Name of your group

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Calling all phantom thieves! Call out your group's name.


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The Fireboylts

Feeling real good about that one.

For reference:

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someone on twitter wrote #Millenials which I thought was pretty funny

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I wanted to call them Heartbreakers, but not enough spaces.

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I tried Investigation Team but it wouldn't fit. I just went with Phantoms. Hopefully I can change it on new game plus!

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Los Fantasmas

"The Phantoms" in Spanish. I'm not Spanish but I liked the name "the Phantoms" but didn't just want to go with the default option so I pulled up google translator and looked at the name in different languages..

I thought Spanish sounded the coolest so I went with that.

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I kept it as The Phantoms. Couldn't think of anything better and its actually not that bad.

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I saw #Millenials floating around on twitter and it was beautiful and tragic that I had already just stuck with the default.

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Everyone is welcome!

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Bullet Club.

2Sweet me bro.

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The Ghoulies

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Tantalus, after the group from FFIX.

I'd say it fits pretty well.

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Adult Busters.

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I haven't gotten to this part but it will most assuredly be the Cleveland Steamrollers.

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I named it Eff Tha Popo

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Ace Assembly. The meetings are a hoot!

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The Sunnies.

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My partner named his party "Taiwan #1".


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I'm unoriginal. I called it Diamond Dogs.

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Giant Bomb

The OG Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

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The Spectres.

It's like phantoms.

But not.

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I went with Yharnamites because I have Bloodborne on the brain

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Mad Pandas

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Rat Pack

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Stealth Corp

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Not enough spaces for "The Roguerats", but eh, this is fine.

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Two Turtles, because it's nonsense that sounds like a hacker group's name.

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Dissidents, named after a rebel group in the game Little Big Adventure 2. I usually always name any group that in games.

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The Creed

Edit: #Millenials is incredible

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@meatsim said:

Bullet Club.

2Sweet me bro.

Great name bro-ski! I went with Ballor Club

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Feeling pretty bleh about it.

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I wanted to call them Heartbreakers, but not enough spaces.

I was pretty cheesed that I was only one letter off from being able to do Heartbreakers, so I had to settle for Heartbusters.

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Flight Club

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I stayed with Ann's suggestion. 'The Diamonds', as in 'Marina and the'. I couldn't help myself.

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The Spookies

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I kept The Phantoms

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The Oneders...

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Oh, man. I thought I was making a super obvious choice with "Autolycus" the Greek god of thievery. Fits pretty nicely both in name and in theme with Persona, given the nature of how gods work in the series. But nobody here at least picked it, now I feel vindicated in my choice, despite that a single google search of "names of thief groups" is what got me the name.

I have to say though: I really like the way The Phantom Thieves of Hearts sounds, just as a phrase. Got good flow.

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The Droogs

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Wu-Tang Clan. Perfect amount of characters

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Wu Tang Clan. It fit in perfectly.

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Wish I had an extra space or two, but I went with "LesChatsNoir."

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Wu-Tang Clan. Perfect amount of characters

holy shit same, lol. We ain't nothin' to fuck with

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It stands for "Ningens with Altruism" of course