PAX Guide 2015: East Edition

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#51 Posted by drr0b (36 posts) -

I'm just getting ready to head off to PAX now... Very exciting! I'm volunteering for Frontier Developments, so come and say hi :). I'm over the river from Boston, and we had even more snow last night (not a huge amount though). Expect trenches!

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#53 Posted by CrystaljDesign (167 posts) -

You used the photo I took of the armored enforcer! I love that shot, glad to see it getting some exposure!

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#54 Posted by hassun (10002 posts) -

@marino It might be handy to link the videos of the panels in the OP. Especially because some of them have been archived by different sites.

A Bunch of dads:

Game Review Over: ???

Giant Bomb 2015 FY2015 Kickoff & Powerpoint Presentation:

Making video sausage:

404ing it:


If anyone knows if the Game Review panel was recorded and where it was uploaded if it was I would very much like to know.

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#55 Posted by DrDarkStryfe (2520 posts) -

@hassun: Game Review panel was not recorded.

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#56 Posted by JStaunton (475 posts) -

the GB pax panel has been removed, anyone know why?

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#57 Posted by mak_wikus (790 posts) -

the GB pax panel has been removed, anyone know why?

Someone forgot to edit in the CAH video. All we got was shots of people looking at the screen. At least I hope that's the reason.

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