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#1 Edited by Zombie (229 posts) -

I would head down to a gun store, pick up some shotguns and a lot of ammo. Head down to the food store stock up on tons of food and barricade myself in my house.

What would you do?

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#2 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

I'd head for the ocean and get on a boat, I can only hope some islands and stuff don't have it

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#3 Posted by Whight_Knight (708 posts) -

I'd go out killing ... zombies ... and play a game with friends to see who can kill the most.

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#4 Posted by phatkav (321 posts) -

I don't know where the local gun store is. Hell, i think it's in downtown and that's like an hour away from my house. So yeah, I'm dead if zombies come.

But I will probably use this chance to steal the car's keys and drive freely =]

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#5 Posted by CooLWhiP (75 posts) -

Instead of hiding i'd fight to my death, im going to die anyway

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#6 Posted by CooLWhiP (75 posts) -

Instead of hiding i'd fight to my death, im going to die anyway

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#7 Posted by alecscradle (70 posts) -

I'd run around in circles screaming, "OMG They Is Eating My Brainz!!!!!!"

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#8 Posted by BackpackKat (520 posts) -

I would go to Walmart because they have everything.

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#9 Posted by Just_Insane (1081 posts) -

I would prolly just....break down mentally for say an hour...compose myself...and....drive...

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#10 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

Round up all the zombies and take them down to the station.

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#11 Posted by phatkav (321 posts) -
JohnAsscream said:
"I would go to Walmart because they have everything."
Even zombies?
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#12 Posted by Guiltyspark (603 posts) -

oil rig

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#13 Edited by M1 (47 posts) -

Grab the Zombie Survival Guide and start rereading it.

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#14 Posted by Zombie (229 posts) -

I knew we could count on Batman!

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#15 Posted by Josiah (101 posts) -

Run to gun store, pick up as many light/powerful weapons and ammo I could, try to pick up a bunch of canned meals from some store, and then head to a mall and bunker down.

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#16 Posted by deactivated-579a5a254c9a3 (837 posts) -
M1 said:
"Grab the Zombie Survival Guide and start rereading it.
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#17 Posted by Josiah (101 posts) -
Tarsier said:
"I would stay in my house. We have lots of swords and guns here =P 

All my friends say when they come over "I'm coming here when the zombie invasion happens!" :P

It's also made of concrete and has a balcony looking out onto a huge long yard with a driveway. So we could just sit on the balcony and hang out and shoot zombies all day =P
Can I come to your house?
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#18 Posted by CoinMatze (549 posts) -

I would fill up my mp3-player with Danko Jones and go whoop some zombie ass melee style! Hmm, I think I would have to save my girl-friend first. Then I would find some survivors, always making sure, they haven't been bitten and then we would fight our way out of the city, somewhere safe. Man, that's boring.

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#19 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

I would barricade my doors and go play Dead Rising until the coast was clear

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#20 Posted by steve316 (110 posts) -

id ask them if they want to play left 4 dead co-op

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#21 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

Pull a Robert Neville and hole up in my house.

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#22 Posted by Aarny91 (3961 posts) -

Probably do what all normal people would do. Panick and worry.

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#23 Posted by bananarider (21 posts) -

what type of Zombie?

slow classical style Zombie:

Figure out a way to Market them as pets in a Fido style corporation. To avoid being eaten i would simply walk away. classical zombies are slow.

New-aged 28 days later Zombies:

After dying my hair Pink and shaving it into a Mohawk, i would find some football pads and leather pants. i would then make sure that my costume would have at least three chains on it. Why would i do this you might ask? cause i am going to get bitten, I'm fat. if that happens, i might as well be the most badass madmax based zombie ever.

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#24 Posted by Whight_Knight (708 posts) -

Blending in at the old folks home might be a good idea though.They would'nt go for that place cos they're basically dead anyway >_>

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#25 Posted by C172Driver (71 posts) -

Dude, Costco. You will never run out of food, and I am pretty sure you can get a gun there.  

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#26 Posted by deactivated-57c23600813c8 (302 posts) -

Id live out my dream to be a Zombie Hunter
Grab my trusty M16 and .1911 and kill me some dead people

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#27 Posted by Mr_Bauer (430 posts) -

go hide out on an oil rig, or just hide out at my friends house out in the country

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#28 Posted by imayellowfellow (629 posts) -

I would watch my George A. Romero movies

and then i would read Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

and then i would find my zombie survival group

and then kill some undeadz

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#29 Posted by Gary_Jinfield (92 posts) -

Many excellent options presented throughout the thread.

Personally, I would run, fast.

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#30 Posted by Solid_Snake (30 posts) -

A cardboardbox

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#31 Posted by Clean (2432 posts) -

I'd go to a grocery store get a lot of food. Then its off to New Zealand

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#32 Posted by Aarny91 (3961 posts) -

5 Steps

1. Looks for survivors

2. Make a camp

3. Hold ground 'till army comes

4. ????

5. Profit.

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#33 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (469 posts) -

Get in a car, and run over zombies.

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#34 Posted by Dalai (7869 posts) -

I'd start eating brains myself, because when in Rome... you get the idea.

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#35 Posted by Josiah (101 posts) -
WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler said:
"Get in a car, and run over zombies.
Ever see "I am Legend" ? Not the best idea...
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#36 Posted by Aarny91 (3961 posts) -
Josiah said:
"WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler said:
"Get in a car, and run over zombies.
Ever see "I am Legend" ? Not the best idea...

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#37 Posted by bananarider (21 posts) -

better question: how to profit from zombie outbreak.

host a zombie circus.

start mma zombie fights.

write a journal  and  have in written into a highly fictionalized book.

dress two up as The Blues Brothers and take them on tour.

