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Whisper it quietly, but the PC platform remains the best source of multiplayer games in the digital age.

While console and mobile platforms may be improving their connectivity and multiplayer options with every passing years, PC's remain synonymous with interactive gameplay and immersive strategy titles. Personal computers also offer access to a safe and secure gaming environment, while sites such as Scams.info continue to provide independent regulation for alternative, online markets.

In this post, we'll look at three of the best multiplayer PC games and ask why they're so enduringly popular.

1. Overwatch

While many people compare Overwatch to Team Fortress and League of Legends, the former has transcended its rivals to offer a truly unique multiplayer experience.

So, although the game has borrowed heavily from TF's artistic styling and LoL's intricate teamwork, it has also combined these elements and built on them to establish the game as the best multiplayer option on the PC market. Developed by market leaders Blizzard, it is a triumph of design and proves that studios do not always need to make a choice between style and substance.

The level of strategy required to master this game is also unrivalled, so your ability to coordinate with others and think laterally is central to your enjoyment!

2. Diablo 3

They say that sequels are rarely as good as initial titles, but this rule does not seem to apply in the world of gaming. Diablo 3 is an example of this, and one that has built on the success (and failings) of predecessors to create a truly compelling proposition.

We're fans of any game in which you can slay demons, seek out loot and play alongside your friends, and few titles accomplish these things as successfully as Diablo 3. Blizzard's hack and slash RPG franchise is also relentlessly paced and stylishly designed, while it also continues to benefit from an agile model and occasional update.

What we love most about this game is that is unashamedly uses classic gaming patterns, such as pitting your erstwhile hero against a nefarious plot to destroy the world. The advanced multiplayer element elevates these themes onto an entirely new level, however, especially as you can play with up to four players at a time.

3. CS:GO

Titled Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this game is an underwhelming origin story that delivers overwhelming results.

A rehash of Valve's previous Half-Life 1 mod, this game was designed as little more than an ambitious console port. Despite this, it has evolved into a truly immersive and commanding PC game, and one that uses multiplayer capacity to improve its appeal in the eyes of participants.

At the heart of the game's success (apart from its multiplayer element) is its weapon skins support, which allows for a level of trading, betting and interaction that is second to none.

This explains why the title has emerged as key component within the eSports market, and one that is constantly underpinning competitive tournaments and providing compelling viewing through Twitch. Although this is not a game for novices or the feint-hearted, it provides the type of experience that modern gamers crave in 2018.

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Only thing is, these are all on console too.

Although I would agree that PC has been at the forefront of multiplayer gaming for a long time, consoles have really caught up in the last few years.

PC gaming always seems to have the edge on the more hardcore multiplayer market, with games like ArmA and Escape From Tarkov.

I haven't tried CS:GO on console, but the console version of Diablo 3 is very good and there's an argument to be made for it being better than the PC version.

Overwatch has never really been on my radar. I don't like MOBAs or hero based games, and the 'arcadey' style just isn't for me.

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Yeah FortNite is really easy going. I wish there was a new BattleField game

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Diablo 3 huh? Not many people are still playing that game last I checked.

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@casepb: Do they need to be? Every time I played, I was solo. Great mindless podcast game.

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you dont want to play cs go on consoles.

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@casepb: Wait really? I was under the impression it still had a thriving community. Have they all gone back to Diablo 2? Or moved on to Grim Dawn and Path of Exiles perhaps?

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And TC, while I don't totally disagree with you, let's not forget that there are a lot of great games that unfortunately don't get nearly as much of a community in PC as they do on consoles. *cough* Titanfall 2 *cough*

I would love to play Fifa on PC, but unfortunately EA refuses to allow crossplay, so PC users can often be waiting 10-15 minutes to find a match. Consoles don't have to worry about that at all.

Sure, the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming may be in PC's hands, but the central meat and diversity is where consoles win out.

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@the_greg: Well no, I usually play it solo as well. But this is a thread about multiplayer so I assumed it was about the best and most active games currently. I assumed wrong it seems.