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I want to purchase a PS2 which i never owned just borrowed for a longggggg time a couple of years ago. What is the difference between the SLIM models and the PHAT models in ya'll personal experiences for owners of both?????

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I'm going to answer without looking into it at all and say that the size is the only difference. I could definitely be wrong. I've always liked the look of the phat one though. It's got a certain charm.

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You probably want to buy Slim since the console will be newer and just because of that it should read discs better. I remember that my phat had problems with Dual Layer Discs that my Slim could handle with ease. I dont think it matters much now but the controller and memory card location is a bit different so the Multi Tap for phat PS2 does not work with slim. Phat had port for the HDD and I dont think slot like that is anywhere on the Slim model.

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To my knowledge the only meaningful difference is that the slim can't have the HDD addon which really doesn't matter.

If you're buying it used then i guess the slim will be newer and less likely to break.

Fat looks better though.

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On looks alone the phat wins, but considering the slims were later in the lifetime they would be the better choice.

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If you're getting used, I would get a slim if possible because a lot of early phat PS2's were lemons. Our phat PS2 doesn't read DVDs, PS1 titles, or blue disc games. Of course if phats are cheaper then it might be worth the risk.

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Slim because it's the size of a DVD case and who the hell ever needs to play Final Fantasy XI?

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The fat one looks a bit better but I think it's just too huge compared to the slim one. The slim ones are newer so they have a lesser chance of breaking too.