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Currently I'm kind of in the middle of writing a research proposal due at 10 AM (in 5 hours). Not doubting I'll get it done in time, but I can't ever seem to get myself motivated until I look at the clock and realize "Crap, I should have started working on this days ago!"
Personally, the worst it's ever gotten for me was starting an essay at 2 AM and finishing at 7 AM the morning it was due, including the time spent to read the entire text. It was a fairly short play (The Importance of Being Earnest). Got an A+ on that paper, and usually get great grades on every paper I write that way. The few occasions where I've starting writing gradually a week ahead of time like I imagine most normal people do, I've gotten fairly poor grades.

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All of school up until college.

The end.

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I truly believe that I am the worst procrastinator I've ever known. Right now, for example, it's 5:00AM in the morning, I've been up all night, and I haven't done any schoolwork since Monday. Most of it is due on Sunday and I will probably do it all on Saturday.
I guess my worst example would be similar to yours. I once had to throw together an English paper in 4 hours with references and all. I did it, but it was shitty by my own standards.

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Not the worst, but a bit ironic one. The first time I've actually learned of the word procrastinating was while putting off studying for a test the preceding day by browsing these very forums.

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I basically procrastinate with everything I do. Writing papers in the morning before school, going home to play videogames instead of studying and so on. I don't even shower as often as I should...

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I did a 22,000 word document in 36 hours after having 4 months to do the work... Think thats my best (or worst) example of procrastination.

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I am reading this thread while I should be studying for my bio exam that is coming in 3 hours

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tonight i had to do a filming assignment for uni and our group proceeded to get together 10 hours later than planned, then decided straight away to go get food instead.

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Every damn day of my life.
Actually maybe I should just put down a recent example.  I had an idea for a novel which I was telling to a friend of mine who is an editor of various freelance things.  He liked the idea enough that he pitched it to someone he knew for some small publisher and they wanted me to write an outline and turn it in.  It took me forever to write the outline, probably a few months, and even after all the time I took they still wanted me to write the thing. 
They then want me to write the first several chapters.  I am not a writer, not professionally at least, and so for the past few months I've been putting pretty much zero effort.  I wrote two chapters, which went over well, and even then I still can't bring myself to write the damn thing.  I'm pretty sure the whole thing has fallen apart and I'm surprised my friend is not as pissed at me as he should be since he went out of his way to help me out and I can not even put in the effort to write a few pages a day.

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Unless someone misses their uncle's funeral due to procrastination, I hereby officially declare writing papers at 2 a.m. NOT procrastinating.

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In college, I wrote a paper about some aspect of interpersonal communication, using the "Horti-f***ing-culturalist" scene from Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels as my visual aid. I started around 11 p.m. and finished about 30 minutes before class started at 9 a.m. the next day. 
In high school, I was supposed to play the piano accompaniment for my girlfriend's trumpet solo during a music festival. I didn't learn the song until the day before her performance and, because of that, we didn't get more than about 10 minutes to practice together. She got a 3.5, or something like that, out of 4, so it wall worked out in the end. :)

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In my first year of college we had a take-home assignment that was worth like 15% of the accounting class. I knew about it probably 2 weeks prior to the due date, but I thought I knew all the content. I was wrong. The night before it was due I looked at it and I swear it was content we hadn't covered. I then procedded to call a friend who was also in the same class and a god damn genius with numbers you'd swear the kid was asian. I paid him 25 dollars to copy his, and that I would change it enough so my Instructor wouldn't find out. He got like a 95%, I got a 90. I went on to ace that course. 

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In school, I would be sort of a responsible procrastinator. I'd put off my homework to do things I enjoyed, but I was also really good about waking up early to finish them the next day. Unless it was math homework, I'd procrastinate that all the way to not doing it. >< 
Mostly, I procrastinate on doing grown up things, like buying food for myself or vacuuming. I'm the worst at putting gas in my car. I'll wait until I have no choice in how far I can go to get gas, which is a problem since I work a twenty minute freeway drive away from where I live. I haven't had any bad consequences yet, but it's still something that I don't actually need to put  off for any reason and still do.

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Leaving a 10,000 word essay to the last 4 days. I had 11 weeks  to do it. never again

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I should be writing my bachelor's thesis, but I'm writing this stupid message instead...
Actually I should start doing it right about now, but first I'll just check if there's something new on the internet.

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I'm one of those people who tends to write papers the day before it's due (yes very bad). Well during one semester I kept getting assignments in class but I brushed them off saying I had lots of time to complete them. Several days later the teachers were informing the class about how the papers are due soon and blah blah. So I decided to see which one I should do first....only to find out they were all due on the same day. I ended up writing 4 papers in one night -_- I was totally brain dead after that.

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Not doing my taxes for two years. Apparently Canada Revenue doesn't like that. Who knew??

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@audiosnag said:
" Not doing my taxes for two years. Apparently Canada Revenue doesn't like that. Who knew?? "
you win the thread.
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I procrastinated about ether posting something in this thread or just shutting down my computer to let the sweet embrace of sleep consume me. That count?