I've been playing through this game with my toddler and it is as bad as expected

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My 3 year old, like most boys his age, loves Paw Patrol. So against my better judgement I purchased PAW Patrol: On a Roll so that I could play through it with my son and he could take a stab at using a controller for more than just starting and stopping Netflix.

This game screams low budget. I've only played through 4 missions with my son, but it is obvious from startup. While there is music, they don't have the theme song for the show, just a generic sounding instrument only mix of it. There is no voice acting for the dogs, only for Ryder and even then, for a North American made show his voice is inexplicably British. Every mission has the exact same structure and goal. An animal is in danger and two dogs will need to work together to save said animal, with two additional pups helping out at very specific points. Missions are broken into two stages, one for each main dog that consist of light platforming and occasional single button presses to progress. Sometimes that button press is to pull a rope, sometimes it is to use one of two dog specific skills, and sometimes it is to call in one of the two additional dogs so they can do their specific thing for that mission. Side note: my son thanks the dogs after they come to help him out and it's pretty fucking adorable. Anyway, it might sound like there's some randomness to it, but there isn't. These actions pop up in almost the exact same order, and you do each of them twice a stage except for calling for help, which you do once. Then you repeat for the other dog. And then the mission is done and you saved "Animal". It's always an animal. You also get to pick up dog treats and golden Paw Patrol symbols while you trudge through it, and there's a rating and an extra reward at the end if you do. The reward is a picture and it's hard not to pick up everything. Ryder even pops up on screen to tell you when the golden Paw Patrol symbols are nearby so you don't miss them.

There are obvious omissions that confirm this is just a product to milk cash from parents. You don't get to drive our use the dogs vehicles, despite it being a big draw of the show, for my kids at least. There are cinematics where you see the dogs in their vehicles, but there's no control. When you call a pup for help they are driving their vehicles but again, not for the player character. The missions share names with episodes of the show, but they don't use the plots from the show to frame the missions, but instead come up with something even more generic. You don't see any of the side characters from the show aside from some crude drawings of them in the mission briefings. It seems like despite having a license to produce a game based upon this franchise, they didn't receive even basic assets or support. I don't feel like it's unreasonable to expect them to have pulled voice samples from the show, unless of course its an issue with paying those voice actors. They probably didn't want to pay the voice actors.

The one good thing I can say about my experience with this game so far is that the Xbox One Co-Pilot mode is really useful for introducing a child to video games. I could handle the platforming if he was having trouble, and he could focus on just the button presses. Side note: my son loves both the colour blue and the letter X so even when they game would tell him to press the B button he would say "hmmm, lets try the blue X button". Anyway, he was able to have his own controller while we played which he seemed to enjoy a lot more than sitting on my lap and pressing buttons on my controller. Solid feature.

So what does my toddler think? He loves it. He can watch his favourite characters run and jump across the screen, using tools from their "Pup Packs" to save the animal of the day. If your kid is on the younger side and likes Paw Patrol they'll probably enjoy it too. At the same time, 3 year olds are terrible judges of quality.

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This is literally the first time I've even heard of paw patrol.

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This is literally the first time I've even heard of paw patrol.

Insanely popular kids program where a team of talking dogs with jobs drive vehicles and solve problems.

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Sounds like great material for GB East.

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I saw this on the Switch store yesterday and thought huh I bet my youngest daughter would love that.... then I clicked on it and checked the price...

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This is suffering in the most adorable way I’ve seen. I’m very cynical of that kind of stuff and with the popularity of the show they could’ve make something decent, it’s an obvious cash grab and that’s shitty. That aside, your story is very cute.

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The weird off tune music and clearly not from the TV show Ryder voice had me pretty confused, and you aren't wrong on the mission quality being even simpler then simple.

Alas, like yourself, my 3 year old freaking loves it. She had such a fun time playing through the first level and didn't really require any help from me with the Switch Pro Controller. So agreed, if you have a small one, they'll probably love this thing.

Seems like a fitting milestone for the kiddo though. I vaguely recall some of the original Gameboy games I had around the 3-5 age era, and they were baddddd.

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My three year old also loves it but he doesn't want to play it yet. He just has me go through the levels. I had the littlest of hope this might be a fun game to play with him but you are right it is the same thing over and over again. Even my son said "Isn't this the same area chase went through" when we were in the second half of a level. The only plus is that I got 275 achievements points for beating the first level ;)

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This game yell's for a Vinny Quick Look, as he mentioned the show once or twice on the podcast.

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As yet another person with a small child who loves Paw Patrol, I legitimately appreciate these impressions, lol. At least my kid also loves Mario just as much, so I guess we'll just stick to that.

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Man, I have 2 boys who like Paw Patrol I was hoping this would just not be garbage.

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I had never heard of the co-pilot feature until this post. My wife enjoys making decisions and controlling dialog in Telltale games but isn't good at and hates the quick time events. Seems like this is the perfect solution.

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I wonder if this and nickelodeon kart racers was done by the same dev. Elevator music and no voices, with extreme barebones gameplay. Are the licensed games from the 80s,90s and 00's back? Maybe this is just the beginning of their rise from the mobile market.

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Excellent feedback, thanks. There was every chance (and still is, to be honest) that this will be a christmas present this year, as my young'uns adore P.P. The lack of actual theme songs and voice acting though... yikes.

Jeff said it years ago, and other reviewers have also called this out, and I reckon any parent-who-also-games will have shouted it their tellies: games do a bad job of respecting the skills and abilities of youth, especially this preschool group. The $59.95AUD asking price is also cheeky.

I wonder what the design brief was for the dev teams, the poor buggers. Thrown to the RDR wolves in many ways,

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My kids are Paw Patrol mad, but I will keep quiet about this. I've got my 3 year old to enjoy Mario Kart 8, so I'll stick with that.

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Great review. thanks.