've actually never had a problem, amazingly.

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#4 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Well yeaaars ago (mid 90s) I ordered some anime tapes online ... payed the bill and all , guess what!!!!? fucking Mexican aduana (customs) stole the damned tapes >:( fuck them and send them to friigin hell , corrupt bastards. You duders are lucky , at least you can complain

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#5 Posted by Sploder (919 posts) -

The only problem I've ever had was when I ordered a CD from Zavvi and it took a month to arrive. Now I just never use Zavvi.

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#6 Posted by JOURN3Y (245 posts) -

I was once promised a premium member shirt (the first one) and never got it. :(

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#7 Posted by fattony12000 (8531 posts) -

@JOURN3Y: Did you yell at a top man?

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@Fattony12000 said:

@JOURN3Y: Did you yell at a top man?

I did, and nothing happened. I have given up a loooong time ago.

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#9 Posted by Firepaw (3136 posts) -

I only thing I have experienced was that someone either lost or stole my Age Of Empires 2: Gold Edition during shipping...

The company I bought it from send me a new copy two weeks later, so no beef there though.

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#10 Posted by myketuna (1961 posts) -

Only problem I've ever had was ordering from Blue Jeans Cable. I ordered an HDMI cable but it never showed up. I emailed them and they said they sent it to *my address*. I just figured someone lost it along the way. I've never ordered from them again though, just in case. Amazon has given me no issues (even before I went Prime and picked Super Saver). Haven't even fucked up the only return I had to do (not their fault). Far as I know, they're the best about shipping (speed and accuracy).

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I ordered some stuff from the Valve store a while back. It was like 2 T-Shirts, a mug and a book. I am in germany so I was expecting some taxes on that but it turned out Valve didnt fill the shipping papers properly and that ended up in me paying almost 100% taxes. Yeah, I payed almost double for what I got.

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#12 Posted by L44 (638 posts) -

Back when The Orange Box came out my preorder took two months to get to my house. That's probably the worst I've ever gotten, I consider myself lucky.

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#13 Posted by Bobafeet (103 posts) -

Ordered an original OBEY print and it came with one side of the tube caved in. Had to perform near surgery to get my poster out in tact as best I could. Complained to UPS for a month straight, nothing happened =/

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#14 Posted by Slay3r1583 (756 posts) -

Worst thing that has happened to me is it took over a month for some dvds I ordered from a seller in England to arrive to me in the Chicago area. I cheaped out and didn't pay for faster shipping or insurance so I just wrote it off as shit got lost in the mail but to my surprise they eventually showed up.

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#15 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5578 posts) -

I've never had issues with UPS or FedEx. Maybe my only gripe with them has been leaving packages outside my door without even knocking. I once got panicked I didn't get a package and it was getting late and spent the entire day at home waiting, only realizing later on in the evening its been sitting outside my door.

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#16 Posted by Garfield518 (426 posts) -

This one time, I was told my package would arrive by 11am - it arrived at 12:30pm.

The horror.

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I work in logistics. I purchase a fair amount of hardware that has to be shipped from distribution. FedEx and UPS are great. "Standard shipping" will indirectly affect how your package is handled by FedEx. By Standard, I'm guessing it's Ground, which is handled by FedEx Ground, which used to be RPS. FedEx Express is a separate entity. But it sounds like your particular issue is just that you don't have any airports nearby. Which has caused some unfortunate routing shenanigans.

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#18 Posted by CannonGoose (419 posts) -

One time the DVD case for a game I ordered was a bit cracked along the top edge.

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#19 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

Bought a PSP online the first xmas it was available. My son had wanted one so spotting a cheap deal online i picked one up, paid for express delivery as normal delivery was 6 weeks, it didn't arrive, i called up the company who told me it was delivered by DHL and that they had a signature, furious i rang DHL who couldn't tell me anything except that the consignment had been delivered to my address.

I spent the next few weeks in constant contact with the company i purchased it from and DHL while playing the longest game of "which neighbour stole the PSP". come the week before christmas we ended up buying other things for my son and i gave up on getting him the PSP. we had a decent celebration on Christmas anyway, my kids loved the presents that they got and my son did not seem too amiss about the lack of a PSP.

then came my present, i opened it and was surprised to see a PSP inside, confused i looked around and the faces who had colluded to get me a PSP in secret, they where all in on it... Bastards!

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More than once the posty put the little card in my mailbox because he's a lazy cunt, saying i wasn't home to pick up a package even though i was, making me go to the fucken post office to pick it up.