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So I am going off to university in the fall and I really don't feel like bringing my TV and monitor, so my solution to this was to use my PS3 on my monitor as well. I got a one of these for audio and one of these for video. The audio works fine, the problem is the HDMI to DVI connection.

When my PS3 is connected to my monitor through HDMI to DVI alone, it says "Cable not connected" however when I take that loose yellow composite wire(the red/white being used for audio) and I plug that into my TV(which doesn't have to be turned on or even plugged in), suddenly my monitor gets the signal from my PS3.

Another odd thing is that the yellow video wire doesn't have to plugged in the yellow plugin on my TV, it can be plugged in the audio or component plugins! I am super goddamn confused by this and can't seem to come with a solution. Anyone know what the hell is going on or can help me? Thanks.

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Hey duder I'm not exactly 100% on this but considering no one else has replied ill throw this out there: You might want to look up HDCP and its implications for ps3. I really only vaguely understand the subject but basically the ps3 doesn't like any kind of conversion. That should explain your HDMI to DVI issue. As for the second part about the yellow video cable I have no idea...

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HDMI seems to be tricky when dealing with converters. I think it might actually be a built in copyright issue that prevents this. Either way your DVI monitor isn't sending the right info for the PS3 HDMI to work. I don't think there is much you can do.

For my laptop I tried to get a VGA - HDMI hookup going to the tv and the HDMI port on the tv does the same and just ignores the video signal.

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I use my PlayStation 3 with a DVI connection frequently. I think your problem is that when you first boot up the PlayStation 3, you forgot to hold down the power button until it beeps twice. This will trigger a menu to setup your video and audio settings. What I did was making sure that the composite/component cable wasn't plugged into the PlayStation 3 before turning on the console, just HDMI. After setting up the video settings, I skipped the audio setup, exited into the XMB, plugged in the composite/component cable for audio, and went back into the settings to set that up. I hope this helps.