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#38 Posted by MoldOnHold (626 posts) -

Chew it over with Twix.

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#39 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3822 posts) -

I'd do a lot of crying.

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#40 Posted by AndyC (135 posts) -

No gun stores up in Canada, I would not stay in my house, I would try to go somewhere that have a lot of people and try to camp out there and defend myself till the end. That place would most likely be a mall... cause you know... it just feels like the ideal place, unless zombies totally take over the entire thing like in Dead Rising.

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#41 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3822 posts) -

There are gun stores in Canada.

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#42 Posted by Hannibal (879 posts) -

Assuming I'm starting from my house:

I would immediately grab what non-perishable food I have, put it in bags and get in my car. I'd then drive to the Safeway near me, get a ton of bottled water, canned food (and a can opener cause I forgot that at my house), and whatever else I can grab. I'd then drive to the naval base near me and pray to god that they haven't been taken over. If they haven't but it's abandoned because the military is out trying to save people, that's cool, I can hole up in one of the bunkers with all my shit. If the military is there, then fuck yeah, I'm gonna grab a gun and make myself a little base on top of the hill. Zombies can't climb up hills very well.

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#43 Posted by mr_korean (614 posts) -

I would go to a supermarket with one entrancce then barricade it really reallly high and get aladder to climb over it zombies can't climb

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#44 Posted by Corsaer (71 posts) -

I'm going to make a few assumptions here; that this the beginning of a large outbreak, that I'm at home when the zombie outbreak surfaces, and I'm in it for the long haul.

  1. Assign Work:  Currently, there are four people (including me) living in my house, but for our purposes, let's say I'm living there by myself.  If I was not alone, every person would need to know what they are in charge of and supposed to be doing at all times, so that not one unproductive minute goes by.  Since we're saying I live alone, I can skip to Step 2.
  2. Take Inventory:  What do I already have, and what do I need?
  3. Barricade:  My house has two floors, so, to zombie-proof it, I would first destroy the stairs leading to the second floor, then lock and board up, with any materials I currently have, all doors and windows.  Next I'd move every thing I might need up to the second floor, which will be my new residence.  
  4. Get Supplies:  Head to the nearest small grocery store or gas station (which is easy for me, since I live out in the boondocks) and pick up as many non-perishables as I can, as well as materials to further fortify my barricades.  Super Centers are death traps; a nexus of bodies, both healthy and infected yet to turn, during the beginning of an outbreak, as everyone tends to have the same idea:  Food and guns. That said, I would also stay away from gun shops, at least for the time being.  
  5. Adjust Group Size:  Do I have too many people or too few?  Since I'm alone, I'll call some friends.  I believe that a group of twelve is the most well-balanced size for surviving a zombie outbreak since it's the most flexible, without being overly large.  You can split the group in to pretty much any size or number of teams, depending what would fit the situation the best.  
  6. Plan Ahead:  "No place is safe, only safer."  Eventually, as the zombie outbreak escalates, my little house in the woods will no longer be safe, for whatever the reason.  Therefor I would begin planning now on what to do and where to go when that eventuality becomes a reality.
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#45 Posted by Nateh8sYou (20 posts) -

barricade myself in Charlton Heston's Mansion...that place is a fortress and he has guns you've never even heard of!

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#46 Posted by Bnfbnggbfg (300 posts) -

Assumptions: Slow moving zombies/ start at home/ start at beginning of outbreak, full of panic.
0. Shit myself. Change underwear, begin plan.
1. Call my friends and my girlfriend and tell them to stay at home until i come to pick them up, no matter how long it took, and not to go outside at all.
2. Stay home until the sounds outside have quieted.
3. Arm myself with one of my bokken, and place inside my backpack my laptop/ fan/ HD/ wires, as well as keep my ipod and phone on me. Fill a small duffel bag with needed stuff such as water, can opener, flashlight and thats it for now.
4. Slowly advance outside, with the duffel bag slung over one shoulder.
5. Proceed toward the road and look for an empty car with keys still inside. If needed, flee and look elsewhere.
6. Find a car and place my bags in the passenger seat and advance slowly and carefully down the road/ sidewalk where needed until I get to my girlfriend's house.
7. Depending on time of day, stay for night and call remaining friends and tell them to stay where they are and that i'll get them tomorrow. Otherwise just go get them until sundown, then call remaining.
8. Once I have safely found all of my closest friends and have them with me, find a tall apartment complex and park right infront of the door, leaving supplies in the car until a safe zone has been established.
9. Me and 2 other people who are strong enough to take out a zombie and fast enough to flee get out of the car and head into the building, kicking down the door if locked. Advancing slowly to the stairway and heading up to the top floor, taking out any zombies along the way. If overpowered, flee and try again elsewhere.
10. Establish a base on the top floor with a secure route, and move the rest of our group as well as out supplies to the base.
11. Rest for the day, no matter the time.
12. When entire group is awoken in the morning set out with small group to clear floor of building of zombies while those at base arrange base and prepare lunch/ breakfast, etc.
13. Continue like this until building is secure.
14. Stay in base until required to leave for supplies, and only then take the car no matter how far and have 3 people go, with a headset communication established with home base.

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#47 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -

Post all about it on GiantBomb, obviously.

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#48 Posted by nezze00 (153 posts) -

Fly away. I'd have superpowers.

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#49 Posted by adam_grif (1170 posts) -

I would wait inside my house for about 72 hours, walk outside and then laugh my ass off because they will quickly be completely dead/barely able to move. Then I will go off and start burning bodies.

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#50 Posted by Happy_Cloud (196 posts) -

To be honest, I'd embrace it. I wouldn't know the difference anyway; that's the beauty of being a Zombie.