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so after looking around and trying to figure out why gfswl would always say "theres a nissing component" and not let me play dark souls i found that the problem was so simple and an easy fix. all you have to do is turn off your password on your account settings in your computer. sonds stupid i know but it works

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thanks for the input... interesting that the windows password would be related to that issue though?

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That does sound weird. I've got password enabled on my profile and I've yet (knock on wood) any issues with GFWL.

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The only way to fix the GFWL problem is to get rid of GFWL.

And now I've filled my quota of smarmy cunt posts for the day.

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The only thing that I know of that fixes GFWL is to make sure that you ".net framework" is up to date. Or at least that is what fixed the only GFWL problem I have ever had.

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My GFWL/Dark Souls nightmare involved me having to change my GFWL password to one without a special character in it. For whatever reason, the the framework that supports Live accounts for the 360 is okay with special characters but when signing into Live on my PC that framework freaked the fuck out and gave me an unrelated error code.

I love Dark Souls but I almost didn't play it because of GFWL bullshit and I can't blame anyone who gives the game a pass because of such issues.