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I've seen a lot of reviews of the game floating around, some saying that it's an epic game that reminds them of the 1980's bringing back memories and that it's funny and fun, while others say that it's a horrible excuse for a game with horrible shooting mechanics. So, I wanna know what the Steam Community thinks. I even made a review video on this game due to the abundant amount of hate going towards it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6-NG3Ey8U4. Post your rating here with it's pros/cons and your verdict.

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Organ trail is a solid little experience, and certainly gives me that nostalgic feeling. I think it may be a little harder for someone to enjoy if they don't have memories of firing up Oregon Trail in computer class, but it still might satisfy without having any nostalgic feelings involved. I enjoy managing your supplies and party, It often gives you hard decisions on what would be more beneficial at that moment. It has some shortcomings in the action sequences, as there is really no satisfaction when you succeed in a mini game. There is enough variety in the mini games however that they don't get boring too quickly. In regards to the shooting mechanic, I think it works perfectly fine and any alternative I can conceive would make the shooting trivial. A point and click alternative would make the already minor satisfaction from combat non existent. This game is not epic, but it is however a nice throwback. If you enjoyed Oregon Trail when you were younger you should be able to squeeze some sincere enjoyment out of this title.

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The game does, indeed, tweak nostalgia quite a bit, but it's by no means a prerequisite. It's a game that's very straightforward, but almost never simple. The gameplay actually makes gunfights difficult without making the controls "intentionally bad," and it's different enough from actually Oregon Trail that I give them points for finding a new way to get more out of a VERY old game (for instance: instead of hunting animals, you collect supplies that appear in the "scavenging" area and have to gun down zombies as they appear). The game is an absolute blast and it's really, really easy to lose hours to it. On the downside: it can get pretty repetitive and it goes from very easy to VERY hard on a pretty steep curve. A great many things also happen completely by chance, which means a lot of the game is based on luck rather than skill. Still, 4/5 for me, I love it. I think a lot of the hate comes from it being a zombie game that's very derivative of an old pixelly game, so there's a lot of knee-jerk backlash.