Us (Giant Bomb) vs. Them (YOU!) Signups! (closed for now)

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Hey! A whole lotta ya'll replied way faster than I thought. I'm fairly certain they won't be able to get through everyone who's already listed. Thanks! I'll get this list over to the guys and good luck tomorrow if things work out! =D

Us vs. Them: Overwatch is happening tomorrow at High Noon (PST)

Post your full BattleNet ID (including hash numbers) below if you'd like to compete against Giant Bomb


  • Own Overwatch on PC.
  • Be online, in-game, and ready to accept an invite to a custom game during the live stream.
  • Be nice!

Please only list your ID if you meet the above criteria.

Treat this as you would a segment in UPF. Things may go south at any time =P


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:( i'm working at that time

Have fun everyone else!

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I'm on it! Rain#1101 on

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Lunaniem#1130 on

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Let the justice rain from above!


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Oh God I'd love to but likewise working (and a public record of me shirking my responsibilities would be unwise).

GLHB to those who compete!

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I'm on board! Battlenet ID = SternOne#1546

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I'm down!


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I'm in, Mike#12525

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Sure, why not. I'm dricas#1678

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Mid-Day Friday Throwdown is real and it's happening!!

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As much as I enjoy the Giant Bomb vs fans, I was kinda hoping this would be an East vs. West thing a la Rocket League.

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Why no Xbox 1 love.

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Jomy #2899

it's high noon frickin somewhere

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Oh let's break it down

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Super stoked for this stream! :D

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I will be playing Pudge.

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damn, I'm going to be at work. Hope everybody has fun!

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Damn, I'd join in but we've gotta be nice? Guess I'm out then.

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I have requested the day off of work. Will throw in my tag if I get approval...

Hooray! I am PeezMachine#1372

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sounds good!


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Count me in


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I am fully prepared to be terrible on camera

D'oh; I'm going to have words with whomever scheduled a Friday lunch meeting at work...

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hopefully I'm still functional after my wisdom teeth removal

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I built my first PC yesterday and am downloading Overwatch now. THIS'LL BE FUN.


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BrumpoTungus #11770

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