Blu-Ray upgrade worth it?

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Hey master race duders, I recently (earlier this year) built my first gaming PC and have been enjoying it greatly since then. It's hooked up to my TV in my living room and is used for little else than my growing Steam library and the occasional YouTube video. In the one corner cutting measure I took, I didn't get a Blu-Ray drive for it, but rather a humble DVD-Rom drive. I'm curious if it should be on my list of things to upgrade. I don't need to use it as a Blu-Ray player, I have my PS4 for that (and my Xbone, but the Xbone is so janky i don't use it unless I absolutely have to), but is it worth it to have a PC with a BR drive? I've got a decent internet connection for downloading games and such, but are there other applications I haven't thought of? Thanks for holding this PC neophyte's hand in advance everyone.

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No. I don't even have a dvd drive in my computer. I keep one handy in the rare instance I'll ever need to use a dvd which has only been after I built it to install drivers from the disks. Even then I coulda just put them on a usb from another computer.

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Unless you have Blu-rays you want to rip I have no idea why you'd get one.

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Nope, only if you needed a blue ray player which you obviously don't.

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not really, just get some USB thumb drives instead if you want portable data storage.

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I think there are free codecs now (though don't quote me). I'm not sure what blue-ray standards they support. If you have a ps4 i would say don't bother. Nobody publishes anything on bluerays for software anyways.

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The only reason to upgrade to a Blu-Ray drive is if you intend to rip/play Blu-Rays (or like the FF14 soundtracks in any capacity). Otherwise, it's not really worth it at all. I use mine to watch movies while I'm working on my PC/playing a "podcast" game.

That said, to pretty much watch blu-rays, you'll need to buy software that runs $60-90, as I never could get the codecs to work cleanly. Since you have your PS4, I'd just stick to that.

But based on what you posted, you're just fine with a DVD Drive. They're not releasing PC games on Blu-Ray discs as far as I know, so you're not going to get much value out of it (and the software that plays Blu-Rays is not THAT great in general).

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Heck no. It's just a waste of space and power cables.

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When Blu-Ray drives were first starting to become readily available and cheap, I bought one. I ended up just removing it because it was a total waste of space and it was really screwing up my cable management. I don't know why I even bought a Blu-Ray drive in the first place since I only own 2 Blu-Ray discs and have no intention of buying any more.

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I got a blu-ray drive and regret it. Its been a few years since I've looked, but there are no good free solutions to watching blu-rays on PC aside from ripping them into .mkv files. I can't think of any other uses for a blu-ray drive.

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I wouldn't recommend buying one, unless you have a ton of blu-rays you want to rip. If you think you might need one in the future, you could consider buying an external one.

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The only reason you would need a Blu-ray drive would be if you wanted to rip or play Blu-rays

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You don't need a blu-ray drive just for the sake of having one. But feel free to buy me one. I've got some dumb video editing stuff that I want to do.

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I always think of getting one just for data backup. Use an external HD now but if that ever goes I'd be screwed. I never actually wind up buying one tho.

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I always think of getting one just for data backup. Use an external HD now but if that ever goes I'd be screwed. I never actually wind up buying one tho.

then get a 2nd external HDD is what i would suggest first (especially considering the prices are pretty decent for large amounts of storage).

or just put it all in the CLOUD

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I've got one and basically never use it, but it cost pretty much nothing so whatever.

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I got mine only to rip my blu-ray collection. I do still prefer having physical media when it comes to movies that I really enjoy, but I also like the flexibility of digital. So whenever I do end up buying a blu-ray for my collection, I'll immediately create my own digital copy for safekeeping.

Other than that, there's no reason to have one. A cheap stand-alone blu-ray player is a much better solution if you just want to watch blu-rays. The software/codec side of playing blu-rays off your PC blu-ray drive is still kind of blegh in comparison.

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actually, I saw Sleeping Beauty on blu ray and was shocked how they got all the colors wrong on it. So no it's not worth it.

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It really depends on your needs (obviously). Would you ever rip a Blu-Ray or burn a Blu-Ray as a method of backing up files outside of cloud, USBs, and external HDDs? Would having a third Blu-Ray drive be convenient for your needs/lifestyle? That's kind of a narrow market in this year 2016, so my assumption is no, especially since you opted for a vanilla DVD drive with the initial build.

That said, the market for Blu-Ray drives has gone way down. I could have sworn I've seen some respectable drives around $50-60 USD. So it's not like it would cost you that much to put in a drive. So yeah, more of a question of do you think you would "ever" use it. If no, then no. If yes, then maybe. A real cutting edge response, I know :)

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Thanks for the responses everyone. I guess after thinking about it some more, everyone here has a point. I really have no need for another Blu-Ray player and I don't intend to do any ripping. Just a wild bug up my ass about it for the last couple of days. Thanks for saving me some money by convincing me I'd never really use it.

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The only reason to get one as I see it is if you need to back up a lot of things. then burning to bluray makes more sense then buying USB memories. For example you can get 10x 25GB for 1/4 of the price of a 256GB USB memory.

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Unless you want to rip blu-rays than probably not.