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What are some unique things to do in San Antonio?

I was thinking about doing a Ghost Tour and going up that tower near the convention center.

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If I was in San Antonio I’d go to a Spurs game.

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I went to PAX South in 2017, but it was also Royal Rumble and NXT weekend, so I can't recommend a whole lot to do there.

One thing though... go to Lulu's Cafe and get a 3 pound cinnamon roll. Best cinnamon roll I ever had.

The Alamo is underwhelming but you kinda have to at least see it.

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Yeah. I already did the Alamo, Zoo, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Mirror Maze, and Wax Museum the last time I went. I also went to a restaurant with an animatronic jungle.

I think I might wander the Riverwalk this time. I also thought about taking a ghost tour and going to the Ripley's Haunted House. I might have dinner in that tower next to the convention center.